Albert Birmingham is accused of getting liquored up and killing Aloha Adams with his car in a McDonald-s drive-thru Nanakuli, Hawaii:

Driver indicted in Nānākuli death

Witnesses told police that Birmingham was honking his SUV’s horn at the vehicle carrying Adams and others, which was in front of Birmingham in the drive-through lane at McDonald’s.

Adams and a 15-year-old girl got out of their car after Adams’ boyfriend became involved in a confrontation with Birmingham, police said.

Birmingham’s car allegedly accelerated and struck Adams and the girl, according to police reports.

Adams was run over by the front and rear tires of the SUV, according to Kapp.

This week, he got arrested for impaired driving and driving without a license. Of course, there is no need to worry, because Albert B. is a member of AA. His lawyer used the “I’m in Alcoholics Anonymous” card to try and spring his client from the joint. You know…because it’s worked so well for him up to now:

Grieving mom sounds off on killer’s new DUI arrest
“The defense argued that Birmingham was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and was no longer driving.”

The judge, who is apparently ignorant of how rigorous honesty™ is supposed to work*, denied this assclown bail (yea, judge!).


*It’s the truth if you really want it to be the truth, and if it is convenient at the time.

  • flannigan

    Another AA success story. Billions served.

  • Rick

    It’s quite possible, (or likely) that he successfully used the AA card in those earlier cases, including the manslaughter. The defense is doing their job, can’t blame them for trying to take advantage of the services provided by this fine organization.

  • Nānākuli, Hawai’i where Albert Birmingham ran over and killed Raelynn Aloha Adams on Jan. 31 at a McDonald’s is only 5.7 sq mi in size with a population of 10,814 at the 2000 census and is a densely populated part of the Island of Oʻahu:

    Nanakuli has only one zip code, 96792 (area code: 808) and has 7 McDonald’s restaurants. It currently has 34 AA meetings per week in Area 10, with only 1 being held in Nanakuli on Thursdays at 8:00pm (other meetings are in surrounding areas).

  • this is all getting a little depressing for me. I think I need a break from blogging.

  • onalohaside

    if u call this doing there job then we all could getaway with murder… the family should sue the state because of albert revoked the judge comands and that the family asked too take him off the street with no bail

  • genni

    Maybe Ms. Aloha shouldn’t be hanging out with her 15 year old sister with a 40 yrs old convicted murderer boyfriend who just got out of jail and attacking Mr. Albert because Aloha’s boyfriend is high on ICE!!!!! Never trust one sided stories.

  • Poop

    Let’s lock the whole world in jail! That will solve our problems. lol

  • I dont follow this case or understand what happened. I guess I need to re read the whole thread. Welcome to the Oahu , Hawaii bloggers. I got sober there at Maila Discussion Group in 1975, actually Malia Discussion group did not exist till 76′ I believe. Anyway Everyone needs to know that AA doesn’t work for many and that there are new support groups that work better for many like Smart Recovery, SOS, Woman for Sobriety, Rational Recovery… Maybe many Hawaiians don’t want to be powerless or be called an addict or an alcoholic. Did you know that that type of recovery is Extremely archaic. Old like in 1936 bullshit old.

    I think it’s time Hawaiian recovery was exposed and educated that there are many other ways. I am happy to see you all here.

    Oh and one more thing. You don’t have to turn your will & your live over to some made up haole God to get sober . That’s Bullshit as well. I think the Hawaiian have had enough Christian White man BS shoved down their throat.
    Massiveattack see my blog

  • One more thing the family can sue the state, the county and Alcoholics Anonymous in NYC their main headquarters.

  • For Negligence. Tell the family to contact me.

  • onalohaside

    To Genni…Her boyfriend is 1 sober braddah and not 1 convic… u get ur story straight oh wat… try read laddat… cuz i don’t know but u like me give u my numbah so i can kick ur ass..@massive attack i would luv to get contact with u, hit me up, yes I’m the older sister of Aloha, i come on here to hear/see all dis bloggin n like some but not all…

  • onaalohaside- I am so sorry I finally got a chance to read the whole story. SO this guy was already in AA, going to AA? The one who killed your sister & then got another DUI when he was out free?
    contact me at I am in Hawaii right now Oahu.

  • onalohaside

    @massiveattack, don’t be, but thank u fo ur intrest, i will soon get in contact with u as soon as i can… and to all the readers, yes I will say the real storie but wen i can build up myself…there is alot of missing parts of the storie…