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Mayor Bob Ryan: AA Hero

Sheboygan, Wisconsin mayor Bob Ryan is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Or, as he put it, “an intensive outpatient program.” It’s worked so well for him, that last week he once again got liquored up and decided to kick some ass:

Sheboygan Mayor Rejects Council’s Call For Him To Resign
Ryan recently came under fire since going on what one bartender called “a rampage” in Elkhart Lake that included contact with police after a barroom scuffle in the early morning hours of July 25 and passing out in a tavern. Witnesses also said Ryan verbally harassed women in local nightspots with rude and sexually tinged remarks.

It’s the third drinking incident since Ryan was elected mayor in April 2009, the first occurring in September 2009 when a YouTube video surfaced of a drunken mayor at a local tavern making sexually explicit comments about a female relative.

The second was in July 2010 after he visited local taverns with his brother. It was after that incident that Ryan first said publicly that he is an alcoholic.

Mayor Ryan is a perfect fit for AA, where he’ll be able to continue his shenanigans unfettered; but back in the real world, this latest incident was enough for the city to settle a sexual harassment suit filed against him:

City, Angela Payne settle sexual harassment complaint against Bob Ryan

Angela Payne — who accused the mayor of drunkenly propositioning and attempting to kiss her — will be paid more than $750,000 under the settlement, a source said. That figure includes the money Payne would have earned under a five-year contract typically given to department heads, with damages and attorney fees likely added on. Payne’s first-year salary was set at $75,000.

Payne was fired in August 2009 after just six months on the job and a month after she said she rebuffed Ryan’s advances. Payne alleged in a complaint with the state Department of Workforce Development that the events were related. Ryan denied the allegation, and attorneys were prepared to defend his stance until his highly publicized relapse last weekend.

This guy makes Ted Kennedy look like teetotaling alter boy. And his drunken trifecta is enough to award Bob R. our “AA Hero of the Month” award. Congratulations, Bob!