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Monday July 16, 2011 on blogtalkradio “Safe Recovery” 6pm PST -9pm EST with David Darmstaeder author of “My Monster”

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After 2 decades in AA David leaves after a healing spiritual based journey in the Peruvian Amazon.

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Alternative Counseling

I must have been too distracted by the Rapture to catch this steamy story about a lawsuit filed by the former patient of an “alternative” counseling center in Bellingham. WA. Otherwise, I know I would have been interested in any story that involves booze and bogus Bible studies.

The story is here.

Sunny Acres

Recovery guru, Dan De Vaul, is headed to jail.

A while ago, we linked to a story about him and his Sunny Acres sober living ranch, where he was charging homeless, addicted residents $300 a month for substandard housing, the opportunity to work for him, and a couple of AA meetings a week:

For eight years, De Vaul has battled neighbors and San Luis Obispo County code enforcement officers as he’s converted his land from cattle range to a thriving hub of mostly illegal money-making ventures. He sells scrap metal from heaps, salvages parts from dozens of rusty vehicles and hawks produce and nursery stock from a stand near the ranch’s entry on busy Los Osos Valley Road.

But Sunny Acres, his “Mad Max”-style encampment, which also houses clients in tents and the 1908 ranch house, is perhaps his biggest money-maker. It has also drawn the most attention from neighbors and authorities. They call it an eyesore and a threat to the health and safety of the 30 or so people it’s supposed to help. It’s also illegal, according to county officials, who say De Vaul has no authority to run a rehab center.

A frequent target

De Vaul has been the target of numerous orders to shut down the center and clean up his property. But as soon as the authorities go away, he lets the sober-living clients back in.

When the county shut down a barn that was illegally converted into a three-story dormitory, De Vaul continued to house clients in it until county workers nailed the doors shut.

“Government should find a way to take care of them, if they don’t want to put up with what I’m providing,” he said.