Guess The Troll

OK, kiddos. It’s time to put those brain cells you’ve managed to retain to use. Yesterday, we received a comment that got caught in our troll trap, under the name “Banjomansband.” Rather than let it sluice through, we thought it would be fun to make a contest of it, in a “Guess the Troll” contest. [Hint: It’s someone we know and lub.]

It’s not enough to just guess the name. Please show your work. Entrants are judged by use of logic, wit and deliciousness; with bonus points awarded to whoever can explain to us the actual point this guy is trying to make:

“We have check the link out MA and find it ridiculous. Why you would want to print such rubbish is beyond us.
Yes it is several people having a say here. A couple of us post on JREF’s this is where we first heard of you. You post under a another name, why, are you hiding something.
Seems you keep pulling this disgusting stunt every time he posts on a site you or ftg posted on.
It seems he doesn’t like you and what you stand for so he takes the fight to you directly, what a concept. You folks do it here everyday. You jump into blogs, sites, newspapers ect…pull out what you want and post it here including people faces. You did this with Alfie, right. So when it is done to you, you fight back dirty.
Now your after Alfie to look at this link, well we suggest he does, please get it over with. Anything to stop you from soapboxing this link.
We don’t know this guy really and probably won’t but it seems low down that you would pull this shit and call yourselves respectable.
Grow Up!”

Good Luck!

  • mikeblamedenial

    The curmudgeon formerly known as Godlyguitarman, judging by the style. Troll-outing used to be a blast on the Yahoo boards, but it got old when we were getting hundreds of flames each day from these guys on the Youtube site. They all play the same game, so it doesn’t really matter who is who in the final analysis. There was even a board owner who used a troll persona to keep her board lively, and attack people on other boards. It became common knowledge right before she died, and her board went all but extinct.

  • Not familiar with that one, Mike, and I have another name in mind, but I could easily be wrong. They all sound so similar I wonder if there’s a Trolling 101 site or “Trolling for Dummies” book they learn from.

    Oh and the “bonus points awarded to whoever can explain to us the actual point this guy is trying to make” – I really doubt you’ll be awarding those!

  • mikeblamedenial

    They use multiple names on the different boards, particularly when IP information is not readily available.

  • JR – I had to delete this. Check your email.

    – MA

  • MA

    Are you people gonna play this fucking game or what?

  • MikeAugustine


    Why you would want to print such rubbish is beyond us.

    The use of the plural “us” here has a biblical tone to it (“we are Legion…:”). There’s also that “there’s a lot of us around, so watch out” feel to it. My vote goes to the long lost Tony J. He was into religion and had a thing about size.

  • Ben Franklin

    This one is too easy. This is Alfie’s boyfriend Diablo, Danny Bennison, Diablower and my favorite- Cuggle. Reasons:
    1) Cuggle posts on JREF and so do you MA.
    2) Cuggle has a hard-on for MA. Even the posters at JREF noticed it.
    3) The sheer inability to use the English language is characteristic of Cuggle
    4) He tells you to “grow up” here and on JREF he told you to “chill out” both 2 word demands indicative of lower intelligence.
    5) He tries to act like he is someone else when talking about himself and has to point out that he is someone else ( I’m Cuggle DAMMIT)
    6) Cuggle is BFF with Alfie and needs to defend his downunder boytoy.

  • DeConstructor

    I think you nailed it Ben.

    I can only state that I am sure it was not me, although my own struggle with the English language is suspicious.

  • I think the big question here is, which boyfriend of A.A Alfie’s is this, Diablo, Danny Bennison, Diablower or Cuggle? (don’t forget DannyB II, Heretik, Heretikreb, Israel, Montclief and the new just “Danny” claiming to be in Oklahoma)

    That would make 10 personalities and the new one of “Banjomansband” would make 11. At least he is trying to change his name and style to some extent in this post that ended up in the spam filter.

  • MA

    I would call it 12 personalities, JR. Diablo had two distinct ones. The nice, wanna be your friend personality. Contrite about his recent outbursts, and wanting to make nice. Then there is the whackadoodle Diablo, who got really nasty after a couple of cocktails. So there’s “Good Diablo” and “Bad Diablo.” Both equally crazy.

  • Well the “wanna be your friend personality” appears to happen in the 12 Steps a lot. You have to remember that the 12 Steps teach you about relapsing and starting all over again, often. So the usual scenario is to do a step 9, “Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others” gain their trust and find out more personal information about them, relapse and use it against them. It’s a never ending cycle that is hard to break.

  • Banjoman just left us an awesome comment in response to this thread — which is stuck in the moderation file. I took a screen shot of it, along with a few other comments that were festering in there. I thought you might like to have a look at the madness that is rattling the cage behind the scenes:

    Also, Ben, I wanted to validate your #4 observation (“He tells you to “grow up” here and on JREF he told you to “chill out” both 2 word demands indicative of lower intelligence.”) with another interesting screen shot. That two-word command is one literary quirk among many that gives him away every time (if you spot any others, please don’t clue him in, ok?). On a whim, I did a quick search of the 1,807 pages of comments for the phrase “grow up!” — here are the results:

  • Ben Franklin

    Banjomansband with an e-mail address of Cuggle @….. wow doesn’t even try to hide it very well. Also Quagmire email of Bennison9@… hey no one would notice that. Also note the IP addresses. Not real smart.

    What did I win?

  • Ben, sorry you ended up in the filter, but a few of those words trigger moderation.

    (MA will send you something 🙂 )

  • I wonder why A.A. Alfie has not come to their defense yet? He’s probably re-reading his emails……..

  • hulahoop

    MA says Are you people gonna play this fucking game or what?

    Does this mean there is a winner? Do they get a genuine, AA endorsed, autographed serenity calendar with a daily mediation for each day? I am sooooooo jealous. To think I was going to guess Redrick girl. She’s been my favorite troll so far.

  • causeandeffect

    Oh great! It’s a murder mystery. I love a good murder mystery! Now, who, who, who would want to murder the English language like that? What would be the motive? Does this lingerie’d man really have an accomplice or did he act alone? Does he buy his lingerie at Victoria’s Secret? No, it looks way too cheap. Now, he did say legion. Who could claim to be a legion? Was it a crime of passion, or (gasp!) was it premeditated? Hmmmm, who, who, who would want to murder the English language???

  • causeandeffect

    JR, Alfie doesn’t know there are other threads. He thinks this whole blog is all about him. Trust me, if he knew, he would certainly impose himself everywhere he can.

  • I think Alfie realized who his “fan” club is, and dropped off the net. He most likely looked at his “multiple” emails from his “fans” and realized that they are all the same person. He is mysteriously absent from both sites.

  • causeandeffect

    OMDK!!! He IS missing from JREF! Who would have believed he could be conquered by his new BFF, diablo? Or maybe he’s just busy doing, ahem, other things since he’s seen that lovely photo his whole entire fan club.

  • Of course, the best way to fix things when you get caught lying is to keep lying.

    May I present the latest cage rattling, for your amusement?

  • causeandeffect

    ROFLMAO !!! That is fucking hilarious!!! I’m not danny, I’m Tricia and I know all the intimate details of “danny’s” life. It just gets better and better. You just can’t make this shit up!!!


  • Wanting Accountablity

    I have no idea. I’m new to this. I didn’t know ppl spent their time doing this kind of thing…..crazy.

  • Ben Franklin

    Quick! Someone tell Cuggle, Diablo is using her computer!

  • Wanting Accountablity

    This is going to sound stupid perhaps. What does Danny B. (I know he goes by a lot of aliases) get out of doing what he does? I know it sounds naive. My son has tried to explain to me the troll thing and I don’t understand why anybody would waste their time like that.

  • SoberPJ

    I don’t know. What does a sociopath get out of pretending to be somebody else?

  • Wanting Accountablity

    Do u think he is a sociopath? I thought he was just a person that is die hard AA. But….you’re right, why would he use all these different names? The whole thing is just weird.

  • MA

    I wish Danny would send one of his aliases to English class.

  • MikeAugustine

    This is going to sound stupid perhaps. What does Danny B. (I know he goes by a lot of aliases) get out of doing what he does? I know it sounds naive. My son has tried to explain to me the troll thing and I don’t understand why anybody would waste their time like that.

    Because they have maxed out all their credit cards on the porn sites, and are still trying kick-start their endorphins.

  • Sally

    “We have check the link out MA and find it ridiculous”

    I’m lost. What link is this?

  • Sally

    Was Alfie’s thread closed down? I see that I am unable to post there (not that I was going to).

  • A.A. Alfie

    Why was my thread closed down.

    I assume it was because the hate mongers didn’t like being told the truth.
    This remains a hate group as per the FBIs definition (as follows):

    “A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other designated sector of society. According to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) a hate groups have a “primary purpose is to promote animosity, hostility, and malice against persons belonging to a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin which differs from that of the members of the organization.”

  • Sally

    You’re grasping at straws Alfie and coming up with air. You forget, (or purposely) overlook that most of us were AA’s – All of us know people and have cared for people in the program. Many still do. I hate the way the program is run, not most members. Big difference then what you say is “malice against persons belonging to a race, etc”. AA corporate is a lying, deceiving, blood sucking organization. Most members (“persons”) in AA are victims, however some of the individuals in the program are disgraceful. You know this.

    Btw, ftg told you straight up not to make sexual references in your posts any longer or it would be closed for that reason. I looked back and see that you did it again after that warning. Pretend what you want, but you violated a specific instruction which would have in no way been detrimental to your “case”. You did this out of spite.

  • Border Collie Mix

    If people having a difference of opinion can be somehow defined as a “hate group” now then both major political parties in the US are “hate groups” toward each other. Trying to stretch the meaning of hate group is just a way to limit discussion IMO.

  • flannigan

    @AA Alfie
    OK, you win. Everything you wrote on this site is the truth and everything that everybody else wrote is hateful lies. You are the man. But, please, seriously, now go away. This is a 12 step muckraking site and will continue to be so.

  • Are we still playing the game? Interesting………… the JREF community is asking why Danny and Alfie aren’t arguing with each other?

  • DeConstructor

    I wonder if the troll may be related to Dr. Graham (inventor of the famous cracker) and obviously very influential of the AA faith.

    After reading about his life, it seems like Dr.? Graham should have written the chapter “The Doctors Opinion” as he is even more batshit crazy than Robert “You bet your ass” Smith.

  • THE PSYCHOPATH – The Mask of Sanity

    Special Research Project of the Quantum Future School – more information than you will ever need…………………………….

  • G2K

    AA Alfie is pretty funny… Now we are a group I guess.
    If you think back, it’s pretty clear where every one of these AA critical discussions come from… They all stem from some type of abuse, or traumatic experience, suffered as a result of involvement with AA.

    The hundreds (or maybe thousands) of people speaking out against AA on the web are not just bashing AA for no reason.

  • G2K

    H A T E group!

    What a joke!

  • I think that our trolls have us all wrong, we are not against individual members who are preaching the words of Bill Wilson. We want to inform people of the dangers of following his writing.

    From Canada comes a group that is trying to inform people about the dangers of a groups with a “vast money-making scheme under the guise of religion.” (In AA’s case they call it “Spirituality” to hide their actual actions) They are well aware of the dangers posed.

  • AnnaZed

    JR, I know that you like Gooogling, but sometimes it pays to proceed with a modicum of caution. The entity Anonymous, the famous 4chan board wild pack of teenagers and hackers, is in fact the same entity that has stalked and exposed Scientology bullshit for years. They have also attacked banks and credit card companies and other entities and are famously Julian Assage fans.

    That’s just one chapter of theirs, and that is their logo.

    So far, they have shown no interest in AA. I had hoped that the denial of service attack on the main US AA website earlier this year might be them, but they took no credit for it and they always take credit for mass hacks.

    In fact their appropriation of AA terminology (Anonymous, denial of service) would possibly indicate ideological kinship with AA; either that or fucking around Fight Club style; it’s hard to tell.

    By all means venture over to the 4chan random or /b/ board where Anonymous is supposed to have originated and try to interest them, but be warned; like the Star Trek characters the Borg imagined by Gene Roddenberry they are an anarchic hive-mind and they might just as likely attack you instead. Also their threads move very, very fast and consist of hundreds of posts of mindless teenaged boy style mussing and porn per hour along with the more substantive topics for which links flash by and are purged at a fantastic rate. I find them impossible to communicate with. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of highly sophisticated attacks and hacks (they are), but it does mean the the inner control of the hive-mind is almost impenetrable by strangers.