Mata and Moreno Update

Remember officers Mata and Moreno, the two NYC cops who were acquitted of the charges that they raped a drunk woman whom they had been called to help? The story was of interest to us because Moreno used the 12 Step get out of jail free card, claiming that he is in recovery from alcoholism and stuck around to counsel this inebriated, semi-conscious woman about her drinking problem. Also, as I pointed out in “Why Addiction Recovery Should Be A Feminist Issue,” drunk women are not credible witnesses.

The Village Voice is reporting today that just a few months before this, another woman was involved in a disturbing incident with Mata and Moreno.  She was also drunk, had just been robbed, and was making a bit of a scene. Mata and Moreno were called. They refused to take her police report, and instead harassed her for a few hours. Their behavior that night never came up during the rape trial.

Chad Siegel, who represented Moreno along with Joseph Tacopina, said he wasn’t previously aware of the allegation. “It sounds like someone who is disorderly got arrested and now wants to capitalize on what happened,” he says. “It sounds like sour grapes to me.”

Siegel adds that neither officer had poor disciplinary records: “My guess is that even the D.A.’s Office discredited her. If they thought it was relevant, they would have used it.”

Edward Mandery, Mata’s lawyer, tells the Voice, “The prosecution saw it for exactly what it was, that this wasn’t anything of substance. People make complaints about police officers every single day.”

“She’s in a bar, they are refusing to serve her, what does that tell you?” he adds. “The D.A. left no stone unturned in this case, and they didn’t feel this was in any way relevant. There’s a reason for that.”

So, once again, the lesson is that drunk women cannot be trusted to tell the truth and they deserve what they get. Her story never made it to the courtroom, but you can read the whole thing in the Voice:

They aren’t taking me seriously from the beginning,” she tells the Voiceduring an interview at Junior’s Restaurant in Brooklyn. “I’m trying to be reasonable and rational, saying my things were stolen, and they are laughing and giggling, patronizing me. So I get upset. They grab me, push me against the car, handcuff me, and put me in the back seat. They aren’t taking my report. They also hit my friend.”

While she was in the police car, Caitlin says Mata looked through her bag, took out a sanitary pad, and said, “Is this why you’re so cranky?”

“I get pissed,” she says. “I opened the car door, and he kicked or pushed me back in the door so hard that my glasses fell off. I asked him to get them, and he said, ‘You’re a smart girl. Get them for yourself.’ ”

Later, Mata teased her, “You’re not going to India now.”

Caitlin said she kicked at the seat and called Mata names, ragging on his salary and his profession. She asked him to identify himself, but he refused, saying, “It’s none of your business.”


  • Z

    Well, now DSK’s victim(s) aren’t being believed, either.

  • Photo Gallery of the “Cheap Shots” Bar she was in. Front of Building and inside.

    “Cheap Shots is another breath of stale air in a neighborhood practically floating on it thanks to Doc Holliday’s, Lucy’s, and Coyote Ugly. But build another balls-out dive bar with rock-bottom drink specials and the masses will come. Strategically positioned across from a life-saving pizza joint, Cheap Shots is all about shots, domestic pints, PBRs and whiskeys. A former meat products store, the space retains its plywood floors, and the graffiti-ed walls make it feel like it has been around since the dawn of SoCo and lime. Deals like $6.50 pitchers of the house brew, Patiot Ale, bring in beer drinkers and hell raisers from Tompkins Square Park to the Upper East Side. But it’s the diversions that keep them hooting and hollering: a black light air hockey table, an mp3 jukebox with over 200,000 songs, board games like Connect Four and a chalked-up darts room where the meat locker used to be. Birthday boys and girls drink for free all night. The rest of the year, most folks here drink until they forget what day they were born. — Daniel Maurer”

  • Sally

    “People make complaints about police officers every single day.”

    So they must all be unreasonable, lies and worthless claims?

  • UPDATE – Disgraced former cop Franklin Mata should’ve gotten more than 60 days in jail for betraying badge – August 11th 2011

    “The case against the two accused and acquitted rape cops came pathetically to an end yesterday as Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro punished the former officer who went along for the ride no more harshly than he might a fare-beater.

    Carro sentenced Franklin Mata to all of 60 days in jail on his convictions for official misconduct. Those were grave.

    Mata and then-partner Kenneth Moreno were called to assist a drunken young woman. They brought her to her apartment and then returned three times, leaving patrol and entering without permission. Along the way, Moreno phoned in a fake 911 call to cover their actions.”

    Read more:

    Ex-cop acquitted of rape, Kenneth Moreno, won’t face charges after heroin found in police locker – September 12th 2011

    “A disgraced ex-cop acquitted of raping a drunk Manhattan woman won’t face drug charges after heroin was found in his police precinct locker.

    Kenneth Moreno dodged the 2009 drug possession rap, which he was hit with when prosecutors searched a shared locker at the 9th Precinct following his arrest for rape.”

    Read more:

    Does this add up??????

  • causeandeffect

    Wow. Just wow…that’s infuriating. I’m speechless….

  • Thanks, JR. This is stunning.

  • Mona Lisa

    Ugh. How sickening. There is no valid explanation for this.