Boy and Girl meet on AA campus; Rape ensues

Last night I had dinner with an old friend who is a clinical psychologist at a state prison. And, once again, I heard about concern about the predators that get into AA. However, I was surprised to hear about it from a non-AA member and from a professional who deals both with predators and victims.

This morning, I got up and read this story in the paper, and was once again reminded how important the work is that Massive Attack does.

Here is the link:

  • Orem, Utah is Area 69, District 3 of Alcoholics Anonymous. AA meetings in Orem Utah are primarily in restaurants and a few in Churches, Hospital (cafeteria’s), private residences and an American Legion Hall.

    Daily arrest records and local crime can be found at the following site:

  • Although the article does not say it directly, it does say that “a police affidavit filed in 4th District Court” was used to arrest the man. The “4th District Court” located on 97 E Center St, Orem, UT 84057 has a JUVENILE court section in it. The female in question may have been a juvenile because of this link.

    This is a blog and many links to information about The 4th District Court located on 97 E Center St, Orem, UT 84057:

  • DeConstructor

    I think the other question to this incident is which of these two individuals would be more welcome back at the home group.

    I have a suspicion that the predator would be more welcome than the victim.

    As far as I have seen in AA, victim blaming is much more common than confrontation of these predators. There is no doubt in my mind this victim would be asked her part in the rape, and the predator would still be encouraged to sponsor newcomers, perhaps even female ones.

    This is systematic sick and perverted behavior.

  • Lucy- thanks for posting this one.

    Decon- yes I think your right. But what does say about the entire culture of AA and the type of person currently aligning themselves with AA? Victim is fucked in AA. Predator. They have taken it over!!!!

    At least the journalists are writing – Alcoholics ANonymous in the first sentence now!

    I have a question for ftg. Were these bad stories in the news on web when you first started up your blog or have they escalated. Like in June of last year. Just curious.

  • How many of these stories do we need to post and endure before it starts impacting the public? When will they get it. Woman meets man at AA/NA-then rape/murder.
    There is a pattern of crimes committed directly related to AA/NA attendance.

  • Lucy, Was this a minor in AA? I cant find the link that shows this. Im going to keep reading and digging.