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Quote of the Day

“[Addi]cts and alcoholics in recovery are some of the very best human beings i have ever met. i figure we may be God’s chosen people. after all, everyone has the bible but not everyone has the other big book which i truly believe was directly given to us by divine intervention so thanks, God!”

itsmylife,” an AA, commenting in the Daily Strength forum.

[Check out “tinygecko” in this same thread. She’s a real sweetheart, and happens to be JD/Mondotuna’s Eva Braun. No wonder those two hooked up.]

Massiveattack Interviews with Blamethenile

Massiveattack will be interviewing mikeblamedenial and B l A m E, tonight on Safe Recovery Radio.

Tuesday night 10pm PST 1 AM EST

call in 818-475-9211 to listen or call in

chat available