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Childhood and Addiction

A new video from B l A m E:



Miscellanea Agnostica

I just wanted to point out to everyone that Miscellanea Agnostica has heard my stompy feet and poundy fists and has added the subject of addiction treatment to the list of things that must be scrutinized for quackery and woo!

I’m going to bring up a topic which I haven’t yet addressed here, which desperately needs to be examined critically and brought to heel. And that’s substance abuse treatment, aka SAT. I bring it up because (via the Skeptic’s Dictionary) I came across a site/blog called Stinkin’ Thinkin’. It critiques most forms of SAT, but focuses on Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and its associated “12-step philosophy” which is followed by many other groups.

Please go read the whole post.

Welcome, Miscellanea Agnostica!


Quote of the Day

“That was 75 years ago. The big book is an historical document with some good ideas and many that have outgrown their usefulness….”
A.A. Alfie, an AA.

[also see: Alfieholics Anonymous]