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HAMS Radio tonight at 8pm EST

Ken Anderson ‘s Harm Reduction Radio interviews MA and ftg tonight a 8 pm EST.  Ken’s second guest is Liz Michael of Moder8.

Here’s the call-in number: (619) 393-6432



Little River Club Update

In an update on the Little River Club situation in Miami, which we posted about here last month, their secretary-treasurer has broken his anonymity so he can garner some public sympathy. In keeping with the AA belief that the only alternatives to AA are jails, institutions or death; Bob H attributes the club with saving his life:

Little River Club files lawsuit against the city of Miami to keep parking lot

Bob Hardison, secretary-treasurer of the Little River Club, filed a lawsuit against the Miami City Commission to reverse the commission’s denial to use the parking lot.

“Thirty-one years ago, when I came to the Little River Club, it saved my life,” Hardison told the Biscayne Times. “That is why I am sitting here trying to protect it with my life.”

It is our understanding that he’s also protecting the income stream the lease of a billboard to Clearchannel. They could easily move the sign and open up access to the parking lot from the front instead of the back, but they would lose that income stream, which is coming in to the tune of $20K a month. That’s some sweet, sweet cash flow. Of course, it isn’t important to them.

The Looking-Glass

Here’s an entertaining exchange from a couple of AAs over at the Online Daily Reflections blog. It’s a rare occurrence that we capture this kind of lunacy in the wild, so I thought that I’d post it here.

It started out innocently enough, with Lyby G writing about how her Higher Power™ evolved from a table, to a tree, to her AA group itself, and finally to AA God™. You know…just standard AA stuff. But soon it devolved into a fight between her and “Guardian Angel” over who is the most sober and least resentful:

The first blow was struck by Guardian Angel, who questioned whether Lyby was “really sober” because she was not really working the program. He started the exchange with the “are you in AA, or around AA?” tactic — a classic and effective move. As an added touch passive aggression, it’s written in a kind of freestyle haiku-like manner:

the reality
that you leave out
of the well written story
is that you have been around AA for 20 years…
and have been sober ???

Lydy shows amazing restraint, and simply states her years of sobriety as evidence of its quality:

Sweetheart, I’ve been sober over 27 continuous years in Alcoholics Anonymous and don’t believe in the GOD of the Oxford Group –
atheists and agnostics stay sober in AA every day of the week and we’ve been doing it for nearly 76 years!!!!

Not being one to be deterred from a good serenity battle, Guardian Angel reminds Lydy that it doesn’t matter how long a person has gone without a drink, and her years of abstinence means nothing. She isn’t really sober, even though she hasn’t had a drink in a quarter of a century. Any good AA knows that real sobriety means working the program properly. He ups the ante by accusing her of taking prescription medications, and in keeping with passive-aggressive tone, ends the sentence with a smiley face :

What part of b) don’t you understand?

Your sobriety is quantity not quality
and I would bet millions you abuse meds :)

Intuitively knowing how to handle what seems to us normies to be a baffling accusation – that someone who hasn’t had a drink for 27 years isn’t really sober – Lydy fights fire with fire, and counters the prescription medication accusation with the classic “you have resentments” accusation. She even brought Guardian Angel’s mother into the mix:

Sorry sweetheart, you gonna lose that bet — that’s what you get for taking hookers to the boat lol.

I would bet the $2 I put in the basket every meeting that you have unresolved resentment issues towards your mother that your sponsor really wishes you’d deal with.

Perhaps if you’re being such a troll on here, then you aren’t being abusive towards the members of your home group at f2f meetings.


UPDATE: Guardian Angel has informed me in our comments that I was wrong in what I wrote. She (he?) was actually responding to Paige,  but Lyby defended her “because she is a meddling old bag,who is crazy.”

Thank you, Guardian Angel, for taking time between the Sabbaths to clarify this.