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Quote of the Day

“You absolutely can be a pagan, Asatru, wiccan. hedgie or trad and be in AA, following the Steps and principles and traditions. It just takes a smidge of modification (in your mind) when you hear others speak. A God/dess of your understanding. Any Higher Power that takes you to that fine edge of ecstacy when youre in communion with him/her/it. It’s all about where you choose to place your faith and/or trust.”

– Wren, an AA at the Miracles in Progress forum.

Facebook Pulls Roger Ebert Page for Drunk Driving Comment

Here’s some weird gossipy nonsense for you:

Roger Ebert’s Facebook Page Removed Following Comment about Ryan Dunn

Facebook briefly removed Roger Ebert’s Facebook Page for a violation of its terms of use, after Ebert made a comment about the recently deceased Jackass star Ryan Dunn.

Just like in his tweet, Ebert posted the sentence “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive” to his Facebook Page, which resulted in complaints from several Facebook users.

Facebook reacted by removing Ebert’s page completely, but only briefly; the page is now back up.