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Drug War is 40. Still Lives at Home, No Job.

Ethan Nadelmann (Drug Policy Alliance) is awesome on Dylan Ratigan:


Also: Here’s DPA’s petition to End the War on Drugs. You can sign it.

Spam Filter Is On Warp Drive

Regular commenters have been randomly sucked into the void recently, for absolutely no reason at all. ST now gets several hundred spam comments a day, and there are thousands sitting in the filter — which we purge every few days. We’ve stopped scanning them for stray legitimate comments because it makes our eyes bleed. So, if you have lost a comment, please email me and let me know. I’ll fish it out for you.

Keep Coming Back Roundup!

I’m sorry posting has been light. I have been up to my eyes in a cyclone of stupidity and fraud, so I have been sitting on a few KCB stories. I just couldn’t handle news about stupidity and fraud while actual stupidity and fraud was happening directly to me in my own very life! Fuck that.

I still haven’t resolved the mess, but I have done everything I can do about it today (Self-important threats to rain down the fire of a thousand, thousand suns upon the perpetrators of stupidity and fraud? Check. Strategizing with dadthelawyer over banana pancakes? Check.) So, here are some of the Alcoholics Anonymous high points you’ve been missing (with enormous thanks to those who have kept me up to date this week): Continue reading Keep Coming Back Roundup!