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The Daily Chuckle

Today’s daily chuckle comes from Dick B., who has taken a break from lecturing others on “contempt prior to investigation,” in order to pronounce his contempt for those sites listed in our blogroll — all of which he has labeled “anti-AA.” Included on the list is: LifeRing, SMART Recovery and ‘The Big Book’ Online:

Dick B’s Blog

“…Sometimes we have been inclined to ignore the nasty remarks But we believed that “Stinkin Thinkin”–a site whose title perhaps epitomizes its approach–has assembled the list below, indicating those listed are supportive of the negative approaches. And here they are–a lengthy list of those who have beefs against A.A. whether their remarks are supported, supportable, or without support….”

I think Dick has tapped a little too deeply into his Belladonna supply.

Alcoholics Anonymous Is A Religion

This is the first video I ever wrote for Blamethenile, re-titled and once again available for public view after being down for a couple years. WarInBed, a 12-step adherent who posts on our channel inspired me to re-post it publicly. Thanks, buddy.