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St Jude Retreats Is Not Narconon.

In March of 2002, as I sat in my room having a thrilling conversation with my friend Bobby (a fellow guest at the St Jude Retreat House) about the horrors he was subjected to at a Narconon treatment center he had previously attended, it never occurred to me that I would find myself embroiled in a debate nearly a decade later about whether the two organizations were somehow connected.  The reason for this is simple, nothing we were doing at St Jude’s even remotely resembled Bobby’s description of his experiences at Narconon.

Furthermore, I know for a fact that there is absolutely no connection between St Jude’s and Narconon, nor do they use any process which even resembles the purification rundown or biophysical rehab processes that Narconon and affiliated programs are famous for.  There is no connection.  I know this as a former client, employee, and personal friend of the founders and management of St Jude’s & BRI for nearly a decade.  (I hope you read the rest of my story, but if you wanna jump right to St Jude’s side of the story use this link:

Yet, here I am, in the middle of a ridiculous debate.  It’s ridiculous because I’m fighting against baseless assertions and innuendo, and I’ve somehow gotten into the position of trying to prove a negative – when in reality, the ones spreading the rumors should bear the burden of proof.  However, the rumors have caused a dire situation, which is why I jumped in. Continue reading St Jude Retreats Is Not Narconon.

Quote of the Day

“…That a member here would pretend one thing in one place and something else in another indicates a lot about them, and how could you place your trust in anyone here when among all the braindead sheep is such a big bad wolf?”

Interesting to me the person has not stepped forward for these past days and given some lame excuse that you’d surely buy immediately, because it’s what you’d like to believe is so, and you couldn’t possibly be so entirely foolish as to put your trust in them as a fellow traveler…that’s not possible at all.”

– JD; aka “Mondotuna”; aka, “Jerry”; aka, “Cabledude”. An AA and troll on this blog, and apparently still a moderator at Lifering forum. Writing here in our comment section a few months ago.