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Follow-up on “Rigorous Truth In Duluth”

We just received a comment from the mother of Alex Balluff, who was the victim of a hit-and-run a year and a half ago. Here is a link to our original post: Rigorous Truth in Duluth.

Here is a follow-up story on Alex.

I can’t imagine the nightmare this family has gone through, but I can imagine the financial burden. Anyone interested in helping out the Balluff family can do so here: Bricks For Balluffs.

Let’s hope for a brighter future for Alex and his family.

Are You a Blue Button Monkey Junkie?

[From “Heavens Gate” in our comment section]

“…People have a natural need to be accepted, more so when they’re in a disadvantaged state. Much like a laboratory monkey pressing two buttons, the red one which gives a shock, and the blue one that gives a banana, quickly learns to press the blue button exclusively. The smart monkey figures out how to open the cage and leave the situation. All the other monkeys, (ie. those who “get it”), become blue button monkey junkies and are destined for a lifetime of ashtray, basket, and coffee pot servitude. People are easily manipulated….”

Are You A Blue Button Monkey Junkie?

1. Did you have sex with your sponsor because he told you it would keep you sober?

2. Did you “get it”, and if so, can you explain it in a way a rational person can understand it?

3. Can you produce one piece of scientific evidence to support your belief that AA works, and if not, are you right now rationalizing your belief system to be true despite having no validation.

4. Did you hit your knees this morning only to find the dog had shit right next to your bed?

5. Is there a picture of Clancy I taped on the inside of your underwear?

6. Do you constantly tell people they are not working a good program, are not really sober, yet you are 14 months behind on your child support payments?

7. Do you neglect your duties as a parent to attend an AA meeting?

8. Do you really believe that being your sponsor’s pro bono gardener is keeping you sober?

9. Do you autonomically blurt out AA slogans and rhetoric?

10. Did you stop taking your medication because someone who could not even procure gainful employment at the local porno store told you to?

Dick B is On Youtube

Some of you may be unaware that AA historian and California Raisin, Dick B., has a new Youtube channel. I highly recommend it for any of you who subscribe to Dick’s brand of AA, and made it to our blog by mistake; or for anyone with sadomasicistic tendencies. HERE is a link.

Speaking of Dick, it looks as though another of his lectures to Jesus wound up in in the comment section of our old blog, donewithaa, by mistake. This often happens when a person channels Jesus through the ‘Big Book’ instead of the ‘Good Book’. It’s like reading a Windows document on a Mac, or using translation software to read a foreign website. Sometimes things get lost in translation.

Knowing Jesus reads our blog, because He is as perplexed at using a doorknob to perform miracles as we are – I figured I would link Dick’s post here, where Dick answers Jesus’ question, “what the fuck you are muttering about, Dick?”:

Dear JC:

I make every effort to reply to any courteous email that comes to me at However, some people try to send me messages by clicking on the “Reply” button when they receive one of my “Dick B. FYI Message” newsletters. Such “replies” have been going to a different email address ( that is associated with the program we use for sending out the “Dick B. FYI Message” newsletters. Those “replies” have not been going directly to me. In fact, most never reached me until today, when my son Ken discovered this “secret cache” of backlogged responses and forwarded them to me in a large batch. Sadly, I do not have the time to sift through them all for happy birthday cards vs. genuine questions.

One other point about how people identify themselves when they contact me. When someone writes me—through any medium—and just uses initials like “J.C.” or “Jim C.,” I really don’t care to reply until and unless they identify themselves by using a fuller form of their name and by including their regular (“snail mail”) address. You have no idea how many “Jim’s,” “Jim C.’s,” “JC’s,” and even “James’s” and others—not including spammers—cross my path.