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Trolls Are Good For Traffic, and Venting, But Eventually…

About three years ago, my current partner on our Youtube channel, and bestower of my current userid had become so exhausted deflecting the flak from trolls, flamers, and cyberstalkers who made him a constant target that he asked me to come on board and help out with the responses. He had gotten to know me on-line at 12-step-free, where we had made runs at each other once or twice. Generally, though, we got on nicely. There, I had become fairly adept at cybertracking and outing multiple userids, and was handy with the bullies. I soon started writing some of the video content. We soon developed a great working relationship. We also consider each other friends beyond our common interest in the AA-critical realm.
Anyhow, from early on, we pretty much allowed an open mic policy from our critics as long as they refrained from personal attacks, and even allowed some leeway there.
We had two or three trolls who worked together backchannel to keep things constantly stirred up, using multiple IDs, personal information, information garnered from other sites and sheer speculation and accusation to constantly keep the focus upon them. There were days when the back-and-forth generated a thousand-plus views on the counter.
The genuine posters who came upon our site for validation and support were always drowned out in the constant flame-fests and bickering. It finally came to a head for us when one of the stalkers went back-channel after a woman who had posted about some very severe abuse/emotional traumas. That was the time we decided we had enough. I typed up a script, forwarded it to my partner, and he produced and posted it.
We haven’t had many thousand-views since then, but we also don’t spend all day every day dealing with circular nonsense. As far as I know, the back-channel cyberstalking of our supporters has fallen by the wayside, as well.
Here is the vid:
Check out the link at the end.