Another Dr. Drew Success Story


Andy Dick Sued by Comedy Fan for Being Super Gross:

Well, here’s a shocker. Andy Dick is in trouble again for crossing the line, this time with a comedy fan in Texas, who alleges in a new lawsuit that the outrageous performer made his private parts public, then forced them onto the patron’s head.


Andy Dick Accused of Urinating on A Display at A Film Festival

In his latest headline-making incident, the 45-year-old  star is accused of pulling down his pants, thrusting against a table before urinating on a public display at the Newport Beach Film Festival last month.

Organisers of the annual event, which takes place about an hour outside of Los Angeles, say they are considering filing a lawsuit against Dick.


Last year, he was charged with sexual abuse over allegations that he groped a bouncer at a West Virginia bar.

In 2008, Dick was arrested in Murrieta, California, on suspicion of drug possession and sexual battery, for allegedly grabbing and pulling down a 17-year-old girl’s tank top and brassiere.

In 2009, he attempted to get help, by appearing on Sober House, a Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew spin-off focusing on a sober living environment.

Dick approached Dr. Drew Pinsky to ask for help with his addictions and agreed to enter the Sober Living house.

In one episode, the troubled star explained that his drinking led to many of the public incidents for which he had become notorious, and had ruined many of his relationships.

In 2010, Dick was arrested at a bar in Huntington, West Virginia, on charges of sexual abuse after reportedly groping a bartender and a patron.

Earlier this year, in January Dick was thrown out of the AVN Awards, a pornographic movie awards ceremony, after witnesses say he repeatedly groped and stalked adult film actress Tera Patrick and drag queen Chi Chi LaRue.


  • DeConstructor

    I have always viewed Andy Dick not as a comic but more as well a dick

    He seems to have the qualities of many long term steppers

  • When are Dr.Drew and Andy Dick going to do the High School circuit and be a guest celebrity speakers?

    I know that sounds bizarre, but it has already started. There will be a pod cast for “The Parent Experiment” for Saturday 4/28 with Dr. Drew and Andy Dick highlighting his success.

    This link is to many shows marketing these two to parents and Kids on “The Parent Experiment”. They even have a show where he is talking to his kids.

    Susan Pinksy is also portrayed as “The 1st lady of Love” ——- yuk, yuk, yuk…….barf

  • hulahoop

    He also seems to possess the qualities of many fading, untalented celebrities (flash in the pans) who desperately want to extend their fifteen minutes of fame by appearing on Dr. Drew’s farce of a show. It’s no different than the freak show at the circus. Or maybe they want to receive a paycheck because they squandered all of their cash, and are willing to sell out for a few bucks. Whatever. This guy is an untalented, aptly named person whose fifteen minutes expired a long time a go.

  • Lucy

    Hypomania – t

    Excessive happiness, hopefulness, and excitement
    Sudden changes from being joyful to being irritable, angry, and hostile
    Restlessness, increased energy, and less need for sleep
    Rapid talk, talkativeness
    Racing thoughts
    High sex drive
    Tendency to make grand and unattainable plans
    Tendency to show poor judgment, such as deciding to quit a job
    Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity — unrealistic beliefs in one’s ability, intelligence, and powers; may be delusional
    Increased reckless behaviors (such as lavish spending sprees, impulsive sexual indiscretions, abuse of alcohol or drugs, or ill-advised business decisions)

  • Disclosure

    We are not a glum lot, my disease makes this so.

  • BusBozo

    Keep cumming back Dick!

  • Commonsense

    I see Dr. Drew as the Dr. Mengele of addiction treatment camps. Many of his patients don’t survive.

  • I think as part of his plea deal he should agree to 90 meetings in 90 days of both Alcoholics Anonymous and Sexaholics Anonymous. Followed up of course by guest appearances on Dr. Drew and Jerry Springer.

  • pierre13

    Andy Dick pulled crazy shit like that when he was sober and when he was at his most famous; the man just loves people, unlike you anonymous killjoys. Don’t even pretend you wouldn’t hold still for him to grand-plié his warty nuts onto your gray, weather-beaten pieholes.

  • MikeAugustine

    LOL, pierre, nice drive by. Don’t let the toll booth hit you on your way out of town.

  • Lucy

    Pierre 13 -I believe that was the point I was making. Mr. Dick has his warty nuts in the wrong place when he is with Dr. Drew.

  • pierre, does this mean you’re feeling better?

  • humanspirit


    Presumably you demanded your money back from the charm school?

  • I shouldn’t have mentioned the Jerry Springer show. It’s bringing them out of the wood work.

  • pierre13

    Wait, “don’t let the toll booth hit you on your way out of town?” Do all of you drunks learn how to drive in a bumper-car course, or did this cretin seriously mistype a snappy comeback from some Dr. Phil jokebook?

    I’m fine, thanks for asking FTG — however, I demand to know how to change my user icon so that I can’t be confused for these solemn dickheads and their icons, which all look like the sketches of an oversexed retard trying to draw dollar-store-candy cartoon characters from memory.

  • causeandeffect

    Yet another Dr Drew “smashing” success Jeff Conaway died after today after he was taken off life support after an OD induced coma. So sad.

  • humanspirit


    I think it’s quite simple to facilitate someone changing their icon, as Pierre13 “demands” (?)

    “Over-sexed retard” is good (though a bit of a distant memory for some of us).

  • MikeAugustine

    Actually I’ll gladly accept a mental handicap if it brings with it the promise of being over-sexed. I think it would be a fine tribute to those who so selflessly, er, came before me.

  • Oh good! It sounds like you’re back in top form, Pierre. I can help you with your avatar, but I’m sorry to tell you that JD is already sporting the “Angry Booger.”

  • c&e, that’s bad news. I just read yesterday that he had been taken off life support so I thought he was on the mend.

  • Commonsense

    @C%E – These are Dr. Drew’s comments on Jeff Conaway’s death, “There is no evidence showing Jeff died from an overdose. This was aspiration with overwhelming pneumonia and sepsis. Jeff is another example of a pharmaceutical death from the overutilization of prescription drugs.”

    And I always thought an overdose was an overutilization of drugs. Stupid me.

  • humanspirit

    Hi All – Sorry, I’ve been a bit behind the program on this story. See:

    Who knows how long this talented actor would have lived if only he’d got some proper treatment and advice?

  • Anyone been keeping track of how many Dr. Drew has lost? It might be a death sentence to show up on his show. Does he have better than a 5% success rate? The problem is that we hear about these problems because they are celebrities. We don’t hear about the non celebrates that the average Spiritual Guru picks up and kills.

  • AllyB

    That Guardian article says Jeff is the second death from Celebrity Rehab, Mike Starr being the first. How many episodes were there?

    RIP Jeff.

  • Dr. Dew Celebrity Rehab 4 Seasons:

    Season 1: Brigitte Nielsen, Chyna, Jeff Conaway, Daniel Baldwin, Seth Binzer, Mary Carey, Jaimee Foxworth and Jessica Sierra

    Season 2: Steven Adler, Rodney King, Jeff Conaway, Tawny Kitaen, Amber Smith, Sean Stewart, Nikki McKibbin and Gary Busey

    Season 3: Mackenzie Phillips, Mindy McCready, Lisa D’Amato, Joey Kovar, Heidi Fleiss, Dennis Rodman, and Mike Starr,

    Season 4: ? multiple guest appearances

  • JD

    Sure, he never had a pattern of abusing the drugs the docs toss his way before he met Pinsky.

    This death is entirely the fault of the guy who refused the help of not just Pinsky, but a long series of people and treatment organizations who would rather he had lived. The pattern is for people to try to help Jeff, and Jeff to try to continue to kill himself.

    Interesting you neglected to mention Pinsky’s comment that this death was the result of Conaway’s long abuse of his meds. Guess that wasn’t important, since anything which focus’ on his responsibility in causing his death is at cross purposes with what you’d like to accomplish. Always good to edit those bothersome truths out.

    Some additional truths to carefully avoid are in the first minutes of this little vid. I’m afraid Pinsky’s name doesn’t come up in them, so it’s likely unimportant to you.

  • JD, I thought you were a fundamentalist stepper. If you are, why would you be defending him. The Big Book says your not supposed to break your anonymity and end up on billboards, because it will hurt your chances of recovery. You should be doing everything in your power to stop him if you believe in the first 164 pages as gospel.

  • The Uprght Citizen’s Brigade (Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, Matt Besser, & Amy Poehler) now do this thing in the opening of their stage shows where they ask the audience if any of them have been hit on by Andy Dick. I’ve seen them do it once, and several audience members had detailed stories of being inappropriately hit on by Andy. Furthermore, they’ve said that they always find someone in every audience who’s experienced this. It’s kind of amazing. Granted, they do most of their shows in LA now where Andy generally prowls around, but I’ve seen them do it in NY.

  • Also, don’t miss this video. In the last minute of it, Andy talks about his sponsor:

  • Lucy

    Conway made his own choices. Pinskey made money off those choices.

    I couldn’t have done that, but then I am not a television hustler.

  • pierre13

    This is my icon: — make it so, FTG.

    Leave it to you tools to make me not-hate a duckfaced phony like Dr. Drew for a few moments. Shockingly enough, addicts tend to die a bit on the early side; it’s the only time most of them ever get the subtle hint that the rest of the existence is OK if they went away forever. It’s Nature’s way of filtering the gene pool and why Spuds MacKenzie never needed rehab even after he lost his fame, career and good looks like Kenickie did.

    Looking at the Celebrity Rehab cast list, it seems that Pinsky’s show has only helped kill the concept of “celebrity.” Are they saving Mini-Me, Margot Kidder and that old Price Is Right model who can’t hold her liquor for an extra-big fifth season?

  • pierre13 – FTG can’t change your gravatar. You have to go to and register it. All of your previous posts will also be changed.

  • AnnaZed

    Gravatar is sort of fun. You can change your avatar and it changes universally on whatever blogs you post on that use it on all of your posts including the old ones. I love giving myself a fresh look occasionally just to keep from getting bored.

  • Zooromeo

    Thanks Pierre for letting the love and spirituality that the promises gave you shine through !

  • I can’t seem to get youtube to work in the comments… perhaps the oembed doesn’t work with the latest WP update. Idunno… But you have to watch this, all the way to the end:

  • crap!

    copy and paste, I guess:

  • @ Pierre. May I respectfully ask what you mean by the phrase, ‘duckface’?

  • Thanks, ftg. I believe that ‘duckface’ is a learnt behaviour.

  • I had thought it was more like this:

    Mouth shut, but in a moue arrangement, bit like Renee Zellweger’s trademark look, but a bit wider, sides of mouth slightly down. Head tilted very slightly forward in a compassionate, Princess Diana mode, eyes like a dog that wants something.