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And then God proclaimed, “It shall be Spiritual, and Not Religious!”

“…He lifted the phone, and set in motion a process which led him, providentially, to “still suffering” alcoholic Dr Robert (Bob) Smith.”

Charlie McGuire, an AA in Scotland. Explaining in a letter to The Herald how God played matchmaker to Bill W. and Dr. Bob.

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Dirtnapping With Bill and Dr. Bob

Here is a site – – so batshit crazy, that after reading it, I had to come here and read some of JD’s comments to find something more lucid and rational. Kind of like the lion in the jungle who was seen eating elephant dung, and when asked what he was doing, he replied, “I just ate a lawyer, and I’m trying to get the taste out of my mouth.” We should put whoever wrote this site into the ring with Dick B. for an all-out, serenity death match.

The quote below is taken from their “False Religions” section, in the sub-category of “Other Pagan Mumbo Jumbo.” One of us should break out Ouija board and ask Bill and Bob what it’s like down there:

“While AA has good intentions, they are based upon a worldly philosophy, one that is based upon man’s own conception of God. The God of AA does not have the power to clothe the alcoholic in new clothes; it simply provides a patch that in the long run makes the tear worse. They are worse off because they do not believe in the God that the Bible teaches, the one that makes you whole forever. To the AA member, they will always be an alcoholic. They are a torn and ragged set of clothes, with patches that constantly need to be maintained.

One of the motivational phrases used in many 12-step programs is, “It don’t work unless you work it.” In reality they offer a plan of salvation to drunkenness based upon works. They have tried to implement biblical principles upon one sin, rather than the whole, and in doing so they missed the greatest part of the gospel message. That Christ actually sets you free! If anyone is in Christ he is a new creature, if anyone is in AA they are forever an alcoholic.”