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Getting out of Jail Free in South Bend

William C. Peterson is a sexual predator, but he is not a registered sex offender. Not yet, anyway. And as long as he continues his participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, he won’t be:

Former bank executive pleads guilty in sex case

The terms of Tuesday’s plea agreement require Peterson to, among other things, have no contact with the victim, continue psychiatric counseling, attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, not reside within 1,000 feet of a school, youth program center or public park and not drink alcohol or use controlled substances. He must also report to the Adult Probation Department.

Bill P., in an interesting spin on steps nine and ten, pulled the “I was drunk at the time” excuse, and through his attorney, he expressed disappointment that the family of the victim would seek (through civil court) some amends:

“It’s very unfortunate they have chosen to go down this path where they have destroyed his life,” Pfeifer said.

Given Peterson’s alleged level of intoxication, “he can’t dispute that (the alleged acts) did or did not happen,” Pfeifer said.

What an assclown. But, hey…keep coming back!

SMART gets some action…

humanspirit just sent this interview

Leading questions: Richard Phillips, Smart Recovery UK

The interim director on the charity’s abstinence-orientated approach to drug and alcohol misuse

What does the charity do?

Smart Recovery is an abstinence-oriented recovery organisation that helps people with addictions. We run mutual aid groups, based on cognitive behavioural methods.

Is it similar to Alcoholics Anonymous?

We use scientifically proven methods in peer-led self-help groups. It’s about creating an alternative approach, grounded in modern psychological methods, to the 12-step fellowships from Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

How does it work?

While both AA and NA also focus on mutual aid, we train “champions” within drug and alcohol treatment centres, as well as facilitators who are in recovery. The aim is to bring self-help and the drug and alcohol treatment systems closer together.

Read the whole thing…

There are a couple of good comments there.