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Ellenbeth Wachs is in the news again…

Atheist activist, Ellenbeth Wachs got on our radar because of this video.

We posted an update on her, when the local sheriff sent a SWAT team to her house to arrest her for adding “Esq.” to her signature.

And now this…

Lakeland, Florida —  Ellenbeth Wachs has been no stranger to controversy in recent months.

As legal advisor to the Atheist of Florida, she has placed herself in the headlines by installing billboards across the area, fighting the Lakeland City Council and Polk County School Board over prayer before meetings and even Sheriff Grady Judd for donating jail basketball hoops to churches.

But now, she’s fighting her own legal battle… again.

On Monday, she was arrested on a charge of Simulation of a Sexual Act in the Presence of a Child.

According to an arrest affidavit, Wachs’ neighbor is accusing her of being “too loud” in her own bedroom.

Read the whole thing…

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