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massiveattack hosts Jack Trimpey Tuesday 5/31

Tuesday May 31, 2011 @ 6pm PST 9pm EST on blogtalkradio will be Special Guest, Jack Trimpey, LCSW, Founder, Rational Recovery®.

In 1983, Lois Trimpey forced her husband to choose between his long-standing alcohol addiction and remaining in the Trimpey family, his first reaction was rage. He wisely buttoned his lip, and grudgingly accepted her terms of engagement. Soon, they both decided to create an alternative to 12-step recovery, and what followed is the amazing history of Rational Recovery in the United States of America.

Join us on Tuesday, May 31, to hear Mr. Trimpey describe the evolution of Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®) from its early beginnings in the Rational Recovery Self-Help Network. Bring your addiction if you have one, and see if your Beast can survive the clout of AVRT®. call in 818-475-9211 to listen or talk. Chat is available.
See you then. Bring your questions for the AVRT master!

JD’s Other Gig

JD, aka "Mondotuna"

“The more immediate question is what is it about the faux Narconon program that is so attractive to ftg and MA that they provide an easy link for people to connect with The Coach? If people are paying $2500 for every 8 phone calls to an untrained spin-dry Graduate there is certainly enough money floating around to explain it, but might they like to promote it for other reasons? I mean the harping about the 2yr degreed and licensed addiction crowd is a constant, and the opinions about how untrained AA sponsors are and how they have no right to help people for free are ceaseless…so how could The Coach make perfect sense to them to actively promote? Giving people in trouble an easy path to Stevie doesn’t meet any logical standard at all for them that I can envision, and is a true mystery.”

JD wrote this in our comment section today. He makes a good point. We like Steven, and we think he has a lot of good things to say. But we don’t want to look as though we are promoting one brand of recovery over another. So, in the interest of fairness, we thought that we would direct everyone to a Lifering forum, moderated by our very own JD, aka “Mondotuna.” He’s a man of many hats. Not only does he troll here, but he hosts a “plan B” forum, too!

Those interested in a recovery forum should go there and say “hello.” There’s no sense in keeping JD’s wisdom to ourselves. Perhaps you can share with them, the words of wisdom JD has given us here: Lifering Recovery Forum. Make sure you tell them how you found the site!

UPDATED by ftg to add:

I’d like to edit this post to reflect the real story here, which is that JD was using his position as a moderator at LifeRing to gather information about people who know and trust him as “mondotuna”. JD quoted and revealed painful information about people in order to mock them, while not revealing how he was privy to this information. Not only that, but he constantly disparaged LifeRing as among the “Plan B” programs that don’t work. In fact, he challenged us to go to LifeRing and see if we can find people who’ve been successful there. He talked about how fun it was to watch people continually relapse.

All this stuff is unpacked and linked to in the comments, so make sure to read them through.

I’ve been looking at the LifeRing messageboard, and JD’s farewell comment, where he admits to betraying himself and the people who trust him. He admits to even saying things he doesn’t believe in order to disrupt people he disagrees with. (But we’re the one’s with the delicate fee fees and are out for blood. We’re the violators of privacy. Right.) It seems that some of the responders to that post aren’t grasping the depth of JD’s betrayal, and are under the impression that we have attacked LifeRing. We don’t have anything against LifeRing. It’s on our blogroll. In fact, in our comments a few weeks ago, you’ll find JD preemptively ridiculing someone in the event that she decides to go to LifeRing after leaving AA.

I also want to make it clear that we’re not exposing JD as a private person. Please keep pictures of him or any personally identifiable information or private details off the Stinkin’ Thinkin’. He feels that his privacy was violated, which is asinine — especially considering the liberties he has taken with people who trust him. We didn’t violate his privacy, we exposed “mondotuna” as “JD” — and we’re not going to be complicit in his betayal of his station at LifeRing while he uses it to undermine both us and LR. The display of entitlement is mindboggling.

However, I see the JD still has that “hammer” next to his name. I’ll add the LifeRing link back to the blogroll once it’s gone.

[Just to be sure there is no misunderstanding: We are saying that JD/mondotuna/cabledude used information that he learned about people on another forum, not that he misused confidential information that only he had access to (which is something we couldn’t possibly know). All the information we’re talking about is public, of course, but people who post on support boards can reasonably expect to be treated with sensitivity by the moderator — and that is surely the intent of the forum’s owners who created the space and put JD in that leadership position. Members should be able to expect that, of all people, the moderator will not follow them to other communities and use what he learned on the board  against them, while hiding behind a different identity.]


“OBVIOUSLY u people ARE NOT alcoholics or are going to the wrong meetings…It IS a BS saying though…It is NOT in the big book–some idiot made it up…”

This scolding was left by Jeff, an AA, in our comments section here. It’s such a great example of “godbotting,” that I thought I would highlight it here.

Remember: if it isn’t the ‘Big Book’, it’s made-up bullshit.

Give ’em hell, Jeff!

Dr. Drew Is on Fire

Dr. Drew

In my 20 years of treating addicts, I’ve never seen anything else that comes close to the 12 steps. In my world, if someone says they don’t want to do the 12 steps, I know they aren’t going to get better. — Dr. Drew Pinsky

Jeff Conaway died today.

When he first went into a coma, America’s Favorite Anthropophagist, Dr. Drew, denied that there was any connection to the addiction that he “treated” Conaway for:


As the troubled 60-year-old actor fights to survive, Pinsky denied that Conaway’s substance abuse was behind reports of a coma.

On Friday, the doctor tweeted: “Just visited Jeff Conaway. He is stable & looks like he will recover from his pneumonia….Not an OD, like press is alleging & certainly not dead.” He also criticized Conaway’s manager for asserting that Conaway was comatose, when in fact, according to a Pinsky tweet: “He’s in an induced coma…a Propafol drip.”

The reports I’ve been reading seem to corroborate this. They’re not indicating that his pneumonia was brought on by any substance abuse. So, either Pinsky is privy to information that no one else has right now, or just took the low road when faced a choice between taking some responsibility for fucking Conaway up further and making Conaway’s death all about Dr. Drew. In response to the news about Conaway’s death today, Dr. Drew says:

“I’m saddened to report he has succumbed to his addiction, thus far we have no evidence of an intentional overdose,” Pinsky tweeted on Friday after Conaway passed.

Similarly, when Mike Starr died, Pinsky tweeted (Doesn’t Pinsky have a mom? Who tweets condolences?):

“Devastating to hear of Mike Starr succumbing to his illness,” he posted on Twitter. “So very sad. Our prayers are with his family.”

Cramming a bunch of mentally ill substance abusers into close quarters and instigating cage matches has been working so well for 75 years. What’s going wrong here?


Chucky D. Gets Acquittal

Charles “Chucky” Doucette Jr., an AA and convicted murderer in Beverly, Massachusetts; got a “not guilty” verdict in his assault trial.  He was accused of threatening his sweetie with a bullet to the head, and pulling her alongside his truck. According to the neighbor, it was Chucky’s girlfriend, another AA who he had 13th-stepped, who was the instigator this serenity battle:

Doucettte is found not guilty of assault

Upset that the girlfriend he met in Alcoholics Anonymous was drinking again, Doucette took back the key she had to his home and moved out her belongings, Markus testified. While they argued outside his house, she claimed he threatened her and then, while she was standing beside the driver’s side window of his truck, he “dragged” her alongside as he drove away.

But Doucette’s neighbor, Sophia Mahalares, said she witnessed the incident from her second-floor window and told the jury that Markus was not dragged.

“She fell straight down to the ground,” Mahalares said. Markus was unsteady on her feet and appeared drunk, the neighbor said. And, from her vantage point, Mahalares said, it looked like Markus was hitting or grabbing Doucette through his truck window.

Fifteen minutes after calling 911, Markus left a voice mail with Doucette telling him to “get your ass back here.” She left six more voice mails for him, called his sister looking for him and then at 9:21 p.m., “after not getting what she wants,” she called back the police, Dullea said. It was then, 31/2 hours after the incident and her initial report, that she first mentioned the threat to authorities.

It’s a classic American love story!

Another Dr. Drew Success Story


Andy Dick Sued by Comedy Fan for Being Super Gross:

Well, here’s a shocker. Andy Dick is in trouble again for crossing the line, this time with a comedy fan in Texas, who alleges in a new lawsuit that the outrageous performer made his private parts public, then forced them onto the patron’s head.


Andy Dick Accused of Urinating on A Display at A Film Festival

In his latest headline-making incident, the 45-year-old  star is accused of pulling down his pants, thrusting against a table before urinating on a public display at the Newport Beach Film Festival last month.

Organisers of the annual event, which takes place about an hour outside of Los Angeles, say they are considering filing a lawsuit against Dick.


Last year, he was charged with sexual abuse over allegations that he groped a bouncer at a West Virginia bar.

In 2008, Dick was arrested in Murrieta, California, on suspicion of drug possession and sexual battery, for allegedly grabbing and pulling down a 17-year-old girl’s tank top and brassiere.

In 2009, he attempted to get help, by appearing on Sober House, a Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew spin-off focusing on a sober living environment.

Dick approached Dr. Drew Pinsky to ask for help with his addictions and agreed to enter the Sober Living house.

In one episode, the troubled star explained that his drinking led to many of the public incidents for which he had become notorious, and had ruined many of his relationships.

In 2010, Dick was arrested at a bar in Huntington, West Virginia, on charges of sexual abuse after reportedly groping a bartender and a patron.

Earlier this year, in January Dick was thrown out of the AVN Awards, a pornographic movie awards ceremony, after witnesses say he repeatedly groped and stalked adult film actress Tera Patrick and drag queen Chi Chi LaRue.


Pennington Asks the Right Question!

Mark Kerrigan gets two and a half years in death of father

In a case which could give the most rebellious son a moment of pause, Mark Kerrigan, brother of Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan, will serve two years total for assault and battery of his 70-year-old father Daniel Kerrigan.


According to a report from CBS Boston, the 45-year-old was acquitted on charges of involuntary manslaughter, but the jury still found him guilty of assault and battery. The original sentence handed down May 26th, 2011 was for the maximum two-and-a-half years, but six months of the sentence was suspended at the request of defense attorney Janice Bassil, in lieu of a one-year probation sentence added on to the jail time.

In the same report, we also learn that Judge S. Jane Haggerty ordered Mark Kerrigan to take an anger management course, as well as attend Alcoholics Anonymous. Was that a wise move? While the convict admits to having a drinking problem, is AA the best choice? With all the support AA gets from the legal community, they only claim a 5 percent success rate. That’s 95 percent failure. Why not require him, and others like him, to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy, where progress is usually achieved?Daniel Kerrigan died from heart failure after a fight with his son, Mark. Prosecutors claimed Mark Kerrigan caused his death when he grabbed his father’s throat with enough force to break cartilage in his larynx, which led to heart failure. His defense attorney convincingly argued the 70-year-old died from clogged arteries.

Serving the Interests of the Community

Ianne Gets 3 Years Probation

Pueblo restaurateur Tony Ianne was sentenced to three years of probation this morning, bringing an end to a sprawling mortgage fraud case in which he was indicted on 72 felony charges.

Ianne, 50, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit a computer crime in exchange for the dismissal of the other mortgage fraud counts and two separate cases involving witness intimidation.

Ianne relied on his deep roots in the Pueblo community, marshaling a cast of community leaders to speak on his behalf.

They included City Council President Ray Aguilera, Little Caesars Pizza franchisee Dave Feamster and Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce President Rod Slyhoff.

Everyone who spoke mentioned Ianne’s commitment to community organizations in Pueblo, including his donation of time and food to numerous community events.

The speakers also highlighted Ianne’s work with Alcoholics Anonymous and several members of his AA group spoke on his behalf as well.

While his defense focused on Ianne’s charitable contributions to the community, Deputy District Attorney Steve Jones said that through his experience prosecuting the case he came to know a different side of Ianne.

Jones noted that Ianne’s conviction didn’t come as a result of a mistake, but from a concerted effort to manipulate a lax mortgage industry and line his own pockets.

Jones characterized the case as a lost opportunity because Ianne was investing in properties in distressed neighborhoods. But he chose to follow the path of greed and avarice rather than helping improve those homes and neighborhoods.

District Judge David Crockenberg said that imposing a jail or prison sentence on Ianne would not serve the interests of the community, his employees or the people who rely on his 12-step group.

However, Crockenberg imposed additional conditions of Ianne’s probation that he refrain from any real estate transactions, disclose his conviction when entering into any other business dealings and make his financial information available to the probation department.

Sober Recovery Advice of the Day

In response to this statement: [“…Doing the next right thing day in and day out in sobriety and working my butt off to get a job is not supposed to take me from a halfway house (which is a blessing) to a park bench.”]

Enoy sez (in a spiritual, not religious way):

“Million dollar question….

How do you know ?

Who are you to decide how it’s suppose to be ?

In a sincere way , perhaps that is why you haven’t moved on yet. You still have these expectations of how things “should be” based on your own feelings and thoughts rather than “They will be as are”

If you read the 3rd step prayer I think you will see that you haven’t yet completed the third step. I thought I had too until I got a rude awakening to the fact that I had not. ( mentioned this in the other thread )

Many times in my life I’ve gone through terrific struggles , during the struggle I hated it , didn’t understand it , thought it unfair and not right…. Later looking back… It was the best thing that ever happened to me because it gave me new strength, new perspective, new understanding of myself and others.”

You know the “Footsteps in the sand” message right ?

It just. Makes. Sense. Cuz, you know…nothin’ happens by accident. And homelessness is SO much better if God puts you there.

Kickbacks: Private Prisons for Children

AnnaZed sent me a link to these videos from Democracy Now about the Pennsylvania Judge who was taking millions in kickbacks for sentencing children to private prisons. We posted the story here, but these have some more detail and interviews with a couple of the kids who were sent away.

We really have no jeezly idea what we’re doing in this country. I don’t know how people don’t blow up the world every single day of the year.