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  1. Disclosure says:

    Oh my God! This gives me the urge to use this in a tri-fold brochure on sponsorship.
    I get stuck on “oh shit” every time!

  2. JR Harris says:

    I don’t suppose that it would be too late to ask to have a picture of a door knob put on the diagram? Only in keeping with the spiritual aspect of the program of course!

  3. “Are they asleep yet?” That cracked me up.

  4. MikeAugustine says:

    Awesome, only thing missing is a circular logic endpoint.

  5. BusBozo says:

    Lol….lot more flowing there than sponsorese.

  6. JR Harris says:

    Anybody want to play “What’s My Slogan?” I’ll start. I’ll think up something and using the above diagram see if you can come up with an answer?

    “I’m in real trouble, they just foreclosed on my house, the police have a warrant out for my arrest and no one else from my home group will talk to me because I owe them money. What should I do?”

  7. Chris says:

    Well, jrh. have you prayed about it? When is the last time you went to a meeting?, If I were you I would just “Turn it over”, not your house. Well, that too, if that`s your higher powers plan. Yes, just “turn it over.”

  8. Chris says:

    Your sobriety HAS to come first. It`s understandable you didn`t get a part-time job during the hours you were at a meeting every night and with the service work you do, you would`nt have had time for a part-time job anyway.

  9. JR Harris says:

    Well, you didn’t use any slogans or quotes from the BB. So you didn’t get any points. Lets try another one:

    “The newcomer is accusing me of raping her and trying to get me arrested. Do you think the other newcomers will tell anyone that I had sex with them the first week they were here?”

  10. Chris says:

    I used “Turn it over”. Yes, they will tell everyone, again, “Turn it over” and if you did rape her, she was probably dressed inappropriately, did you say you were sorry-9th step. If you did say you were sorry, it`s out of your hands. You did the right thing.

  11. JR Harris says:

    OK I’ll give you three points (redeemable at select recovery stores, subject to availability). Now how about this one:

    “I guess maybe I did take advantage of the newcomer, I mean she was drunk. If I make amends to her, do you think I should admit it to the police?”

  12. Z says:

    Great chart! Did you make it, or Orange, or who?

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