Serenity Nutjob

I guess AA God™ was so busy keeping these people serene and sober, He forgot to warn them about the guy in the meeting with a gun:

TRAVERSE CITY — A 40-year-old Traverse City man is behind bars, charged with trying to kill another man during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

It happened around 7:55 Friday morning at 1610 Barlow Street in Garfield Township.

Officials say about fifteen people were at the AA meeting when they noticed one member was acting erratically. The victim, who was the chair of the meeting was trying to call law enforcement when the suspect grabbed the man in a choke hold and cut his face and neck.

Attempted murder during AA meeting

  • Lucy

    Yes, I’m sure that if he had done the steps “as laid out,”it would have stopped him from acting erracticly too, JD,

  • AnnaZed

    It seems like the press is (still!) amazingly protecting the identities of both victim and perpetrator in this crime in accordance with the ludicrous contact that exists between the fourth estate and Alcoholics Anonymous. That is to say even when a capitol crime is committed the newspaper defaulted to protecting the members’ anonymity. That’s amazing.

  • Martha

    Do you suppose JD or other steppers will call out the victim for trying to call the police and say the victim needs to look at his own role in the attempted murder?

    Massive Attack, I am so glad you have decided to stop AA and the real danger in those meetings.

  • Mona Lisa

    I hope the guy who got assaulted looks at his part in it.

  • AnnaZed

    that would be “contract”

  • It is articles like this that expose the dangers of the 12 Steps treatment program stated by Bill Wilson when he started AA. Newspapers often tell only part of the story. If you read the comments carefully on this article you will see that a man had his THROAT SILT during the altercation. This is an article from 4/15/2011 that tells the another side of this story:

    T.C. Man Stabs Person at Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
    Posted On: 4/15/2011

    This happen at:

    Traverse City Group
    1610 Barlow St.
    Traverse City, MI 49686

    This group appears to be overseen by the non-profit corporation that runs this site:

    Anyone with stories of the dangers of this group are encouraged to report them to the proper authorities.

  • Pogue Mahone

    You with the gun..remember “easy does it”.

  • Chris

    I don`t find it at all strange that someone completely lost it AT an AA meeting, makes perfect sense to me actually. He heard ONE to many slogans and LOST IT. Why is that so baffling? It was probably a gratitude meeting. I can absolutely relate. I personally wouldn`t have tried slit the chairpersons throat. Well, honestly I can`t say that. Maybe he was trying cut his vocal cords and got “ALITTLE” carried away. I`ve wanted to flip tables over and scream before, “You`re all fucking crazy.”

  • Disclosure

    I had this reaction when a sponsee disliked the experience that I shared. In my case the disgruntled did not bring a gun but merely pushed me around and threatened me. I grew angry because I thought I was doing the right thing for the sponsee. In reality I was brainwashed and forcing my beliefs onto another in true cult fashion.
    In any case I feel a new slogan is in order…

    Take the bullets out of your gun and put them in your ears!

    On another occasion I was at a meeting where an angry Karate instructor attended. He challenged the entire meeting to fight him. Yet another typical AA jerk.

    This completely discounts the presence of the old curmudgeon. The manager of the universe, scolder of innocent children, and seeker of power. He knows how to do it right and isn’t afraid to tell you. He is arrogant, self righteous, forceful, and rude. He has long term sobriety yet has not left the confines of the group. He is a failure in the real world, AA is his only success.

    Then there is the phenomenon of time critical effectiveness.
    On the front side of the bell curve, the newcomer re-learns long forgotten social skills; he gets better and appears well adjusted. On the back side of this bell curve where long term attendance is achieved, new coping mechanisms are employed to deal with the unconventional and unnatural social atmosphere that is characteristic of the religious cult atmosphere.

    AA is an unsustainable recovery; the percentage of people who achieve long term participation is negligible. Long term participation is said to be important in AA because they claim no alcoholic completely recovers. This in combination with the dangers that lurk in the meetings make a poor argument for the cost benefit of the program.

    If you are in AA don’t be deceived, there are many options available to you.

  • Chris

    To Pogue Mahone: That was a good one, except the second part of that slogan is, “but, do it.”

  • SoberPJ

    I guess gawd must have missed that meeting, because he wasn’t there to protect the faithful. Well, maybe the chair had a secret and gawd was teaching him a lesson by talking through other people. When a wackjob in an AA meeting cuts up your face and neck, I wonder what gawd is trying to say? Oh, now I know, “Get the hell out of AA you moron!” Thanks gawd.

  • Chris

    He will be treated like a war hero now. He got cut up, and he STILL Keeps Coming Back, I want what he has, wow. That guy is something special, dedicated.

  • Commonsense

    The article says that the attack occurred at around 7:55 AM. I take it it was just before the meeting began, in the middle of the meeting, or at the end of the meeting. I suspect the guy had already planned the attack and showed up angry, although he could have simmered for almost an hour before exploding. In either case, I wonder how many of the 15 people in attendance had jobs given the early morning hour of the meeting..

  • SoberPJ

    Just thinking about how the negative energy of AA is oozing onto this blog. I left AA to get away from this bizarre shit and now I’m here experiencing it in a concentrated and rapid-fire manner. Just sayin….

    Where is the “we’re winning in this fight against the embedded delusionists” rhetoric? Any moderately aware critic can point out the dumb shit that happens in an organization as looney as the AA Coporation resellers, but what’s our team doing? Besides pointing out their dirty laundry….

  • ez

    When he “grabbed the man in a choke hold and cut his face and neck” was it an extreme example of a violation of the no cross talk rule?

  • Unfortunately, in order to gain awareness of the atrocities that corporate AA is causing, thier deeds must be identified and cataloged so that they can be found. If book markers are not left in places where they can be found by search engines, the truth can not be found by those that need it. Many of the dangerous attributes caused by the 12 Steps that Bill Wilson invented to make money for the corporation that he started are quickly forgotten by the press and media. In order to effect change to corporate policy, “ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS WORLD SERVICES, INC.” in New York must be made aware of what they are doing, as well as the masses that are being effected by by thier policies. The story of the person whose throat was cut because of the lack of oversight that AA instills will not be known unless these stories are told.

    Did you notice the “KEEP COMING BACK” thread added to the top of this blog?

  • You may want to check out the comments the article that started this thread. The AA serenity seekers are attempting to quiet the article down. Using the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions and telling everyone to be quiet because they at breaking the anonymity protected by corporate AA:

    “TCSILVERBACK replied: Yesterday at 8:25 PM
    as a 20 year member I would think you would know something about anonymity. Aparently all that pot you continue to smoke is affecting your memory”

    Typical AA corporate policy.

  • hulahoop

    That anonymous thing only applies to AA members. You know, that little vow they recite at the end of the meeting about what happens there stays there. Even they don’t respect their own tradition when it suits them not to. I do not understand why they feel they are entitled to such a right by the media when everyone else is fair game. Police reports are public records and the media has the right to report that information.

  • AntiDenial

    PJ- Negative energy? Really? Please-this is serious sh#*. It is not positive what is happening with AA/NA. Why would we sugarcoat it? That is what AA/NA does. Not here.wrong site for that. Bring on all the factual stories to get the word out !
    The general public are clueless and we are here to enlighten them and give people a sounding board to tell their own experiences with AA/NA. It is about exposing what is really going on. I dont see the site oozing anything but quality information. The site does not make it up! Dont shoot the messenger.

  • imoverit

    @ EZ, that was funny. When I think of how many meeting I brought my kids to when I was brain washed then i hear these stories i cringe!

  • Chris

    To SoberPJ: I don`t why MA and ftg STARTED the blog, but, I`m here to de-program. Making fun of AA and pointing out all the stupid shit helps me do that. And, it`s entertaining as well. Being Joe Serious doesn`t work for me. “God grant SoberPJ the serenity to accept the things he cannot change, the courage to change the things soberPJ can and the schoolin and book smarts to know the difference.”, Amen.

  • One of the main reasons to document the atrocities of corporate AA policy is because this information disappears if it is not. Case in point, there was/is a group called MidTown in D.C. that was exposed on NBC in 2007. You can no longer find the actual article that helped to expose this mess. You can find small pieces of it still on the web but not the actual article. (Why is this? Did corporate AA serenity hornets have it removed?) Here is all I can find on the web from NBC about it (the thread is still open for comments BTW):

    Church calls Alcoholics Anonymous a “cult” and bans it from its premises for sexual misconduct. May 15, 2007

    ” An Alcoholics Anonymous group known as Midtown has been barred from meeting at another church, News4 reported Monday.

    Leaders of St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church on Old Georgetown Road in Rockville said the group could no longer meet there, News4’s Pat Collins said.

    Last week, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Northwest, D.C., said the group could no longer meet at it’s building.

    Midtown also left The Church of the Pilgrims in downtown, D.C., about a year ago after church officials launched an investigation amid allegations of misconduct, Collins reported.”

  • JD

    “I guess AA God™ was so busy keeping these people serene and sober, He forgot to warn them about the guy in the meeting with a gun”

    MA, do you occasionally read these and then afterwards comment intelligently?

    Morning meetings are a little too sunny and chipper, full of type A’s entirely too wide awake far too early for my taste. I count 3 I’ve been to in 29yrs, and won’t go unless dragged there by someone I’m staying with.

    Looking fwd to a good evening meeting 1 1/2 hr long so people don’t need to rush their shares, at least one Birthday so we get to enjoy the cake, card and off-key singing, some newcomers shaking it out, people talking about their screwups during the week and the solutions they’re employing, lots of laughter and a couple of heart tugs, people talking about the progress in different aspects of their lives, maybe still talking about the latest convention experiences, then the announcements and finding out where the next move and party will be at.

    And the coffeeshop after if there’s newcomer or two who wants to talk, the ladies on one end and the guys at the other, with our fav waitress happy in knowing her tips will be good.

    Maybe a bit more standing around and joking out in the parking lot with the guys.

    Haven’t seen anyone cut in a meeting yet, did see a nut throw coffee at a member once and they exchanged a couple of swings.

  • Chris

    So, the actual meeting lasts for about 4 hrs., YIPPY.

  • Chris

    NOBODY is getting well there JD. If you`ve been going for 29 yrs., that doesn`t sound like you`re doing to good.

  • Martha

    JD, you are full of santorum.

  • Disclosure

    @ JD,
    It sounds like you are in a nice group, what area are you in?

  • Chris

    And JD if you claim to be a good member with all the insults you throw at people, that is EXACTLY what we`re talking about. Have you apologized to massive yet? Or, is that only if YOU feel bad, that makes it a wrong?

  • Ben Franklin

    And the coffeeshop after if there’s newcomer or two who wants to talk, the ladies on one end and the guys at the other, with our fav waitress happy in knowing her tips will be good.

    Uh there’s that rigorous honesty again. I have been in the biz.Believe me the cheapest most assholic peeps you can wait on are AA members. This is from many people I know from across the nation.

  • Michigan has a very good public media system for addressing that states problems. CMU Public Radio I believe is run by a University. The people concerned about the “Traverse City Group” might want to see if they can contact them. They definitely are good reporters! They even talk about stuff that this blog talks about all of the time. Here are some examples:

    Justices battle over ethics, secrecy (Justice Betty Weaver)

    (Justice Betty) Weaver expected to resign from Michigan Supreme Court today

    Supreme Court to decide whether belief-based student groups can restrict membership

  • AntiDenial

    JD- You do owe Massiveattack an apology. Everything you said was NOT loving or kind
    which is what AA states it way of handling things..
    It was mean spirited as you meant it to be.It shows me how people can still act in a cruel manner even after 29 years in the rooms.

  • AnnaZed

    “…Morning meetings are a little too sunny and chipper, full of type A’s entirely too wide awake far too early for my taste.”

    Really? In SoCal morning meetings are fully of shaky homeless guys who come in for the free coffee and doughnuts and to use the bathroom before beginning their rounds of collecting cans to buy their alcohol. It’s scary.

  • AntiDenial

    I guess it is how one defines sunny and chipper!
    I can see how sunny and chipper could turn off the mean and grumpy group……..

  • DeConstructor


    Orange still has a lot of info on MidTown. Most of the rest of it is gone, including the MySpace page built some of the survivors. I wish I would have made a copy of it, as IIRC women from all over the country had written in stating that the same thing was happening in their area.

    There is a media blackout, with no good reasoning for not exposing the identities of these people-like someone charged with attempted murder as this story.

    Once again, the internet cannot be contained, and ST is a the forefront of exposing this FRAUD marketed as legit healthcare.

  • JD

    Anti-D, people leaving AA almost always do so badly, when it really doesn’t have to include high drama, and can be completely painless for all parties. If MA takes my advice on how to leave as she’s been anouncing is her intent ad nauseum it won’t be a big deal at all, and she’ll leave on good terms and be wished well by the members.

    Pretending to have her heart into AA while participating here is dishonest and will cause her a lot of conflict if she drags out her exit. The self-will stuff about wanting to control how her group will support GSO (something my group hasn’t done for 10 years out of anger about Mexico and Germany) after she’s down the road is a really bad sign she’s off kilter.

    Leaving quickly and painlessly as I suggested may save her a lot of grief now and later on.
    People with some time often have too much clarity to stand being dishonest and hypocritical for long…very seriously, that can drive them mad.

    No big deal to me either way, but giving her a butt boot looked to me ultimately like the kind thing. Saying nothing when I notice someone getting mucho weird would be the mean thing and unless I have a good reason I’m more kind than mean.

  • MA

    JD – massive attack and I are two different people. If you could try and scold us by our proper names, it would help everyone keep up. And if you could, stop gaslighting her. Try and keep that to your group. Thanks.

  • JD sez, “Saying nothing when I notice someone getting mucho weird would be the mean thing…”

    Exactly why we’re here, JD. AA has gone way mucho weird and — based on your reports — nauseatingly priggish, too. Since we’re more kind than mean, we are saying something.

  • Chris

    To JD, “they will wish them well”, that is funny-funny stuff dude. You know better than that. They would belittle, guilt trip, slogan them to death. Tell the truth once in awhile. To: MA, I was confused with his refernce to you-massive. Thanks for clarifying that yet again.

  • Disclosure

    Thank you so much for the reference to gaslighting.
    I have unknowingly been a victim of this abuse for a very long time.

  • Chris

    JD says, “The self-will stuff about wanting to control how her group will support GSO (something my group hasn’t done for 10 years out of anger about Mexico and Germany) after she’s down the road is a really bad sign she’s off kilter.” So, her self-will of wanting to do something different is wrong, but, you and your groups self-will about not supporting gso OUT OF ANGER is spiritual, right? You are a complete JOKE JD. You talk out of the side your neck constantly.

  • Ben Franklin

    Um-JD- most people would consider it mucho weird to have a 12 year old son getting trashed while their parent was on jet-setting 12 step calls. There is something truly off-kilter about that compared to Massive Attack ,morally speaking. If anyone needs a buttboot it would be you.

  • Disclosure

    WOW Ma!
    There is a whole bunch of stuff about AA over at Wiki.

  • Be very wary of 12 Step Serenity Hornets. The 12 Steps of Bill Wilson who died of emphysema (his 12 Steps did not seem to help him get rid of that habit, don’t tell Nicotine Anonymous members) teaches AA members to always change the subject if it is about AA corporate policy. Have any Serenity Hornets tried to change the subject from the “Traverse City Group” in Michigan lately?

  • Disclosure, Do a category search (in the sidebar) for “gaslighting”. That’s exactly what JD was doing to massiveattack: “Don’t believe your lying eyes, crazylady.”

  • The “Traverse City Group” in Michigan is actually very lucky that no one was shot and killed. In 2008 Scott Gordon Reynolds was sentenced to 50 years to shooting his Sponsor Uriel Noriega at a Church AA meeting in Long Beach California. The threads is still open for comments.

    50 years-plus for Calif. man who shot AA sponsor

  • JR, I noticed that you are posting links to past Keep Coming Back type stories. I just added a new page, with a link to the archive, and the comments there are open. So that might be a good place to copy these links, too.

  • tintop

    in rgeard to Jd: you know what needs to be done.

  • well I feel so loved here, except for JD’s comments. I don’t care.
    I went to A Smart Recovery Meeting today. It was great. 10 out of 12 folks there equally complained about some aspect of AA that they didn’t like. I felt so at home.

    I am printing out all these articles as they come out. As we have seen what happened with The Midtown group the article has disappeared from the internet. Well, I can call Newsweek and get a real copy ,right. ….or go to the Library and Xerox the whole thing. Then scan it and put it back up. Good Idea.

    Yes. This story will be the beginning of many like this. A man went into a meeting in Mexico shooting a few months back. Now this. And as good people leave in droves it will just get sicker and sicker.

    I don’t feel safe here describing my exit anymore because of the LOVE BOMBER JD……………….. so I will journal all about it in my lovely leather book by the fireplace, in my mansion, on the bluffs, near the oceanside, watching the sunset, petting my dog, laughing with my husband, blogging with my friends on ST.LOL

    (Disclosure) not all of the above is true. But I have to write some crazy crap here so JD can feel okay. RIght JD….do you feel better now….

    Chris, I love your rants! Such great passion. Thanks all for defending me. I so appreciate it!!!!!

  • massiveattack sez, “I don’t feel safe here describing my exit anymore because of the LOVE BOMBER JD……………….. so I will journal all about it in my lovely leather book by the fireplace, in my mansion, on the bluffs, near the oceanside, watching the sunset, petting my dog, laughing with my husband, blogging with my friends on ST.LOL ”

    But, wait! Fireplace? Mansion? Bluffs? Sunsets? Family?

    How can this be possible without AA?

    Massive, don’t let JD make you feel unsafe here. This isn’t AA. He’s trying to gaslight (mentally abuse and manipulate) you because he knows your triggers. He is an oldtimer in AA — just as you are — and he is using language he knows will cause you to question yourself.

    Let him show everyone what AA’s all about, and you persist in showing people what free will is all about.

  • I pray to door knob for JD’s soul.

    (JR Harris is not an official spokesperson for the Harris Spiritual Door Knob Manufacturers Association or the AA corporate slogan of suggesting a door knob as your HP)

  • Martha
  • Martha
  • Martha
  • Chris

    Also, JD`s trip to Scotland to hear a 5th step on his dime. He didn`t mention that he was from there, had family there and was probably going there ANYWAY. He just happened to hear a 5th step while he was there. Nice rigorous honesty JD, very nice. You made it sound like you dropped everything to fly over there to hear a confession. Couldn`t the guy have said that stuff over the phone? It doesn`t say anywhere it has to be face to face, cause Gods surely not there in person.

  • SoberPJ

    @Martha .. love the hand door knob. I reached for a flimsy reed and found the loving and powerful hand-shaped door knob.

  • The “Traverse City Group” in Michigan may be interested in the 2009 Edison, NJ. story of the “Five Points Alcoholics Anonymous” Group. It appears that 18 year old Kayson Helms was shot by a member of the group after he entered the gathering with his own gun with the intent to rob it. I didn’t know that AA members bring thier guns to meetings. Is it common place?

  • Correction “Five Points Alcoholics Anonymous” is in Columbia, SC. Edison, NJ is where Kayson Helms is from.

  • AnnaZed

    “…and she’ll leave on good terms and be wished well by the members.”

    Baaawaahahaha …
    This has never once occurred in the history of AA (there are no exceptions to this).

  • AnnaZed, Just a couple of days ago, JD wished Raze well on her decision to leave AA. This is what he means:

    Good for you Raze, you should be able to hand over the keys now to someone (treasurer, literature person), or anyone who cares about the meeting, and not go back. Even if you find yourself tempted, resist the impulse and find some new or old activity that you prefer doing instead. Only a flakey group would give the keys to 6 month person anyway so you’re not losing anything of quality.

    Much better for all concerned.

    And there’s always SOS, RR, Smart, Lifering, WFS, MM, WTF, ect. if you feel you want to do an ABC on your CBA, or do a Trike, or identify your A and S, or name your Beast. If you can cough up $2750 Steven Slate will sell/coach you on what the Scientology/Narconon wannabee treatment program told him when he was a patient. Just a ton of quality options to choose from. If nothing else, Stanton Peele’s personal treatment program/cash machine will take you in and bill your insurance for the treatment for a disease he says you don’t have. Integrity is his watchword.

    Best time to leave and hit the road is always now, never a need to thank those who put up with you this long.

    Just spread your brand new wings and head for the cliff edge, ready to take glorious flight in this newest phase of your ongoing lifelong experience with the varied joys of alcoholism.

    Every time JD is quoted verbatim and in full — with a direct link to the source — he cries about being “selectively edited” or taken out of context. So, you can verify that this is the full unedited comment, it’s on page 42 of the Why I Left AA thread ( ) on April 13, 2011, 5:14 am .

    I didn’t alter any of JD’s gaslighting, sarcastic, mean-spirited, bullying, passive aggressive good will.

  • causeandeffect

    LOL JRH, only in SC!!! And the man who shot the robber was an attorney.

  • I am learning that these incidents of violence in AA are more common than we think. I have been finding little snippets of stuff that have links that are broken and the articles are no longer there. I am not sure if it is the letter that corporate AA in New York sends out asking for them to keep them anonymous or not that is causing this. I have heard from people like Dick B. that people are watching on ebay and pulling stuff off and banning certain sellers. More research need to be done on that. The people doing this may just be the Serenity Hornets that AA dupes into working for them for free.

    I have found out that if you know the State, City, people involved and the name of the group it is easier to find this information. In the case of the “Five Points Alcoholics Anonymous” Group you find the information of self protection sites etc….. the links to major news bureaus are usually broken.

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  • SoberPJ.
    I agree…I do think we need to vent , but we are on to something. But we need a private format to discuss.
    SHould one of us create another chat somehow. WE could use my blog radio.
    ftg was the buddy press hard to create. Maybe we can find another tech internet way where 10 of us could have a serious conversation. they would have to be invited.

    There are many of us finding lots we could be doing to derail some of this.

    any thoughts

  • Mr AA

    “…and she’ll leave on good terms and be wished well by the members.”

    Baaawaahahaha …
    This has never once occurred in the history of AA (there are no exceptions to this).

    It occurs occasionally, and to adamantly insist otherwise is to demonstrate a rigidity of thinking equivalent to the very worst that I have seen in AA. Again, rejection of a falsehood is not automatically the truth.

  • AntiDenial

    That is odd that the links are broken what can be done about that to see if this is exclusive to AA/NA?

    @JD-Again-you were /are patronizing mean old man.I dont remember Massive asking for your advice.She can handle herself just fine without your help.

    When you say most people leave AA badly-JEEZ-thats a hella of alot of people considering the majority of people DO leave.
    Wow-they must be pretty pissed and disappointed to leave badly so often:)
    Maybe they are trying to make a point perhaps instead of quietly slinking away.

  • chris

    Mr. AA has bought some good acid off Bill W.`s relatives. “Oh, you`re leaving? Well, come here Chris, let us ALL give you a big hug. Man, we are going to miss you. We wish you the VERY VERY BEST. We know you can do it.” You`re trippin MR. AA. They would belittle you to death, what meetings you go to?, they`re NOT AA.

  • chris

    JAILS-INSTITUTIONS and DEATH, and they are going to give you a warm send off? Nice try.

  • Mr AA


    o-c-c-a-s-i-o-n-a-l-l-y…aka infrequently, but not impossible…

  • I believe that the occasional group that would not do that are not following a good program as taught by the BB.

    “Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path.” Pg. 88

  • Ooops pg. 58

  • chris

    Mr AA: If an AA group gave someone a SINCERE send off not filled with sarcasm and shit. I don`t know if that could be considered an AA group. I`ve always heard people talk like they wanted the guy to go to prison or die, so they could prove themselves right and feel superior. They DO NOT care about the INDIVIDUAL.

  • Mr AA

    …the argument that any AA group that would give a member a decent send-off is not an AA group is logically identical to the argument that any AA member that can recover without a spiritual experience is not really an alcoholic…

    C’mon ST: you can do a lot better than that…or can you?

  • We didn’t make the rules Bill Wilson did. AA members follow them.

  • Mr AA

    ..still waiting (yawn)…

  • The BB brainwashes AA members to confront those that do not follow the path. They believe that it is there purpose to make people follow the path. Leaving is not part of the path.

    “Your candidate may give reasons why he need not follow all of the program. ” Pg 94 BB brainwashing manual.

  • Mr AA

    ..still waiting (double yawn)…

  • chris

    Mr AA: You`re going to be late for your meeting. Ask the group there what they`d say. Report back after the meeting after the meeting, thank you.

  • Mr AA

    …off to bed for my 3AM EST wakeup…

    Fortunately, I only flushed ~ 30 minutes of my life down the toilet engaging with ST today.

  • ….(yawn)….. The “working With Others” chapter instructs the AA member how to change peoples mind that it is not a cult and to be nice to them. They give the following plan of action:

    “Outline the program of action, explaining how you made a self-appraisal, how you straightened out your past and why you are now endeavoring to be helpful to him.”

    Chapter 5 is what most people use when they are becoming a sponsor. They often underline this phrase. It is handed down from sponsor to sponsor.

  • chris

    MR AA: Just as an exp. Tell all your people that you think you will be leaving. See if they GENUINELY would like you to be ok, or if they tell you what you know they will tell you. THOSE are your GOOD FRIENDS man. Geez.

  • causeandeffect

    When I explained the reasons I left AA to someone I would even consider a more moderate member, who also claimed to understand about the “hypocrisy of the fellowship”, she accused me of “worshiping the devil.” I kid you not, da debil!! I say!

  • Wow….. I was not corrected. Many sponsors do that immediately. You see that phrase was from Chapter 7 “Working with Others” on page 94. To understand the inner thoughts and motives of a AA cult member, all you have to do is look at pages 89 to 103 of the BB they are carrying. They will have the passages they use for thier deception underlined. A few examples.

    “If he is not interested in your solution” pg 95 (if they don’t listen to you)
    “This he may do after he gets hurt some more” Pg. 95 (start telling his family they are enabling him)
    “encourage him to follow his own consequences” pg 95 (let him know he will be sorry for not listening to you)

    Please dispose of pages 94 and 95 in your BB. They are teaching you very spiteful tactics.

  • MA

    I heart Mr. AA.

  • Disclosure

    Taking a trip- not taking a trip…

  • Mr AA, or JD,

    my 16 year old son said a troll is just messing with you on purpose to get a rise out of you guys on the blog. He knows your buttons and goes for the juggler.
    oh I see. So, you are a what??????. Why do you want to troll. Why not go back to your meeting and have an intelligent discussion with your AA friends in your meeting.

    I’ll tell you why. Because they don’t have discussions like we have here.
    They are closed minded, babies, old white men in suits, or middle aged white men pedophiles-sex offending scumbags preying on 24 year old new comers.
    Or they are old timers sober 35 years borrowing thousands of dollars from new sober men with money. They are stuck, full of fear, acting like they are superior to newcomers just because they didn’t drink in 2 decades. WHo the F…… cares.

    You come here because you already know that what we say here is the truth. That we are on to something. That you have been just too brainwashed yourself. But your afraid you will drink if “Oh my God” Fear Fear Fear that’s all they talk about.

  • chris

    To Mr. Wilson: O Mago das Mil Faces. (The wizard of one thousand faces) Mr. Wilson, What went on in your head? Mr. Wilson, Did you talk to the dead? Your life style to me seemed so tragic, with the thrill of it all. You fooled all those people with magic, you waited on satans call. Mr. Charming, did you think you were pure? ,……to hear more. Listen to Mr. Crowley, by Ozzy Osbourne.

  • chris

  • chris

    And you think I`M CRAZY, HA.

  • chris

    Bill Wilson was into talking to the dead, Crazy ass dude. My kinda guy, but, to FOLLOW HIM, no thank you. Thank you Oz for a killer song.

  • chris

    Am I whacked? Very possibly. But, if you put Bill Wilsons pics in place of aleister crowley, the founder of The Church of Satan, there is NOT a WHOLE LOT of DIFFERENCE. Even if you don`t like metal music. ftg, I will be very disappointed if you delete this. I deserve scolding from time to time, but, come on. If you notice , the devil worship symbol has a circle with two triangles, Bill Wilsons has a circle with one triangle. Pretty close coincidence dont you think?

  • SoberPJ

    Freak me the f*#k out.. people gotta read this

    It’s even got 90 in 90 in it … AND IT’S CALLED AA !!!! aaaaahhhhhhhhh.

  • chris

    It must be a pretty stinkin slow day. Unless people are calling local EMT`s to track chris down. Never the less, I`m here to MAYBE inform, but, always to entertain. I`m in FL. somewhere. I wander what aleister`s triangle stood for on his hat in that one pic? One thing I do know about devil worship is, and I`m NOT a devil worshiper. One of their rules is to NOT HURT CHILDREN, so they must respect God in at least that ONE area. Look it up. They can kill humans, but, not HURT CHILDREN. So, they know that will DEFINITELY piss God off. I respect that they at least observe that.

  • chris

    Anton Levay was the devil guy, not aleister crowley, MY BAD.
    The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth
    1.Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.
    2.Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.
    3.When in another’s home, show them respect or else do not go there.
    4.If a guest in your home annoys you, treat them cruelly and without mercy.
    5.Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
    6.Do not take that which does not belong to you, unless it is a burden to the other person and they cry out to be relieved.
    7.Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.
    8.Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.
    9.Do not harm young children.
    10.Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.
    11.When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask them to stop. If they do not stop, destroy them.

    Read more:

  • chris

    SOBERPJ: you have got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME MAN, OMG!!!

  • chris

    DUDE, that is CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!, put two AAs in that fuckin crAAzy. That is to much. Did you listen and see what was in that video?

  • causeandeffect

    SPJ, what 90 in 90? What video? The one upstream that chris posted or another video?

  • chris

    WOW MAN, Double WOW with that post. Dude, that is to much of a coincidence. AA, come on man, A fuckin A. AA. Where did you find that?, I`m blown away.

  • How the heck did you find that, PJ? It is weird and I love it.

  • chris

    Cause and effect , read the link soberpj put in.

  • chris

    Even though soberpj may have known that, I`M gonna take credit for at LEAST putting a killer song from ozzy with a Bill Wilson reference to black magic. No, but, soberpj that was AWESOME. How in the F&*^K did you find that? That is to coincidental, to not have a connection. The aleister crowley 3 month probationary period and 90 n 90. VERY VERY good job dude.

  • SoberPJ

    I bumped into it rooting around on Chris’s Crowley reference. Could there actually be a connection with Wilson’s occult activity and this Crowley stuff ? The timing is very, very good and if Bill were a voracious reader, he would have bumped into it. You hav ethe sex thing and the occult thing. It seems Waaayyy to coincidental to me. Is this why Dick B is so adamant beyond reason about the origins of AA but won’t tell anybody what he really found? I mean, who would believe him? I found it, why wouldn’t he?

  • causeandeffect

    OK so I googled Frank Buchman and Aleister Crowley and there is a link between them but my night meds are kicking in and I can’t concentrate on it now.

  • Rick045

    SoberPJ, I don’t know what you’ve stumbled onto but it’s interesting. I was thinking the same thing about Dick B. Just what was kind of stuff was Bill into and when? Could this be a clue as to why Dick B is so obsessed with Christianity and seemingly determined to deflect attention from Bill?
    This passage sure made me think of Bill’s “white light” experience, (or stunt) even including the phrase, “spiritual experience”.

    “Each of history’s great religions (where we have a record of their establishment) was founded by an individual who actually experienced what may be called illumination, or realization, or liberation, or consciousness of the Divine, or union with God, or superconsciousness. The exact description does not matter. From culture to culture, religion to religion, era to era, the language employed has necessarily varied, because spiritual experience cannot be encapsulated in words, nor circumscribed by the boundaries of reason. It exceeds reason.”

  • chris

    Is satanism a religion?
    Yes. Any belief system which incorporates symbols and ideas to convey a theory of a transcendental reality can be classified as a religion. Though… I wouldn’t count it as a particularly good one.

    Read more:

  • SoberPJ

    Rick .. ok, if you were a bookmaker in Vegas, what are the odds of these things having such a strong corollary relationship? There is no dual exclusionary position. They each did not happen in isolation. They are directly related. Bill knew he needed a whopper of a spiritual story and the only whopper he had from personal experience, where he had seen its affect on people, was the white light transformational experience of his grandfather. He wasn’t smart enough to make one up that would stick. Maybe that is why he was reading “Varieties of spiritual experiences”. He was looking for one to start his ultimate con. Ebby had told him all about how spiritual “leaders” were raking it in big in the Oxford Group and Bill wanted in. But he needed a story, a grand story, a story that was bigger than everybody elses story. And he found it. Maybe in the fourth time he took the Belladonna, maybe not. I mean really, think about it, a drunk goes in to get his fourth Belladonna treatment and he comes out a transformed man, complete with a vision of God. Fast forward to right now and any nut ward in the country. Who gets let out after telling the doctor they saw God in their room? I’m all better now doc, the room lit up all bright white like and I felt the wind of the spirit of the preachers blowin through me and I’m cured. Just let me hand in these paper slippers and this drafty one piece and I’ll be on my way home to the wife. Uh huh… yep, I’m sure it happened that way because Bill Wilson said so. Oh and he was a liar, cheat and thief until the day he died. But, that’s ok,, because he wouldn’t lie about anything as important as how he got sober. Sure he would.

  • nukefreekiwi

    Many years ago in my mispent youth I had a girlfriend who was obsessed with the occult,Crowley and Levay. She had the A∴A∴ insignia ( Crowleys own secret order)tattooed on both arms and I would often quiz her as to its significance only to be met with ambiguous responses. I think any connection with AA is tenuous but well worth investigating if only for a chuckle.

  • Rick045

    SoberPJ, yeah, it doesn’t make any sense that Silkworth would’ve played along with Bill the way it’s described in the literature. As you’ve pointed out before, Bill needed doctors and Silkworth became his first “mark”. I have no desire to study anything further about Crowley, but that site you found is interesting. The weird symbols and especially those double ‘A’s are just too funny. It gets said a lot around here and it’s true, “you can’t make this shit up”.

  • chris

    Rick045, you can make up alot of shit, if you try.

  • chris

    If Overeaters Anonymous came out first, HOW seriously would the world take the12 steps? They wouldn`t. Do you JD for instance, have control of your food intake? Of course you do. The other 12 step methods COPIED AA, but, it`s the SAME THING. Give me an argument for that. It`s ridiculous and you know it is. If you try and say it`s Divinely Inspired, you are just a very delusional person and I`m sorry that you are.

  • Commonsense

    @Rick045 – “it doesn’t make any sense that Silkworth would’ve played along with Bill the way it’s described in the literature.” I don’t know. After all, today hospitals play along with AA and let AA members enter their hospitals for 12 step calls, AA orientation sessions, and AA meetings. Some AA members are even allowed to wander through locked down psych wards and give uninvited “help” to the patients. All of this with the authorization and full cooperation of hospital administration and staff. And all of this is allowed without any objective empirical evidence of efficacy (and some research that AA can even be harmful). So maybe Dr. Silkworth did play along. It doesn’t make any sense, but the medical community certainly plays along today.

  • JD


    You guys get so much wrong that it’s incumbent upon me to note it when you finally stumble upon something right. My compliments. All other anti’s have missed the obvious.

    But, I won’t save you the work needed to understand the what, why, and how of it.

  • Commonsense

    @JD – I think I already have some understanding of the what, why and how of it. I also understand why AA members troll the psych wards. I don’t understand why the physicians and nurses allow it.

    PS – I don’t see myself as anti-AA, but pro-science when it comes to healthcare.

  • The reason that AA members troll psych wards is because Bill W told them to.”Perhaps you are not acquainted with any drinkers”……..”You can easily find some”……”by asking a few doctors”……:”they will be only too glad to assist you”…… BB pg.89 last paragraph (Bill W filth removed for clarity).

    The big book is sick, it is read and followed by sick people. “Were all here, because were all not there” is one of those sick slogans with multiple double meanings, devised by a sick cult to troll for victims to play head games on. Did you ever realize that that slogan can be used to answer almost any question in AA?

  • AnnaZed

    “…Some AA members are even allowed to wander through locked down psych wards and give uninvited “help” to the patients.”

    This was actually one of my very first commitments in AA suggested to me at 6 weeks (that’s not a typo) by my then sponsor. Her feeling was that I should take a good look at where I was headed if I didn’t stop drinking, and there may well have been an element of truth to that.

    The question of course is the one you asked; why on earth did the doctors in charge allow such a thing? I got that the exercise is supposed to benefit the AA member performing it by at the very least binding them further to the group out of abject terror, but what possible medical benefit could be derived for the person on a 24-hour suicide hold? I can sort of see the logic given that 99.9% of the patients were (quite obviously) drug casualties (usually meth addicts in my part of the world) so maybe someone thought that a little AA folderol couldn’t hurt them, but what about someone who is genuinely a suicidal depressive or an out-of-touch schizophrenic (known now more fashionably as a bi-polar disorder sufferer) in addition to their substance abuse problem? How on earth was this message of faith healing supposed to benefit them? I call it irresponsible at the very least.

    Now (obviously) we kept the fire and brimstone jails, institutions and death to a minimum given that the people we were proselytizing to sharing our experience, strength and hope with were already in an institution (though in truth I can recall some die-hard old timers being prone to hitting the potential death saved only by God™ pedal a bit hard in their excruciating monologues inspiring shares), but I still shudder when I think of the colossal arrogance that we exhibited in spouting off all sorts of complete nonsense that was utterly unsupported by any medical findings at a captive (literally) audience of people at possibly the most desperate and vulnerable time in their lives. Christian ministers aren’t even allowed in those wards to offer succor to sufferers yet AAs with their really extreme and eccentric religious teachings are welcome there.

  • chris

    JD must of hit BINGO with B-9.

  • chris

    I think JD is an anti-intellectual. Do you have a bumper sticker that says, “If the Big Book says it, I beleive it.” Then people smile and wave at the moron with the bumper sticker on his dodge dart.

  • chris

    When I was in the hospital I saw a WHITE LIGHT, then I asked the nurse to turn it off. It made it difficult to sleep.

  • Lucy

    Dr. Silkworth promoted AA in the same way that Drew Pinsky supports the recovery movement today. He wanted to be the doctor who found the cure.

  • Disclosure

    I feel your response in which you state “I won’t save you the needed work” is manipulative, baiting, abusive, and disrespectful. There are many here who disagree with you but are willing to have intelligent conversation yet you insist on antagonizing them. I for one have not treated you that way; my interaction with you has always been direct and clear. You are not doing your group justice here; you have become our best anti AA advocate.

  • chris

    Read up Dr. Jung also, he was quite the nut case too. Bill Wilson likes to refer to him as an AUTHORITY.

  • chris

    I think JD is a big baby and if I can say without ANY disrespect. I think his momma is fat.

  • chris

    HAHA, JD`s momma is FAT.

  • chris

    I take that back, I don`t think JD is a big baby.

  • chris

    I will be back to comment later. I have to fly to Switzerland, New Zealand and France to hear a fifth step, on my own dime. Hopefully I can save these people from themselves. Wish me luck.

  • I think the next edition of the big book will be have page 98 changed and the words “troll internet” will be added to doctors, ministers, priests and hospitals when telling people where to search out and find to manipulate. You see the internet is quickly becoming the media of choice for steppers to “reach out and touch someone” under the standard cloak of anonymity so closely guarded by corporate AA policy.

    Even die hard steppers are fighting against each other on the internet for who will be the most supreme. Have you been to Dick B’s site lately, the war for internet supremacy of Trolls over there is hilarious.

  • chris

    I wish I was as humble and spiritually fit as our EDUCATOR and God`s personal messenger JD. I still think his mommas fat though.

  • Pogue Mahone

    I bet JD knows a thing or two about King Baby.

  • Ok so I called the Central Office in this town and talked with a guy there. Seems like this meeting place is FILLED with Court ordered attendees and they have taken over the meeting place there are 4-5 meetings a day. WHo owns this building??????
    Without the Court ordered attendees the meeting place would be small.

    Very very sad. Soon this kind of thing will happen everywhere and there will be no suppressing the news when it comes to grabbing the secretary in a headlock and slicing their throat. This is very very scary.

    I guess this surely affects AA as a whole. Doesn’t it.

  • JD

    Disclosure, I gave ST an immense present, but without concern because it’s like handing an iphone to a rat colony. Are they going to unlock it and run up a serious long distance bill? Not even a chance.

  • causeandeffect

    JD, you’ve offered ST an immense pile of crap and nobody wants it. I do not want what you have.

  • JD

    C&E, good you shook off the effects of your night meds enough to make a fairly cogent post. Put the few hours available to your before the next set start “kicking in” to good use.

  • As usual, a deranged stepper has found a little bit of information about someone and used it against them in an attempt to inflict emotional harm and try to prove that Bill Wilson was right. Does anyone else see this? Does anyone else see how sick this is?

  • SoberPJ

    JD .. there are multiple concepts and observations mentioned in this thread. Could you be a bit more clear and enlighten me with the specific observation that has generated your rare praise of our incoherent, misguided, rat colony ramblings?

  • BusBozo

    Does anyone else see this? Does anyone else see how sick this is?

    Yes! JD is a stepper through and through, more intelligent than most I would think, but a very good example of how many in the program ply their wares. One can only hope that JD would pray more and continue to ask his HP to remove those irritating character defects that make him such an obnoxious ass.
    Unfortunately, this forum doesn’t allow us to view JD as he tries to belittle some of the people here (as I’m sure he does in AA as well), I would be curious to see what his AA smirk looks like….but I suppose any of us who have spent any time at all in the rooms, can recall the look with little trouble, and become grateful that those days are behind.

  • tintop

    JD is a product of the internet and AA:

    an attention whore who talks trash in an anonymous environment because it can get away with it. In the real world – and AA is not the real world; it is haven for people who are afarid of life, other people and themselves – it would be a different matter.

    In the real world, JD would get the mushroom treatment.

    Which is what should happen to JD here: put it in a room, close the door. Once a week, open the door and throw manure on it.

  • tintop

    JD is a useless mouth. Everytime that loser posts his drivel here, it belittles itself:
    the best thing to do with a fool is to let it speak.

    As I related earlier, AA and the internet are made to order for bargain basement wannabe tough guys. They hide behind the wall of anonymity.

    JD is hiding. JD is afraid of himself, other people and life.

  • Disclosure

    For a time his comments were valid, he/she was willing to debate opposing viewpoints. Lately however the comments have bordered on psychobabble, they are without clear meaning and their sole purpose is to derail the conversation. I feel that he is making absolutely no contribution to the board by providing content and his presence is destructive in nature. For me it is time to dismiss his comments for what they are and focus on the topic.
    I feel he is part of the problem and not the solution. His magical magnifying mind is taking over. He has become obsessed with ST and is playing God. He has become unhappy, probably unhappy enough to drink. As in AA, no one here likes him. If he were loved by his group, surely they would pull him away from the computer for fellowship, but they do not. He sits alone, no family, no friends, and no phone calls. Like so many in AA, he is society’s discard. He longs for the physical touch of another, yet he is alone. I suspect that he is chronically disadvantaged in some way, perhaps morbidly obese or disfigured.
    Based on my experience in AA I suspect he has considered suicide. I would beg him to get help. God grant him the serenity to accept the things he cannot change (ST blog), the courage to change the things you can (himself), and the wisdom to know the difference.

  • causeandeffect

    Ah, never fear. I’m not ashamed of my meds. even though it took a long time, I finally found the right combination. For the first time in my whole life, I feel right. I’m no longer wading through a dark fog of depression. It’s made it so much easier to stay sober and be productive in life. I used to feel depressed all the time, even though I knew things weren’t that bad. It was just my brain chemistry had been off all my life. Now, thanks to those meds JD loves to criticize, I feel bad only when it’s appropriate, and good when that’s appropriate too. I never imagined life could be this good.

    Another great improvement in my life has been deprogramming myself from the stepper in my head. When I was going to AA I was unable to sleep the night through, I was so disturbed by what I was experiencing. I’d wake up every hour or two. Now I have been able to make other healthy changes in my life without effort. They just seem to happen without planning. No, I’m not ashamed of my meds, and no, I can’t be shamed into going back to AA.

  • JD, you’ve had your intellectual and spiritual ass handed to you so many times around here that you have just got to be too deluded and challenged to recognize it. Either that, or you are doing that pea-brained authoritarian thing, where you think that if you pretend you don’t realize it, you’ll at least maintain a shred of reasonable doubt.

    And today, you’re using the equivalent of the good old, “I could turn invisible if I wanted to. I just don’t feel like it right now.”

    Please do better.

  • chris

    I`m thrilled when I see JD`s name on the recent comment post, because he NEVER fails to show how AA WORKS. If he was in the little rascals, he surely would have joined The He-Man Woman Haters Club. Angry-Angry fellow for being SO serene and spiritual. Keep it comin JD. You are taking more members away from AA than you think. That`s a good thing. I still think your mommas fat too.

  • MA

    JD is our “before” picture for those wondering what the difference in their lives will be if they choose to leave AA.

  • chris

    JD quit drinking (Supposedly) and NOW he thinks and beleives he`s better than someone. Why is that? For one, NOBODY CARES if you drink or not JD. Except the vulnerable people walking into the rooms FOR HELP and who are NOT getting it. OOOOOHHHH, JD hasn`t drank in 75 yrs., he must HAVE SOMETHING. Yes, he`s got SOMETHING alright.

  • I find it very sad that a person with any kind of intelligence would base thier life style, spirituality and friends on a book written by a drunk on LSD named Bill Wilson.

  • chris

    JD wants to drink SO bad he can taste it and smell it.

  • chris

    But, I`m an evil, selfish, self will run riot kinda guy. So, what do I know? Say, “I am we tall did.” 3 three times real fast.

  • chris

    Try to say, “Toy Boat” 3 times real fast too. Betcha cant do it n say it correctly.

  • UPDATE – The “Traverse City AA slasher” has been tentatively identified as Eric J. Campbell, 40 and arraigned in court by Eighty-sixth District Judge Mike Stepka.

    (Remember he has not been convicted of the arrest charge and is presumed innocent)

  • Ben Franklin

    All you have to do with JD is mention his drunken 12 year old son and he disappears for awhile.

  • JD, im praying for you. You are a troll like a teen on facebook. super immature.
    But you come here..hmmm why. To make yourself feel better.
    I really don’t care why.
    Your a troll….and you are lost somewhere between AA true believer and us on ST.
    WHy aren’t you on a pro AA site. I’ll you why. Because they are like people who are all saying the same rhetoric….over and over….
    because AA pro sites are BORING!!!!!!! and we are fabulous, intelligent, interesting, openminded, funny, really smart…did I say smart…open minded….flexible….
    did I say flexible…that’s a trait hardly ever found in AA anymore.

    open minded…..another trait hardly found in the rooms. Thinking for oneself. High self esteem….inner wisdom, humble…..deep…..

    I prefer ST! thanks for trolling we need to get that we get to say here what we want. And we are the majority not you!

    thanks for sharing dude.

  • Martha

    JD wants what we have.

  • imoverit

    @ massive attack– The last few times i went to meetings i remember sharing that it was very important for me to stay in the moment and be flexible…that i loved to have new spiritual experiences that were not described in “the book”. not so much for me to stay sober but for me to stay interested in this great life i have, this was i walk in gratitude and peace. Let the trolls be trolls they don’t even know what they are missing.

    And to my new friends here on ST I had a wonderful week at the beach. The children got in the Gulf of Mexico and we did not see one drop of oil from the big spill a year ago, none on the beautiful white sand or in the water. All shades of blue and green!!! I had a dream last night that there was oil in the water again and that the water birds were trapped and dieing I woke up and my friend told me that it ws the year anniversary of the oil spill…time flies when you are having fun.

    and Martha bravo!!! I have found that since I left the rooms many people want what I have and some will go to any lengths to get it…the roster for my home group is shrinking!!!

  • chris

    To imoverit, I havent seen ANY evidence of the oil spill. I go to Maderia Beach mostly. I did see SOME oil though, but, I was putting it in my truck at the time. I don`t know if that would count. I actually didn`t SPILL any either.

  • chris

    If AA were smart, which I think they are. In different aspects of being smart, attorneys-manipulating the court, etc. Come up with an AA patch, like the tobacco companies do. Get you coming off 12 step religion and if that doesn`t work, you can always “Keep Coming Back” to the original.

  • Chris- I like that.

    We could have a blog called just that- http://www.Deprogramming from

    The commercial goes like this:

    Need help detoxing off of 12 step program? We’re here to help.
    Have you been brainwashed, swindled, bamboozled, 13 stepped, sponsorfied by some control freak who has no life, no wife and no money?

    We’re here to help. In just 30 days we here at “AA no more” can restore you to your previous un brainwashed self. You can go back to your old friends and family and hang out sober, with out fear that you might be struck drunk, without fear that you need to attend meetings even after 22 years or you might get drunk etc etc.

    Just sign on to your internet every day and casually chat with members on sites such as, browse orange -papers for some new truths and listen to random blogradio for some new tips on how to Run like the wind from those AA nutjobs.

    WE’re here for you. We promise not to give you unsolicited advice or tell you who to marry, what kind of meds you should or should not take. We promise not to tell you to call a sponsor to see what you should do about an important subject.

    And when you run into an AA member you haven’t seen in a while we will provide easy to remember snappy one liners in response to their judgmental questions as to why they have not seen you at meetings lately.

    Remember Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live back in the day.
    Let’s make a short web comedy making fun of this stuff.

    OMG I am laughing so hard……..humor is so great!

  • Im sorry ..the website doesn’t exist yet! I’m kidding around. But maybe the internet needs a site called this.
    ya think?