Meet Diablo, aka, Danny Bennison

“Matty be careful I visit your hometowne [sic] with about 250 other AA men for a conference every May look it up. I should be seeing you in May. We just may corral you and before you know it you be brainwashed. Oh and If I forgot to tell you that I come to your hometown ( like I forgot to tell you about being a Ex-Ass. Dir.) sorry I was going to surprise you.

Now I know you don’t want to start talking about the mother of your children do you Matt, please leave mine out of this conversation. I mentioned it for reference, she went on to post to Ursus. Not you.

Matt whenever you want to crawl out of your whoa is me, the Ex Ass Dir is picking on me routine that would be nice. Your [sic] 51 now grow up. Remember you said that you worked thru [sic] this, well act like it.

This is Danny now has been since 1978….So nice try so many others were there before you pulling this shit, read it Matt. What are you 15 again. If that is the case then please be serious for the sake of others. Matt you can’t spin this on me buddy sorry take your latent anger out on your counselors. I gave you every opportunity to get honest and you never did. Why because Matty did not want to look like he was siding with a Ass.Director in front of all his Elan resident buddies. Boy that would look horrible….Go back Matt to a phone call I had with you asking you why Mark was posting on facebook that I was a driver flunky for Joe. He knew I was a Ass. Director from my post on a site Sharon had. No this is the explanation you wanted to believe in order to hang out with me. Fine I could have accepted that if you had from the beginning just said I have a problem with associating with you because of.

But you did not you chose a very disrespectful way trash me publically [sic], remember you started this publically [sic] I spoke first in private, so don’t go running around acting like your [sic] innocent.

– Danny”

“I have 21 yrs. in A.A. It does work if you work it.Stay in touch – Danny

The above quotes are from a guy named Danny Bennison, an AA with a spotted history, and a vicious mean streak. Currently, he writes for “McGowdoghouse,” a blog dedicated to this blog’s existence. His handle over there is “heretikreb,” but he is better known among those who peruse our comment section as “Diablo” (also “Cuggle,” and whatever other sockpuppet he may have slinked through our filter). Understanding the context of the quote requires a bit of background information, both of Diablo (Danny) and the recipient of the comment. It all started with Elan School.

Elan is a private school in Maine, dedicated to helping wayward teenagers. It employs a type of therapy known as “therapeutic community,” which makes the 12-steps look like walk through the park. Its most famous alumnus is Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel, made famous for the murder of his neighbor, Martha Moxley – an act he committed prior to attending Elan. Like Michel Skakel, most of those housed there are from well-to-do families, with the current annual fees costing upwards of $50,000.

Diablo was at Elan, starting in the mid-seventies, for almost three and a half years. First as a student, and later as a resident staff member. He made quite the impression on the other students, with threads in internet forums dedicated specifically to him, by former students of the school who characterize him with terms such as “monster.” People now in their fifties, were so traumatized by him, that multiple internet sites and forums have been started to help his victims connect and cope.

One such student, Wayne Kernochan, was so traumatized by his experience at Elan School, that he wrote an online book about his and other students’ experiences there – with our resident troll, Diablo, as the central figure in the plot: A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School. Among the many abuses chronicled in the book, was a time when Diablo tied a girl up and dragged her behind the back of his car. She was overweight, and this was Diablo’s method of convincing her to lose weight. As horrific as this sounds, it’s an incident to which Diablo fully admits, and for which he has no regrets. This is from an internet forum where Diablo engages his victims:

“…As far as the dragging incident I am not nor will I be ashamed at programs and the courses it takes, I know that the once Fat Girl thanks me now. I will help any of you lose wight [sic] like here [sic] just call me….”

What kind of sadistic ass-clown ties someone up and drags them around behind the back of a car? And with no remorse. This was written after he had written one of his “amends letters™” to those in this forum whom he had abused. Among the highlights in the amends letter™:

“Wayne I also want to take this time to apologize for any and all harm I caused you either directly or indirectly. I was put in charge to care for you (whether Elan wanted me to do this or not) I knew that you needed to be protected and I failed horribly.

I can only hope in time you can see just how sincere I am.

Now I would also like to take the time to express my sincere apologies to others to have gone to Elan that I was unkind to and down right [sic] rude to over the last year or so. As I have said before I could not have prepared myself enough to understand the impact of emotions that stormed back into my life when I ventured onto this site and others concerning Elan.

I did not handle the emotions from others well. I can only hope that Felice, Sharon, Matt, Mark, Wayne and others can forgive my intolerable behavior I displayed here and other sites a while back. My ongoing amends to you all has been to leave you alone and to empathize with your pain and how I can irritate this with my behavior.”

Notice his mention of those who he had been “unkind to and down right [sic] rude to.” He’s making reference to his numerous meltdowns and continued degradation toward those who he had abused years ago. Today, most of these have been deleted by forum moderators, but there are still fragments of conversations – responses containing quotes from now deleted posts – which give a fairly clear picture of Diablo’s emotional instability. A quick google search of “Danny Bennison Elan” will give you a treasure trove of sociopathic-like behavior, both from Diablo’s words, and from the accounts of his victims. For years, Diablo has been trolling the forums set up to discuss him. His comments teeter from belligerence to apologetic. From anger, to amends™, and back to anger again. It’s the same bi-polar M.O. he operated under here. Often in the same, slogan-ridden language of AA – using the standard catch words and aphorisms. It makes Bill Wilson’s personality look like the epitome of stability. Diablo is just flat-out crazy.

Every human has a few skeletons in their closet, and has people in their past they may have harmed and taken advantage of — but how many people have treated others so badly, they have forums dedicated to help their victims cope with the abuse that they’ve had imposed on them. Who has been so abusive in their life that someone from thirty years in their past decides to write a book about it? Who has friends in high school refer to them as a “monster”?  How can this possibly be rectified in an amends letter™?

We have debated whether or not to post about this, but we decided to do so for a few reasons. First, Diablo posted his name openly in our comment section, so the question of anonymity on his part was not a problem. We will not disclose anyone’s name publicly, even those with whom we disagree; and even someone as vicious as Diablo.

Secondly, a rumor has started among a couple of people who were vaguely aware of Diablo’s identity, that he was somehow involved in a murder, which is not remotely true. Diablo has done enough to make himself look bad, without any help from false accusations and innuendo. As big of a jerk as Diablo is, even the implication of his involvement in a murder is unconscionable. The truth is that Diablo claims to have been deposed as a witness in the Michael Skakel trial, which is entirely possible, because they were both at Elan School at the same time. There was a question as to whether Skakel had confessed to the murder of Martha Moxley while he was a student at Elan. Diablo’s involvement as a witness (if he actually did testify) was ancillary, and he had no involvement in the incident. It happened well before Skakel had entered the school, or met the other students (including Diablo).

Finally, and most importantly, he has since we banned him, made contact with some of the readers of this blog, whose emails he acquired after contacting them as a member of the community forum. Our primary reason for getting rid of the forum, is because we could not prevent internet predators and trolls from gaining the trust, and potentially harming, other members. Not just with Diablo, but others, as well. If Diabo (or “heretikreb” or “cuggle” or any of his other aliases we are unaware of) has made contact with you, be aware of the type of person you are dealing with. Diablo, Danny Bennison, is a sick person, and he is aptly named.

Diablo has been an AA for over twenty years. He has sponsored people and worked his way through the AA social circle. No doubt those he sat next to in meetings, sponsored, gained trust from, and coached through the program; had no knowledge of his past, and most likely his present. A person who is inclined to drag a girl around on a rope with a car, has problems that stem well beyond drinking. Clearly, just judging from actions here on our blog, his manipulation and abuse never really ended. At least with us, it was simply head games on the internet, which makes him fairly harmless (unless any of you were foolish enough to share email or telephone information). In AA, it is different. This is a person you are told to trust, that his – not your – judgment is what matters. This is who you are asked to give yourself over to. This Diablo is team McGowdog’s, but there are tens of thousands of Diablos throughout AA. This is the guy sitting next to you at a meeting.

– MA

Elan School




  • Is this what is commonly referred to as a classic sociopath?

    “Those who never commit crimes nevertheless show a pattern of doing tremendous psychological damage to relatives and also in the workplace.At work they often go undetected for years, but are often the cause of major psychological distress and lawsuits.They are known for manipulating (tricking) superiors and colleagues while victimizing a series of selected inferiors or perceived rivals. They will also sometimes go after a superior, if they think they can succeed.”


  • Ooops…….. I forgot this part,

    “ASDPs and Sociopaths have recently begun to heavily exploit the Internet through cyber-bullying (leading or instigating online bullying groups, or as “lone wolfs”), cyberstalking and also Internet fraud and theft”

    Note “lone wolfs”. If I am not mistaken a picture of a wolf is used on thier posts.

  • chris

    How come when I was reading that, I was reading it with a spanish accent? Maybe I`m crazy? I`m not spanish.

  • Commonsense

    Danny certainly has earned a place in the Stinkin Thinkin Rogue’s Gallery and is most deserving of special dishonorable mention! Maybe even the prestigious “If You Want What We Have…….Not” lifetime achievement award!

  • Z

    Gawd. Good post. (And yes, the community forum was scary for that reason.)

  • nukefreekiwi

    I just wonder when the pro-AA contingent are going to join the fray and defend this asshole? He certainly had his fair share of 12 step supporters when he posted his scaley rhetoric so I am curious to see if they ever come back and stick up for him. It’s not too far removed from defending a child molester but that’s nothing new to the 12 step fraternity.

  • JD

    What fray? Lately it’s been a snoozefest here.

    Dick is an old Christian, Diablo is scary, the junkie is smoking dope, the judge is trying to reduce his penalty…

    If someday a fray gets going here, I’ll probably join in.

    Too bad about Guntar.

  • nukefreekiwi

    Well you couldnt resist the urge anyway ,could you JD, fray or not. I suppose it makes sense to distance yourself from your rabid lapdog ( Diablo ) but I could have sworn you guys were chums. My mistake.

    As far as Gunthar is concerned, I am afraid we weren’t friends so the “too bad’ comment doesnt really apply. I’d say good riddance if anyone were to ask.

  • MikeAugustine

    I have no doubt that Diablo is a card carrying sociopath. He must surely have loved his little stint at the gulag up north, as the chance to exert power, be it mental or physical, on others undoubtedly far surpassed the high that drugs ever afforded. To be fair, the Diablos of this world, and in AA, are in the minority. They are tiny people, outsiders, with little self-respect or status in society. But sometimes they gain power, and woe unto those who are the targets of their sick machinations. I believe McGowDog also falls into this category. He has a feeble intellect and an obvious low self-esteem, which express themselves in his misogynistic display of soft-core porn on his blog. He is also anti-semitic, lest we forget the mentalhealth forum days.

    Thank you, MA and FTG, for providing a place where such people can be exposed within the greater context of stepism.

  • jcal

    JD says, to bad about gunthar.
    Jcal says what ever did happen to him and also sugomom?

  • It is estimated that about 4% of the population are sociopaths. Unfortunately that percentage is much higher if you look at members of AA as a group. It has also been estimated that 70% of the people in jail are sociopaths. AA is filled with these people because the court system send them there. The true sociopath thrives in this environment because it allows them access to a wide variety of victims and they have group anonymity to hide behind. The cream of the sociopaths rise to the top in this environment. You will meet them as soon as you walk in the door at an AA meeting. They are the ones with the big smiles on thier faces telling you “if you want what we have…”

    Based on my research I can say that AA is comprised of at least 70% sociopath’s and that tells me that 30% of the people are not. I am not going to apologize to the 30% that I may accuse falsely. I also know that a true sociopath will attempt to make me believe that they are in the 30% of the “good” people in AA and thier group is “not that way” just like any sociopath would. AA is a breeding ground and incubator for these people. If you want to protect society from this menace, shut down the corporations that are spending millions to promote it so that a top few can profit off of it. It has hit our society like an atom bomb because the 3 corporations in New York that started this insanity have caused 1000s of other corporations to be formed and start thier own breeding grounds and incubators. They are spending billions of dollars yearly on this. If you are religious, pray to God that they be shut down. If you are not, do everything in your power to shut them down. If you are anywhere in between please do both.

    (if you find this of use, feel free to quote it. I know that the sociopaths will be using this in an attempt to protect thier incubator and hiding grounds.)

  • MA

    JR – A good book on the subject is, “The Sociopath Next Door,” by Martha Stout. It’ll scare the hell out of you.

  • jcal

    JR how did you come up with the 70% sociopath in AA? Just curious because it seems way too high. I would believe that AA would be a better fit for lets say the Histrionic type personality defect or even the narcissist. I have had some pretty bad dealings in AA with people with antisocial tendencies and maybe a few full blown sociopaths but I have a hard time (looking back at all the groups I belonged to) imagining that their were that many sociopaths.

  • hulahoop

    Too bad about Guntar.

    Too bad about JD.

  • I got the 70% sociopath prevalence in AA from studies done on people who are in jail. There have been studies done on this. One of the premises of AA is that you will end up in jail unless you follow the path they have set up. Many of the people in AA have been to jail or on thier way. AA is a magnet for these sociopaths. The group of people that you are talking about are in the 30% of this group. Unfortunately the 70% that are sociopaths pretend to be in this group also. The thumpers of the groups are the sociopaths, they all have the same tendencies.

    No conscience, although they may pretend to have one.
    Aggressive and extensive manipulation of others
    Tendency to violate the boundaries and rights of others
    Extreme egotism combined with rage-driven insecurity
    Are very good actors
    In group situations can become power-brokers and serial-bullies (the leader of the pack)

    The internet group that Diablo belongs to have all of these tendencies and appears to be 100% saturation. Look at the post from one of those members on this thread and notice that they ended the comment with a statement intended to inflict emotional harm on the members of this blog. This is the mark of a classic sociopath and he belongs to that group. He is not from the sub group that you believe is the benevolent AA member.

  • Martha

    Yes diablo fits the profile of a sociopath, but in non diagnostic terms he is either your standard scumbag or a turd stuck to your shoes. He is a waste of skin.

  • MikeAugustine

    Not sure I agree with the 70% figure, although my observation over a 16 year period of attendance was that more ex-cons were coming through the doors.

  • jcal

    Hey MA, I did read that book and it was very informative to say the least. It helped me identify my landlord. She was a full blown sociopath. The only problem is that it usually takes time to positively ID a sociopath, many people display sociopathic tendencies but still have a conscience. Usually by the time you have figured one out, you have already been burned in one way or another.
    JR, thanks for the info.

  • Rick045

    “This is the guy sitting next to you at a meeting.”

    AA certainly seems to have a disproportionate share of these types. Overgrown playground bullies who couldn’t buy an once of respect anywhere else in life. They often take on the “bad cop” role in the tag-teaming efforts used to break down newcomers. They do the tearing down knowing that the confused prospect will seek solace from the more “spiritual” types (the good cops). I was one of those who hung out with the more “spiritual” types, and I was always puzzled by the endless excuses they made for the goons. It took me longer to figure out that the good guys actually used the bad behavior of the thugs to bolster their own image. They sort of need each other in a rather sick way, as long as it can be used to justify their continued allegiance to AA.

  • AA acts as a filtering mechanism to gather sociopaths in one group. Remember that AA only has about a 5% retention rate. Sociopaths are considered to be 4% of the population. If you take a group of 100 randomly sampled people that go through the doors into the rooms of AA, this means that on average 4 of them will be sociopaths out of that group of 100 and 5 of that group will stay. Sociopaths will stay with AA because it has the anonymity, protection and victims they desire. What I am trying to say is that 4 of the 5 people that end up staying in AA are sociopaths which is actually an 80% saturation level. AA even has a policy of trying to bring the sociopath back, it is called being 12 Stepped. AA is a filter for gathering the sociopaths’ in one big group and making sure they keep coming back until they join. I think I am being nice at only calculating thier presence at only 70%, because it is much higher.

  • MA

    JR – I think you are on to something. I don’t believe that 70% of AA total membership has sociopathic tendencies. One reason is because a large percentage of membership have been there for a short time. Most of them leave once they see the nonsense, and replaced with a new bunch of sheep.

    But if we were to take those who have been in AA for a year or longer, I would suspect that figure would be closer to 70% who fit that profile you linked. Mr AA is a good example. He scores a 6 out of 7. My guess would be closer to 25% of old-timers are like this, but I’m an optimist. There really isn’t any way to quantify it. It’s definitely higher than the normal population.

  • chris

    This reminds me of numerous people who were of the true believer status and maybe a notch above that. The rooms are the only place on the entire planet that gives any credibility or admiration to what they say . Once they walk out the door and go to the grocery or anywhere else, nobody at all gives a shit what they say or do. So, it would make sense for them to stay and be so intimately involved with AA and the group.

  • I think that Rick05 explained how the sociopathic element works in AA very simply in his post above with the analogy of “good cop, bad cop” in AA. Go into any large AA group and you can easily identify each sub group. The sociopath (bad cop) uses slogans to force the newcomers to the benevolent ones (good cop) all the time knowing that they are snagging new recruits to manipulate. The most dangerous of these situations is when the benevolent one (good cop) is actually a sociopath in disguise. If you are still in AA, try to determine what you feel the percentages are in that group.

    You will notice that I said “large AA group”, there is a reason for this. Smaller groups splinter off of the larger groups according to thier underlying morals, values and sociopathic tendencies. Hence you end up with the Mcgowdog groups and other more benevolent groups. The safest way to avoid sociopaths is to stay away from large groups and pick a small group that is not full of sociopaths.

    AA inherently tries to prevent you from doing this by use of the Intergroup actions that they promote. The Intergroup is set up to bring all of the AA sub groups in an area together, it brings the sociopath groups together with the benevolent groups. Intergroups should be avoided at all costs because they can be easily infiltrated by sociopaths who will tell you they are not. Have you ever noticed that Integroup members are the most knowledgeable about the use of slogans? Have you ever noticed that Intergroups try to run the policies of the other groups in the area? There is a reason for this.

  • AndyM

    It’s a dangerous game to tolerate and susequently bait obvious psycopaths. Any point you ever thought there was in doing this is really not worth making.

  • Lucy

    MA _ I will repeat what I say here again and again. There are only three types of AA members – the predators, the mentally ill and the uninformed. Diablo fits into all three categories.

    And when people like Diablo show up on this blog, I feel like I am in an AA meeting.

    Rick -AA has a disproportionate share of them because it seeks them out through service work in jails, prisons and mental hospitals, because it allows deviant behavior to become the norm, because it provides no consequences for the commission of illegal acts, and because it attracts vulnerable people who can be exploited.AA warehouses them on the outside and jails and nuthouses warehouse them on the inside.

    As to MA’s percentage rate guess, I wouldn’t call 70% of old timers sociopaths, but I would say that that percentage represents the number who are both uneducated and mentally ill. To be sure, some of those who are mentally ill are sociopaths, but I don’t think the number is that high.

  • DeConstructor

    I for one am personally glad that you exposed this person for what he actually is.

    It is also good for people to understand the sociopaths, and predators, that they not only exposed to in the rooms but additionally sharing very intimate information that could be harmful to them later.

    This is not a question of ‘baiting’ a sociopath. This is reason to demonstrate the very real dangers of giving some of these people any credibility.

    I certainly hope there are members of the scientific/medical/academic community reading this, in addition to persons who OK insurance payments to this industry. This community needs to be more aware of the safety and security issues that arise from from dealing with people such as Diablo.

    Also, since Diablo has worked as a ‘coundselor’ (much like many of the counselors I have been forced to deal with) it is obvious that he exploits his authority- an act that in any other sector of the medical industry would not only recieve licensing reprimand but perhaps jail time.

    If we ever get a wall of shame regarding judges, EAP, social workers etc that force and coerce people to participate and convert to the AA faith, I would suggest naming it the Diablo (DANNY BENNISON) Wall of Shame.

  • AndyM

    You’ve got to be joking. This blog has devoted a disproportionate amount of time to such deliberate baiting. Characters such have this have been tolerated if not actively encouarged to post and baited, whereas, as has already been mentioned, there has been a sudden, as yet unexplained, disappearence of a couple of the most interesting and helpful contributors, coinciding with the closing of the community section and outreach including the radio broadcasts.
    Personally, I find the closing of the community section without warning almost immediately after people had started to discuss very intimate and sensitive topics on the “Personal and Confidential” members only section a very insensitive act and it causes me to wonder about the often professed claim of concern on the part of this blog for those who are vulnerable through underlying emotional and mental difficulties.
    I was also not convinced by the sudden hysteria that seemed to erupt prior to the closure of the community section that just about everyone there might be a troll. In any event, we had already discussed how to deal with trolls and pretty much agreed on the solution.

  • AndyM

    That last sentence referred specifically to the Personal and Confidential section.

  • Unfortunately the sociopath gravitates (especially online) to any file or directory that contains the words password, private, personal, confidential etc….. The community section had evolved into an area that sociopaths would normally try to gain access to. To protect the people in that area was nearly an impossible task. The runners of this blog do not and should not be expected to provide protection for people in those forums. I can understand why they were shut down.

  • The community pages had a few forums that could have caused problems. There was a “Lets meet in Person” (or something like that) forum where everyone was talking about meeting somewhere. Given the letter that was posted on the top of this thread, would you really want Diablo, who had full access to that thread, to know this information?

  • Andy, I am sorry about closing the community section. I cannot even begin to tell you how much of my personal time — hours a day, for weeks — was chewed up by those “most interesting and helpful contributors.” The incessant accusations landing in my email, forcing me to have to stop whatever I was doing and investigate and double check and then try to explain in detail my reasons for rejecting the accusations, and then to be told that these “most interesting and helpful contributors” had secret information and education and “programs” for detecting trolls, were the most outrageous time suck. They were accusing longtime members of the community — people like Kelly Ryan, for instance. And while they were doing this, they were accusing me of trolling the board as well. They were creating an enormous amount of chaos and divisiveness.

    Andy, I don’t know if you noticed, put people were being allowed into the “private” thread, then kicked out, or people were being rejected for no good reason. It was being used as a way to create a clique, so that if something was happening on the blog, someone would say, “check your emails!” or “check the private thread!” for the “in” people. I found that to be particularly ugly.

    If I could show you my inbox, Andy, you’d retract your skepticism about the hysteria in a hot second. The last straw was when one of these “helpful members” sent an abusive private message through the community to another member who had changed his handle for privacy reasons, accusing him of being diablo and threatening to call the police if he stayed.

    Now, both of these “helpful members” had already contacted me with accusations about this person, and I spent considerable time explaining to both of them that their accusations were unfounded. Nonetheless, they decided that they would confront this person privately, abusively, and with a threat. Of course, they couldn’t trust me, since I’m trolling my own board as Amy S. There is nothing this accused person could have done to prove his identity to them, and he should never have been put in the position to do so. That should not have happened, and it’s only by chance that I discovered this. If I hadn’t found out about this abusive email, how many more people would they have threatened in this way?

    To me, this was outrageous and uncalled for. And it came at the tail end of weeks of this shit, behavior that I found similarly disrespectful and outrageous. But I’m not going to give you the laundry list, just so that you can feel satisfied or convinced. Andy, I just don’t have the time to moderate the community — which it needs. It’s work, and I can’t do that and the blog and the outreach project and have a life and work. It is too much for me. I tried delegating, but that obviously didn’t work out so well.

  • Lucy

    FTG- It’s amazing to me that you had time to breath while you were operating that vast underground trolling conspiracy!

  • And doesn’t it make perfect sense, Lucy? I spend half my time begging people to stop running around with their hair on fire every time someone takes issue with us, and the other half creating elaborate characters designed to set everyone’s hair on fire. I’m always looking for productive ways to spend my time.

  • I hope its OK if I continue on my corporate AA book club conspiracy theory? I found something really suspicious that I do not thing anyone has caught onto yet (No – Diablo isn’t behind it).

  • Lucy

    I am again reminded of going to a meeting where the speaker burst into tears over the insertion of a comma in the Preface of the latest version of the Big Book, and sobbed, “Can’t you see what THEY are doing to OUR program?”

    He then spent the next hour explaining how Bill and Bob had a 100% recovery rate in the men they 12 stepped, and that rate had dropped to 5% because of “outside influences.”
    His eyes had the glittery eyed look I associate with the guys who claim the crack pipe between their butt cheeks isn’t theirs when the police arrest them on COPS. But he was stone cold sober.

    Think he was onto you, JR?

  • Lucy, I just read your comment about the extra comma, and then immediately saw this post about a missing comma:

    What is my HP trying to tell me?

  • Well, Rumproast says it’s a dropped comma, but I can’t figure how a comma could fix that headline.

  • humanspirit

    @ftg – I had no idea that you were accused of sock-puppeting on your own blog. As you say, why should anyone do that? There are plenty enough lunatics around – JD, Amy S, previously Diablo, etc – for that to be anything but a completely pointless exercise. It’s also a pretty outrageous attack on your integrity.

    @ Andy, like you I was initially disappointed when the community was taken down, and was looking forward to talking to you personally about some of the things you raised on the ‘private and confidential’ thread. But I’m glad now that I didn’t, because there were serious issues with privacy and security there. Didn’t someone on here boast about how they had ‘infiltrated’ the blog, posing as different people, and both as both a man and a woman, etc., and how they had got people’s personal email addresses? I was also a bit puzzled when it was suggested that some of the things in the public Community thread should be moved to the ‘Private and Confidential’ group, when this seemed totally unnecessary.

    @JR Harris – I for one am looking forward to more of your revelations about corporate AA. It’s all been fascinating so far and I’m really looking forward to the next thrilling instalment! It’s great stuff, and I’m personally hoping that after you’ve you’ve gone as far as you can with that you might be able to help me with exposing the financial racket that is the 12-step rehab industry in the UK. I am particularly crap about investigating such information for myself 🙁 , so when people challenge me to come up with ‘evidence’ of what I know to be true, I always come across as being pretty lame.

  • humanspirit


    Interesting what you say about the 100% success rate that has mysteriously dropped to 5%. My family member who was in a 12-step rehab facility (this is the one we were tricked into, because a) no-one mentioned that it was 12-step, and b) no-one gave us any information about what it entailed) is an economist and statistician. In the rehab he was bombarded with this information about how AA was 100% successful in its early years – apparently proof that ‘it works if you work it’ and is basically infallible – and points out that a) the sample was extremely small, and b) was only based on those for whom who AA was successful! He said he wouldn’t have got through even a basic, low-level exam in economics (like one taken at 14 years old) if he’d tried to present such poor evidence from such a sample.

    Too smart for the program, obviously. (And fortunately.)

  • Hmmm ……. interesting. William Griffith Wilson (aka Bil W.) wrote a book that claimed to have a 100% success rate (which he can because he puts the disclaimer “who have thoroughly followed our path…..” in it to eliminate those who leave from being counted) and it starts Religious program (which they claim it is not and make you waist time your time defining “Spiritual” instead) and started a corporation to sell and promote that book (which they claim does not exist, even though they have been paying taxes on it).

    I don’t think they are onto me YET ….. to coin a slogan actively promoted by the corporation that doesn’t exist, that isn’t religious and that has a 100% success rate.

    (Note the use of my coma’s and using the true legal name of the original person who claimed to have written the bible of this non religious cult – I added the aka Bill W. part because that is something that people associate with criminals when they watch cops. They use that TLA very often.)

  • pogue mahone

    I was one of the people being accused of being a troll. I had changed my handle at ST because I am living in a community in which it is madatory that I attend 12 step meetings. Of course I have become a bit outspoken about my dislike for AA etc. I also fear being asked to leave because of my views should they ever find me here as I may point some over here in the future. During the time I was being blacklisted here at ST I did my best to make it clear who I was and why I was doing the handle change. I even pointed out to them another online community of likeminded people like us here at ST where I am well know if they needed to verify who I am. I’m glad FTG got that cleared up when she did and thank you for having my back. I to miss the community pages as there were some things I wanted to share in the private group and other groups but I think it is best that it is gone for now. I will be careful what I share and with whom online. So the good news here is that I finally got housing/my own apartment and will be moving from this place to my own place within a few weeks. Hope to be working soon to and most important, I will no longer have to deal with mandatory 12step BS! 😉

  • humanspirit – I have already put a new post on the “Follow the Money” thread underneath “the neverending thread”. It has to do with what I believe is an illegal barrier to entry for sales of the “big book”. Anyone can prove this is happening, just no one that I know of has realized it yet. I found it reaching who sells and advertises the “big book”.

  • Lucy

    That speaker, and my former sponsor, were both in a fundamentalist sub-cult of AA called either the “Big Book Awakening” or “Big Book Experience.” AA members pay to attend a weekend workshop (in an isolated “retreat”) where each line of the Big Book is examined for apocryphal knowledge which God put there by divine inspiration through Bill Wilson. A facilitator takes the members through a companion workbook and challenges them to turn each line in the Big Book (which is treated as the ONLY source of valid literature about AA) into a question and answer it in front of the group. Sample questions –

    “Do you believe that every word in this book is true?”
    “Do you believe it is your ONLY hope for avoiding DEATH., JAIL or INSANITY?”
    “Have you REALLY abandoned yourself to God? If not, will you do so now?”

    Anyone who questions the information or format is accused of being “resistant” and is asked again and again if he is really an alcoholic, because only a non-alcoholic or someone in denial would have a problem with the questions. People who comply say that they have “done the work” and often accuse other people in meetings of either being unwilling to stay “truly sober” or not really alcoholic. Graduates form “Accountability Groups” where they get together weekly and confess bad motives in behavior and pray for “New Awakenings.”

    That speaker tried to kill himsefl a few weeks after the comman rant. He went to the nut ward, and came out “more ready” to work for God and AA.

  • Lucy

    And, by the way, my sponsor did not insist that I attend the workshop but did tell me I had to “do the work,” I did, which is one of the ways I ended up on ST.

  • That is great, Pogue. Well done on surviving that stuff. 🙂

  • humanspirit

    @JRH – I guess one of our greatest challenges is to expose the fact that AA doesn’t actually exist, certainly not as any kind of legitimate, tax-paying, accountable organization. The mindfuck involved in the ‘spiritual not religious’ stuff , as well as the mindfuck invoved in figuring out what the hell the BB or 12 steps have to do with helping anyone stop drinking, is the least of it really.

  • MikeAugustine

    Wow, Lucy. Now that’s cult behavior.

  • humanspirit

    JR Harris says (Sorry, JR, I’m kind of leapfrogging posts here.)

    “humanspirit – I have already put a new post on the “Follow the Money” thread underneath “the neverending thread”. It has to do with what I believe is an illegal barrier to entry for sales of the “big book”. Anyone can prove this is happening, just no one that I know of has realized it yet. I found it reaching who sells and advertises the “big book”.”

    Thanks for that – I work in publishing and I think I’m pretty up to speed with rights restrictions, etc. I’ll check it out.

  • humanspirit

    @Lucy – What a truly terrifying post in all its aspects.

    And to think that what led all these people to get there in the first place was a genuine desire to stop drinking and to improve their lives.

  • Lucy

    yes, MikeAugustine, it is.

    I lived in San Francisco in the 1970s and remember seemingly leve-headed friends joining up with Werner Erhardt and Est. I had seen the personality changes, the far off stares, the inside jokes, the special jargon and the direct eye contact that the members used in their recruiting meetings. I was literally stunned when my sponsor gave me the same kind of hardsell.

    This is much different than mainstream AA, which is mostly a lot of people engaged in the common goal of self-deception for their idea of the common good. This is the kind of thing that makes crazy people crazier, and removes any path of escape.

  • humanspirit

    @JRH – quick question – is the BB out of copyright now?

  • Lucy – your sponsor claims to have only “suggesting” your attendance. He was actually insisting the you go surreptitiously using the “double bind” technique (your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t). It was not a suggestion. If you remember Diablo was obsessed with this technique when he was here and even wrote a thread about it. He was studying it? (the question mark is not a typo)

    People do not understand how powerful these slogans are. Many people believe that they are being WARNED when they are told that if they leave they will end up with jails, institutions or death. They are actually being THREATENED by sociopaths. If you leave and have given them enough information about yourself, they will go to your friends and family and tell them to stop enabling you. If they are persistent enough they will make sure you end up in those three areas or come back to the cult. Don’t give them the chance.

  • Thanks pogue, I was hoping to see you around.

    I want to clarify one point: pogue wasn’t blacklisted from ST, but from the “private” thread on the community pages.

    I also want to address humanspirit’s observation that the accusation was an attack on my integrity: In the 2 years that I have run the blog, I’ve never done anything to warrant an accusation like that. If I had a history of behaving like a complete loon around here, it might make more sense. I’ve had a long time to show you all who I am and I hope that people who have been privy to that rumor and give it credence will consider that.

  • Lucy
  • The last few BB are not out of copyright, the fourth edition was copyrighted in 2001. The original version is out of copyright and a down loadable one is available at the AA GSO Watch site. Someone with very big pockets or government influence has convinced Google to not index the ISBN numbers of current versions. Try it yourself. You will come up empty handed. Take the ISBN number for any other current book and it will pop right up. Coke did the same type of thing and ended up in big class action suits – globally.

  • humanspirit

    JRH – I actually thought it was impossible to market a book that doesn’t have an ISBN. Intriguing.

  • It does have an ISBN number it is on the back of the cover page (4th edition is 978-1-933007-16-1 or 9781933007161), you just can’t search for it on the Internet, someone really big had it blocked by Google. If it was corporate AA, it is protecting its distribution outlets (read Intergroups) and is unfair competition to the online market. You will probably find out that a smaller sub corporation blocked it to protect the mother ship in New York.

  • humanspirit

    JRH, I get what you’re saying now. Is there any mileage in asking Google what’s going on?

  • MA

    If I could add my two cents to FTGs comment (if it is actually FTG who wrote that, and not some sort of alter ego; in which case I condemn her comments). She just referenced one of a number of incidents that forced us disassociate ourselves from the “interesting and helpful contributors.” After multiple pleas to stop, we really had no choice. It’s pretty damn hard get banned from here. Threatening and bullying other readers is one of them. This isn’t AA. We aren’t going ignore that stuff.

    But keep it in perspective, folks. This is just the internet. It’s just a blog. There’s a million other blogs out there. Still, it’s our blog, and FTG and I have a right to at least make it marginally civil; and barring that, to set the tone we want to set. We can’t please everyone, and we can’t placate every person who doesn’t like the way we do things.

    I didn’t involve myself in the community forum, although I did read it, and I’m sorry that we can’t still have it. I’m also sorry that I have to be searched at airport security. I’m sorry I have pay for computer virus software. I’m sorry I have to lock the doors at night. It isn’t fair for the 95% who just go about their business, to have to deal with the 5% of the world who fuck things up for everyone else. Five percent of the community forum screwed it up for everyone else.

    I’ve got a regular life, with regular problems. I’ve got bilIs, a sick kid, and dog who won’t stop shitting on the living room floor. I don’t need any more problems. Neither of us do. We’ve got enough.

  • Lucy – those sites and documents are disgusting and prime playing grounds for sociopaths. The way they have you pick out certain phrases and sentences is very disturbing.

    It may sound weird at first but I would like to know if Bill Wilson read or was a fan of Nostradamus. The BB is fashioned after this 1500’s author. Both Bill and Nostradamus used the same type of writing. Many sentences with multiple meanings. You can take either book and make an argument for what is going to happen in the future by twisting these sentences to mean whatever you want. Nostradamus is credited by many to have foretold the coming of Hitler with a reference to “hister”. If Hitler had never shown up, it could have been taken as something else such as hysteria or hysterectomy (Some groups are against them because they are removing something that was given to you by GOD).

  • Ben Franklin

    I still have yet to see a response to this post on McGowdog house. Diablo posts as heretikreb and I would like to see what they think of Danny Bennison aka “Cuggle”. I know they read this because we give them a reason to keep sucking oxygen. Like all good steppers they will circle the wagons and defend Cuggle. They will think dragging an obese girl is kind of cool in a spiritual sort of way.

  • I just replied to someone posting on another site under the named “danny” was complaining that he was being harassed by this site and was seeking legal intervention, That poster claims to be Danny Benson. Here is my answer to him:

    I can understand your problems. I would suggest that if you are having this investigated and they need information, you point them to a proboard site someone may have been impersonating you on. They had people posting on that site under the name of diablo, mcgowdog, heretireb. They had a very interesting thread where mcgowdog was instructing people to how to fake thier IP and post at the Stinkin-thinkin website and go to his wordpress site to make sure it works. This website is linked and tied to the wordpress site run by mcgowdog. That thread has been since deleted, but I am sure that someone did a “save as” when looking at it and has a copy. Also when the moderator of that thread deleted it, he really did not., It still remains on that server and can be retrieved by law enforcement. They were also talking about cuggles being heretikreb’s cousin and the incident at the LA times. A person under the screen name of mcgowdog was also posting at the LA Times.

    Both the wordpress, proboard and LA times sites still have posts viewable using those handles. To preserve evidence of the intent to inflict psychological harm I would suggest that you quickly go to those sites and do a “save as” of those posting to your hard drive to protect yourself, I am sure that other people have. This way when the authorities ask you, you can tell them what was said and point them to those sites to retrieve the information that gets deleted (it’s not really deleted and the posters and administrators of those sites can not permanently delete them, including the IP addresses that the posters used).

    As for the posting of someones IP address and email address on stinkin-thinkin website, you need to look closely at them. You may find that the email address that was posted is fake. This proves the intent of the poster to impersonate someone. The posting of the IP address appears to be done with the intent of warning people who came to the web site, that someone was trying to infiltrate the blog as was someone under the name of mcgowdog had instructed. I do not believe this is illegal.

    So to help you I would suggest you go to these sites and save the information on them as quickly as possible so you can tell the investigators where to look. By the way it is illegal with heavy fines and jail time to delete the evidence of a crime. I would have them look extremely careful at the poster named mcgowdog, he seems to have started all of this when he instructed people to start faking thier IP’s.

  • Johnny Crash NYC

    Of Course he is a sociopath and lacks empathy ,,,thats why he thrives in a Theraputic Community ,,,or the Rooms of AA and yes of course he has been a member of the cult for 21 years … Of course he is a hater … someone who will exploit and break every rule there is in this life to achieve his own gain and then say he is freely giving back what was freely given to him …of course he is a sick deranged person of course …nothing new … I bet he speaks at alot of meetings and has a ton of sponsees …of course he is completly full of shit …

    Yup nothing new ….now congradulate me on almost a year cult free I post less and less on this …because I’m recovering from 21 years of Diablos ,,,words cannot thank you guys enough

  • MA

    @JR – I’m not worried about Diablo. We didn’t post anything that isn’t true.

    @Johnny. Nicely done on breaking away from the cult. I’m glad you found us, and I’m glad you take the time to comment.

  • Wayne Kernochan

    Hi, I;m Wayne. I wrote the book about Elan.

    I’ve tried to get Danny to talk to me on the phone, and I gave him every opportunity in the world to put this behind him, but he won’t. This is all he has. Even though its negative attention he loves it.

    Danny is sick, I agree. But I was the one he abused and I can clearly see that Elan made him like this. I’m not saying he’s not a bad guy, I’m saying that was what Elan specialized in. I was a bad guy too. The answer was in that I was ready to forgive him for what he did to us

    When he refused I felt pity for Danny. That beats fear and anger

  • AnnaZed

    Thanks Wayne, yes I realized early on that Danny is just mentally ill and that he quite probably became that way sometime during his experiences at the Elan School either during his term as the abused or his subsequent tenure as an abuser. The only point to be made on this blog I think is that in AA Danny is not an anomaly; in fact I would call him typical (if a bit extreme pathology-wise) of the mental hygiene of the revered long-term AA guru.

  • MA

    Hi, Wayne. I was hoping you would comment on this.

    I’m not sure Elan made him the way he is. Whether it did or not, he is the same guy he was when he was abusing you and your classmates, so it speaks to how well AA worked for this guy.

  • Hi Wayne!

    I have to change the subject for a second… You know, I detailed my experience with Gunthar and Sugomom yesterday, to explain why we made the decision we did. I did it because AndyM and Mr. AA were implying that we had some ulterior motives for banning them, and are just pretending not to want to air it all out publicly. That put me between a rock and a hard place. If I don’t say what happened, then I’m hiding something (I can’t even begin to imagine what weird politics would require banning people for no reason, but…whatever); and if I do say something, then I’m am asshole (at least, I feel like one).

    So, we heard from Gunthar today, and he accused me of being dishonest and manipulative in my account by “pinning everything on” him. I don’t believe I did that, but he does — so maybe that’s how it reads. I just re-read what I wrote and I see that I use “they” consistently, not “he” — and I stand behind my account of what happened. But, I told him that I will clarify any point that he wants me to.

  • Wayne Kernochan

    Oh, I see.

    Your post is all over the internet ya know? When I saw Danny in that survivor site posing as a victim it scared the shit out of me. I didn’t know how real the internet world could be until I sat at my desk afraid.

    Since then he’s stalked me, hacked my accounts and stalked women I know. I did what I can and keep protection close, but I think he’s harmless outside this cyber world he’s living in.

    I was ready to forgive him and he went crazy on me again……I pity him

    I did one thing by putting up that book. I made him famous. A lot of people now know who he is. I hope I did some good. I had the biggest e-book in the history of e-books and I didn’t make a penny 😀

    I’m writing a book about it 😛

  • MikeAugustine

    Ftg, could you link to your post explaining g2k and sugo? Thanks

  • Mike, conveniently it’s right here in this thread, on page one:

  • sorry, i guess that’s not working. It’s on page one of this thread… at 9:46

  • Wayne Kernochan

    Hi again, I’m still Wayne.

    I was linked here, I don’t understand computers that well. I just read what you guys are about and I agree and don’t with certain things. I’m never going to be able to find this place again so I’ll just say, ta, and get on with my day.

    Hey, they called that Gzasmyhero guy a kook at first too. Keep getting the word out

    Peace guys

  • chris

    Hi still Wayne, Bye still wayne. ta

  • MikeAugustine

    Thanks, @ftg. I’m kind of surprised they were acting like this.

  • chris

    That`s a good one. The guy writes an e-book and he doesnt know about computers that well. Sounds alittle fishy. Why wouldnt he know how to look up stinkin-thinkin again? HUH!

  • Chris, Wayne is totally legit.

  • chris

    I dont care if he is or not, ha. Just sounded weird.

  • chris

    But, I do a newspaper and can`t spell and my grammar is no good. I geuss somebody doesn`t really have to know what their doing, as long as their doing it and trying. My bad.

  • lucy

    “Lucy – your sponsor claims to have only “suggesting” your attendance. He was actually insisting the you go surreptitiously using the “double bind” technique (your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t).”

    Yes, I understand that dynamic, which is why I didn’t pay money to take the workdshop. But there are generalizations I see made here which I haven’t seen to be true.

    First, my sponsor was a woman and she was not a sociopath. She was brainwashed. She, like the celebrities who join Scientology and a ALL of the people who run those workshops, didn’t go to college and had poor critical thinking skills.

    Second, long time members (myself included) also consent to being brainwashed because it is easier than being a dissenter.It’s lonely. The problem is that there is a price to pay for magical thinking.

    My price was the considerable sum of money my husband squandered behind my back while he was in a full blown manic episode. When I understood how sick he was, I got him help and left AA. I understood that I had volunteered to be ignorant of his illness because his early manic allowed me to feel superior to him in the AA race to sainthood.

    AA members are not all sociopaths. Many of them are just too afraid to look at the truth, and ALL of them pay a price for it..

  • I agree.

  • Mr AA

    I don’t believe that 70% of AA total membership has sociopathic tendencies…But if we were to take those who have been in AA for a year or longer, I would suspect that figure would be closer to 70% who fit that profile you linked. Mr AA is a good example. He scores a 6 out of 7.

    Wow! 6 out of 7 on the sociopathic tendency scale without ever meeting me or interviewing me? If an AA member ever made such a flippant judgement about you…

    …Why even bother to finish the sentence.

  • MA

    You’re right, Mr AA. That was a little flippant. In all fairness, I’m only certain of about five out of seven of those attributes that apply to you. OK…just four for sure. Still, that’s a pretty good score. I’m sure you’re a great AA.

  • chris

    Is MA and massive attack the same person? This I do not know.

  • chris

    To MR AA: It`s you guys in AA that bundle ALL alcoholics together in EVERY conceivable way. WE as ALCOHOLICS! So, whats the problem now? You want to be different? Unique?

  • chris

    Or, are not ALL alcoholics the same?

  • MA

    Chris, I am not Massive Attack.

  • chris

    ok, I didnt know. I just assumed MA (massive attack), ha.

  • chris

    Is MR AA scratching his head or trying to come up with an AA politicly correct answer?

  • Matt Hoffman

    Hi I am really blown away at seeing my name at the very begining of this thread concerning Diablo also know as…. I was really shocked at first , that you had the various threats ,attacks and thankfully you really didn’t have the worst one ,thank God . I am glad I did not have to reread that one.

    Being a kind , happy loving human being whose sole intent on the internet has been trying to expose and shutdown elan for many years ( ). I post there under my own name ,and to be viciously and unmercifully attacked by el Diablo, it hurt . It retraumatized me and took me back to a time when I was 15 and a half years old kid . I was in elan from 7-74 to 7-76 and it was a sadistic ,brutal ,violent ,soul-eating hellhole. And Diablo’s attacks took me right back to that nightmare as how only an elan trained emotional assasin ninja assistant director could . The panic attacks ,the pain , the hurt and it has been over 35 years since I was there, unbelievable . I healed and kept on going after elan. I witnessed Diablo attack many, many survivors of elan as well as survivors of other AA based cultish programs like Straights. I witnessed Diablo try to promote AA and to me it seemed like he was trying to convert through coersion former survivours of Straight to AA, absurd indeed.

    If there is anything funny about this ,it is the fact that Diablo did not know me in elan. Diablo came into the program eleven months after I did ,and since there were so many facilities our paths thanks to God did not cross. Yet he seems to to know so much about me that it borders on the insane .

    Granted Diablo is a sociopath ,I truly am of the opinion that he was quite broken before he came into elan and elan provided a place for him to thrive and taught him how to function in society as a person who has thru no fault of their own ,no sense of a conscience what so ever. The only thing Diablo appears to have learned from elan (outside of severely hurting a person emotionaly )possibly is the art of manipulation and perfected the defense of reaction formation. He quite possibly observed many victims of elan’s abuse and learned to internalize their reactions to bamboozle unsuspecting victims of abusive cultish groups , where he feeds on their pain. Just like the sadistic systemic serial child abusers that elan employed.It does not surprise me that he trolls many groups that people go to comiserating about their perspective programs , the internet is his smorgasboard and I can only imagine the pain he selectivly leaves in his wake.

    No doubt about it Diablo is , in my opinion , seriously sick ,sociopath that has no ability to feel , except good when he causes other human beings to feel pain ,and in his eyes that makes him righteous, and a jolly old boy. One can make this judgement from the many hurtful interactions that I have witnessed and again many attacks have experienced from him directly.

    It is what it is ….People be very aware , and now the point of my being here , is to state for the record that this is the first time anyone here has heard directly from me. I wish you well and when you think about it everytime diablo attacks it just confirms the character in the book A life Gone Awry: My story about the Elan School, who is given the name Danny Bennison. It is very telling and fitting that he chose the name screen name Diablo.

    Yes Diablo also known as …. is famous, www famous.

    Elan is closed ,and it shows the power of the internet .hopefully the closing of elan will continue to shine the light of truth about the sadistic sick side of the so called “teen help industry ”

    much peace to you .

    Matt C. Hoffman

  • chris

    Is matt, diablo?, the writing is very similiar. broken sentences. 1st he said their paths never crossed, then he said he witnessed the abuse directly. Which is it?, 1 of the sentences isnt true.

  • I think this diablo character has gotten every one a little paranoid. Maybe we shouldn’t ry to make those calls.

  • chris

    im not paranoid or afraid of the dude. it just stuck out that the writing was similar and he contradicted himself. wouldnt he know his own story? im paranoid anyway, not because of this joker.

  • chris

    If he goes to AA, whats the point? I mean besides just to victimize people. It doesnt sound like he`s on any kind of self improvement kick.

  • Matt Hoffman

    LOL Chris no I am not Diablo , sorry my grammer is not up to the standards …I am flattered that you think Diablos writting style is like mine , cause I think that he really tried to copy many of my inflections and use of my words. and from leaving out a couple of words I can see where you may have a problem with what I wrote?

    Chis I am the Matt in the very beginning of the thread, the one being attacked by your Diablo It is most true that I did not know Diablo in elan ,he has even potsed to this on the internet .

    Now Chris speaking about the internet that is where I have witnessed his abuse to me and to others …Therefore both of the statements are true , I thought it was clear and when I realized that I did not say where I witnessed the abuse and unmerciful attacks, I can see the confusion that I unintentionally created . I have experienced and witnessed his attacks to me and other survivors on the internet .

    I like to show you from reading a lot of Diablo’s postings on the internet he will use these words when he really should use other words :then for than ….are for our ….were for where , and there for their (lots of people sometimes do that )

    And Chris you to can witness his attacks also, unless you don’t think those are attacks that are at the very top of this page where he is going on about visiting a Person (me)with 250 AA people and their intent on corralling me and maybe I be brainwashed.

    Therefore Chris isnt it possible to experience abuse and attacks on the internet and isn’t it possible that I could witness these attacks happen to other survivors of elan and as I said survivors of other groups (in the past year and 2 months plus that I have known of him). I believe it is possible and therefore both of my statements are true , though I can see the confusion that I caused by my in ability to really write. I apologize for the confusions and I am greatful for the chance to clarify .

    No Chris I am not Diablo lol.

    Peace to you

  • Matt Hoffman

    Oh Chris I am not joking ,at all in any way shape or form. Maybe when you folks post something you like what was posted at the very top of the thread you quite possibly could look at Fornits or the I went to the elan school fb site maybe google the closing of elan that is in the Lewiston sun Journal for the articles that Judy Meyer ,the managing day editor wrote on March 23 ,24 ,and I think vif memory serves on the 28 of this year .

    And when I say people should be very worried and aware of your Diablo ,we know hin As Danny Bennison , I am sir most certainly not kidding.

  • chris

    Whatever man!

  • chris

    You`re not very slick at all. Just sick.

  • Welcome, Matt. Thank you for visiting.


    when you landed here, people thought you were diablo. You also got accused of being JD. Remember that? And MA and I had to stick up for you. Now that you’ve been here a bit, you’re catching the “who are you really?” bug and accusing new people of being other people.

    It drives me wild when people do that.

    If anyone has any an real question about anyone’s identity, please let me know privately and I’ll check it out for you. I can actually see IP addresses and email addresses, and proxies, and all that.

  • humanspirit

    @Matt Hoffman – Maybe you could be a bit more specific about the abuse you suffered at the Elan school and at the hands of Diablo? I think most people here would be quite interested in that.

  • Matt Hoffman

    I know you are not talking to me ….. Matt Hoffman you are right about one thing if you are talking to me you are a very rude person and you are like you said a paranoid lunatic ….I said my peace and maybe fokls like MA who I do not know will actually research things and see what I speak of is true ,and Chris that is me the Matt that is also called Matty being attacked by your ,and I do mean your Diablo cause we sure don’t claim him
    peace to you and give Danny a kiss goodnight when you send him this post .

    • Matt, don’t feel driven off. You’re absolutely welcome here.

      People get a little paranoid sometimes, but then I yell and stomp around about it and everything goes back to normal. For about a day.

  • I like to know a little bit more about it also. Did he ever post as Diablo? Or someone else? Were they all with a wolf theme?

  • chris

    If thats the case, my bad. maybe i need a break from this.

  • Matt Hoffman

    @Humanspirit , you can read my posts all 198 posts in ten years on fornits .com go to the elan forum click on my name and you will be able to bring up all my posts . you can read the Attacks from Danny Dennisons finger tip (there feel better Chris) as he posted very hurtful comments on the I went to the Elan School page on F/B it is an open page you can view and you will see how your Diablo attacks he is clever he will start a wall post attacking people and then when folks respond he will delete ,as I said he enjoys this nonsense.

    Also if you want to read his attacks on other survivors you can go to Fornits .com (sound like a shill and I am sorry) and click on Dannyb II and you will see that he has a lone wolf howling at a moon for his avitar and thart he has ove 2600 post on that site in a year and roughly 2 months , it went down F or a month .

    I use twio fingers to type and I am slow as … would take me forever to post all the lunacy ,abd about elan reqad the A life gone Awry : it captures the essence of what it was like during my time except we had the electric sause ,the cow boy ass kickin , they might have used it 2 years after me ….

    Human Spirit Elan was hell and there are many that I feel that are dead for just having come in contact with that hell hole .Dead from suicide .Read the lewiston Sun Journal articles , seriously . I just recieved nitifacation that Banny bennison just replied to a ppost of my on the elan school face` book page ….oh goody what have I done now , it probably talking with you all .I gonna go check .

  • Matt Hoffman

    Chris ,Man I really am not sick and that hurt my feelings I am sorry I kinda leaked a little of my perturburances towards you , i know bennison posted my first post on this board and then he took it down he likes to play weird staker games …His avitar is a wolf on fornits …

  • Wayne Kernochan

    If you want to know my Diablo . I hope this works

    Chris, that link was working, then it wasn’t, and now it is.

    And no, I don’t know computers. I started a Face Book account and put this book up chapter by chapter as I wrote it. I have been learning, but I’m learning faster how much I don’t know

  • Wayne Kernochan

    Hi Matt

  • Matt Hoffman

    @ JR he has posted as Heretic on Fornits ,not sure if he uses the full heritikreb thing …He stalks and is reading as I post He took down his comment a few minutes ago , to me he is a scary dude .

  • Matt Hoffman

    Hi vWayne do you see the stuff that db is posting on Fb and then it goes away .

  • Wayne Kernochan

    He tried to join my writer’s site under different names, but Mac said she was waiting for him

  • The wolf theme is very interesting. Diablower on the LA Times, Diablo here. mcgowdog often posts a wolf on his site……. I am seeing a pattern here…….. I wonder if the same type of people gravitate to each other. Or they just meet and plan and then go after thier prey in a “wolf pack” like style?

    I am glad Matt stopped by.

  • Wayne Kernochan

    I have Danny and all the Danny profiles blocked Matt. I don’t see anything

    Its nice 🙂

  • wayne, blocking diablo is like turning off a jackhammer that’s been running next to your head.

  • Do you think Diablo acts alone? Or does he have followers like Charles Manson?

  • Matt Hoffman

    @ FTG I really apologize I really don’t like to feel like I have to defend my self when I really do know what I am talking about……… and I really feel like a shit when I act off it and /Chris I really don’t want to argue or call names…… elan was something else and I can talk about it but I am gonna have to go FTG thank you for making me feel a little safer .

    ,Wanye was in elan roughly 2 years after I got out and his book gives a good accounting of my elan and his Diablo , I had Martin Kruglik and Peter McCann and Jeffery Gottlieb Joe Ricci , and others as my diablos in elan , as did Wayne but his main one was well you will see. It was a really bad place

    I have got some stories ,Wayne knows ,all of us survivors from the early 70’s have some surreal stories .. about a little place in the backwoods of Maine where no one could hear you scream.


  • Matt Hoffman

    Shoot if you ask i will have to answer lol …I think he has an audience of sorts that from what he says , but I really find it interseting that he seems to troll survivor sites. that is just wrong on so many levels …I accidentally found this site and when I read my name (I remember those posts ) I was kinds shocked more so to see my name and then like a wow as I read the thread .

  • You definitely have nothing to apologize for, Matt. Don’t worry… You held your ground. I only wish I had caught your back sooner there.

    Thank you and Wayne for visiting. I think Danny left Elan and went off to find another Lord of the Flies situation in AA.

    I’m so sorry about what you guys went through. It makes my blood run backwards to hear about it.

  • I am glad both of them stopped in. I am especially glad that they sent me to the fornits site. I can see what they are talking about in being stalked. I did notice something interesting, it may just be a coincidence, but the people who seem to be stalking them over there have many of the same screen names as the posters on mcgowdogs site.

  • SoberPJ

    I went to Waynes link. Interesting writing Wayne. Good story descriptions. I’m right there with ya. Good job… sorry it all had to happen.

  • I’m sorry, but I have to tell you this one. I am talking with someone claiming to be Danny Bennison on another site right now. Google has adds at the site and this one just popped up:

    Ads by Google
    Is Your Blog Secure?
    Check & secure your Blog & Website from hackers and malware with {redacted by JRH]

  • When you do a search on youtube for Elan School you get 379 hits. The first few pages seemed to all be pretty negative about it:

  • Wayne Kernochan

    I’m not a hacker, I’m a writer

    That picture is Danny?

    I saw him last in 1978, and a picture that kinda looked like him on Face Book. That picture you guys have up for El Diablo doesn’t look familiar

  • Wayne Kernochan

    There’s someone posting comments about Danny being a rapist and on the loose with a gun at “I Went to Elan school” , but the article got no hits on Google, and no source is given

  • sunny

    What picture, Wayne?

  • Jcal

    Paranoia will destroy ya! lmfao at this whole ‘dangerous’ diablo thread. Oh the drama.

  • Wayne Kernochan

    Its not drama. The place is gone and Danny has been exposed and humiliated and they need to keep going. Some people need monsters in the world because they have nothing else.

    You guys are nice. Thanks for putting up with us

  • MikeAugustine

    Gotta agree with jcal. Diablo is way past his due date. The 15 minutes of infamy is over. He’s probably enjoying the attention in his own perverse way.

  • McGowdog

    JR Harris says, “They had a very interesting thread where mcgowdog was instructing people to how to fake thier IP and post at the Stinkin-thinkin website and go to his wordpress site to make sure it works.”

    JR, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I did no such thing ever. I’m accountable, unlike y’all. If I was kicked off of a forum, I stay off. I’ve never faked an IP or even used an alias username. I go by McGowdog and SirMcGowington and that’s it.

    I never stole a blog either. You use wordpress here and I have only used blogspot.

    Thank you for accusing me of being feeble-minded, being anti-semitic, and having low self-esteem. Diablo posts on our blog. Someone sent me an anonymous email warning me about him. I couldn’t respond and don’t know how they did it anonymously, but who cares?

    Diablo stands on his own and is accountable for himself, as am I or anyone else on my blog.

    I like my blog and don’t spend my waking moments thinking about y’all. Oh, I got a killer job and would appreciate if Ben Franklin would give me a high five.

    Have a good day y’all. Thx for the prayers for my mom too… any of you who noticed that. She’s doing fine now. Tell me that’s not a miracle and that there’s no God.

  • Martha

    Nothing fails like prayer.

  • Martha

    Not that AA has ever embraced science, but there is an actual study in the American Heart Association Journal that says:

    “Nothing fails like prayer
    And now we have scientific evidence backing up the claim! The American Heart Journal has published the best (as in largest and methodologically most accurate) study so far of the effect of intercessory prayer, and it has shown – as any sensible person would have known before spending $2.4 million and a decade to actually do the study – prayer fails to make any difference whatsoever.

    The study was conducted by a team led by Harvard Medical School cardiologist Herbert Benson, who is sympathetic to the idea that prayer has healing effects, and funded in large part by the Templeton Foundation, an organization devoted to the scientific improvement of our understanding of spirituality (whatever that latter phrase may mean).”
    Prayer and faith healing have not kept you sober, McGowdog only you have kept yourself sober and like the rest of us you should take credit for your own sobriety. Drinking or using is a choice. People can decide to never drink again, not for a mere one day at a time, but for the rest of your life. I set my confidence level to 100% and I no longer call myself an alcoholic. Abstinence is sobriety.

  • Wayne Kernochan

    The story of Danny and Elan in a nutshell


    The self publishing industry missed the biggest story in their history these past few months, and I was wondering if I could tell it to you. I’m talking about, A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School.
    This book has over 65,000 hits on Face Book and has been posted on several different websites and message boards. These include, Reddits, ScribdN, Fornits and Nunya, as well as its own website. The person who posted it on Reddits has been credited with closing down the Elan school for its past abuses in the news, and no one in the real world heard about it.
    The cyber world may be real, but there’s a real real world, and in that world the media buried our story 12 paragraphs down in a Lewiston Sun Journal article. In the real world we weren’t heard, and we need this story to be heard. Not the story of Élan’s abuses of the past. But the story of the book.
    Wayne Kernochan found a survivor site for victims of Elan’s abuse, and found out that a member of the group was his real life abuser. Danny Bennison tortured and beat children, and Wayne told that to the moderator. He found out that Danny was posing as a victim in that group. Until then the group had no idea he was staff.
    The site disappeared so Wayne forgot about it, but one day he Googled his name (He competes for first page with a billionaire software designer and author) and his name came up as a thread in a group on the site fornits. Danny Bennison had copy and pasted a conversation they had and took it there to talk behind Wayne’s back. Keep in mind, he abused Wayne as a child.
    Wayne went to the site and told Danny off, and told him that he had written a book about Elan. He said that Danny abused children, and he had corroborating testimony to prove it. The fornits people debated about the book ever getting a publisher who would want to face Élan’s lawyers, and soon after, Wayne’s agent said, “Its hard to sell a memoir these days, even if you’re a celebrity,” so, Wayne put the book on the internet for free.
    Danny Bennison’s response to the book is a controversy. He wrote two manifestos and denies writing one of them. The love manifesto and the hate manifesto. In the hate manifesto he admits that he enjoyed abusing children, and that he dragged Mary Jones, a 14 year old mentally ill girl, behind his car because she was fat. That was chilling, but what was more chilling is that he says he didn’t write it—that he wrote the Love Manifesto. People were so horrified by the Hate Manifesto that they missed the most chilling parts, which were in the love manifesto, a document he has sworn is true.
    ”I watched Staff and Directors leave en-mass and I watched 3 people who are still there deny they are doing children harm, It is beyond shameful”~Danny Bennison.
    The staff at Elan was being run by people with no college degrees based on a program that Danny Benison describes as criminally abusive. There is another, in the hate manifesto, that didn’t properly horrify its readers, but caught the attention of the man who wrote A Life Gone Awry.
    “As far as the car dragging incident, I did plenty of shit in the program that I don’t regret now. Hell yes! You may already know this but Straight took the mutual- abuse thing to another level.”~Danny Bennison
    There are programs like these all over the country.
    A Life Gone Awry will put fear in the minds of abusers of children: Maybe that child will grow up to be a writer. Victims have found a voice. Hoorah for self publishing.

  • Wayne Kernochan

    Feel free to share that

  • pogue mahone

    had a disease that made people think I was diablo. I also have poor grammar skills. I dont have a really good education however I think I’m smarter then your average common folk. The troll scare still exist here I see…thats to bad. Where I live (a halfwayhouse of sorts) I have paranoia about speaking my mind about the 12 step lies and I do sometimes. Then I regret doing it because there may be consequences and I still fear being put on the spot by the true believers.. I have just learned to ignor most of the net drama I got caught up in. now a different topic..Its funny how many people still do not know the truth about Bill Wilson and the success rates of recovery. I am amazed by the lack of education of educated people in social service positions..these are non steppers I’m talking about. I feel like educating them a bit but it only seems useless. I mean these are rather liberal college educated people but they just buy right into bullshit. I bought into it but I was 20 years old at the time and had a very low self esteem. Plus, there were so many young people like myself I found it really easy to make friends at the time. I quit AA in a matter of 6 years or so. It wasn’t till I came back to AA after many years sober and out of AA that I realized that stepism was even more full of shit then it was when I left 11 years prior.
    p.s. My writing is a bit fragmented at times so please bare with it.
    Also, hello Primrose and FTG and who ever else knows that I’m not a troll or sockpuppet LOL

  • Wayne Kernochan

    I met the people who have graduated from programs like this in AA, CA and NA and they’re pretty messed up people. One tried to rape my ex wife and broke her nose, according to her. I believe her, but it happened before I met her. He went to Phoenix house, another abusive program

    As a society we should be aware of who is taking care of our children. With the internet we found a voice they can’t stifle

    I like this place. I have it saved to favorites

  • We don’t represent nor speak for A.A. in any way. We are just sober drunks as members of A.A. debunking myths and misinformed attacks on it from places such as and Attacks using accurately formed facts are more than welcomed here. Now we’ve got a forum; and Tony J’s …McG, Newly branded as a publicity hound and self-glossed … Gangsta of Recovery and Love.


  • MA

    “JR, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I did no such thing ever. I’m accountable, unlike y’all. If I was kicked off of a forum, I stay off. I’ve never faked an IP or even used an alias username. I go by McGowdog and SirMcGowington and that’s it.”

    The Dog is right about this. He never did this. Cuda did, but McGowdog hasn’t. I’m not sure if the thread is there or not.

    I’ll give McGow credit for at least starting his blog to express how he feels about us, instead of telling or lecturing us on how we should run ours. I’m sure as hell not gonna throw my hands up and say, “look at what that asshole said about us!” It’s not like we didn’t provoke him. I’m not saying we’re wrong, but we did pick the fucking fight. Don’t poke your classmate and then complain to the teacher because he hit you back.

    Anyway, the use of proxies to sockpuppet isn’t really a secret. It’s the nature of things. It’s kinda sleazy, too.

  • Ben Franklin

    High five on your job and happy that your mom survived. Having Diablo as a commentator on your blog stands on its own too. This is what I expected.

  • McGowdog

    Thanks BF. I don’t really know Diablo to be honest.

    If he’s a bad guy, what am I supposed to do? Kick him off? We have a “give them a long rope” policy on our blog. If it turns out he’s no good for us, can we trade? Like say diablo for JD?

  • SoberPJ

    MGD .. the “diablo for JD” gave me a chuckle, thanks…

  • MA

    Far be it from me to tell you how to run your blog, McGowdog. But do you think you can at least set the standards for your writers as: “anyone who hasn’t tied up another person and dragged them behind his car.” I’m not expecting to see philosopher kings over there, but holy sheep shit, this guy makes JD look like Gandhi.

  • Matt Hoffman

    I have heard of Phoenix House, Straights , Kids Inc.,Safe , and Daytop Village of New York city. One thing I have found is that these abusive cult based treatment centers can all trace their roots back to the biggest cult of them all Synanon. There is a diagram of these t/cs that is more like a family tree of sorts and you can follow the off shoots and splits of all these cult programs ,and in this diagram they can all be traced back to Synanon.

    The gentleman that showed my this diagram was Wes Fager , he is now deceased , he has done a lot to expose these abusive places. And I believe he wrote a book about the Straights.

    I was asked many years ago ,July of 2001 to speak out about Elan at a conference in Bethesda Maryland , by the people that wrote a book about Joe Ricci and elan . The book is called A duck in a Raincoat ,an unauthorized biography of Joe Ricci, it is written by Maura Curley and published by Virgin Voice press in the Virgin Islands .

    I went to this conference hosted by Dr. Arnold Trebach and others and I was absolutely astonished to learn about all these other abusive programs. In my own way of thinking I could not believe that there were other places that were like elan . Though I think elan might have had more of the violent componeont than other programs.

    Elan used very sadistic and brutal tools of compliance to make the individual fit the program. the program was not tailored to individuals , that would have cost much more money ,and would have required people certified and educated and qualified to work with at risk youth ,really any children for that matter . sometimes these “tool”s of compliance had very disastorous results and some residents became so unhinged that they lived in the vertex of the corner from ten to fourteen monts at a time , these unfortunate souls were called the corner people. They sat on a chair with their heads firmly placed in the corner. I don’t see how this could have been considered a viable form of treatment , nevertheless Joe Ricci and elan still got paid for their services for these souls in their care . Sticking an individual in the corner ,kept their loss of sanity, to a very quiet level of disruption .

    The people that ran elan along with Rcci had no training to work with children. Ricci had been in Daytop village and was not a graduate. The other henchmen were trained in the ways of elan by having gone thru the elan program themselves. The directors of elan were not qualified to work at a gas station and at one time during lame dry boring seminar session that lasted hours , a question asked by a resident as to what they would be doing if they weren’t working at elan . The two directors that were asked this question , Martin Kruglik answered, a bus driver, and the other director Jeffery Gottlieb ,answered a shoe salesman.

    It is no wonder that due to these untrained surreal sadistic sociopaths (the directors and Ricci), they felt that they could cure a young woman who had a medical condition called curviture of the spine . This condition prevented her from standing up straight . These men thought that because she could not stand up straight that she was faking and copping an attitude to them. They put her in the ring ,they had electric sauce poured over her by other residents.

    electric sauce was a mixture , mixed in a giant hobart brad mixing bowl or a giant institutional pot , consisting of condiments , # ten cans of ketckup, jars of mustard , mayo , relish 3 ten cans of chocolate pudding and spit ,ashtrays were dumped in to this mixture and then it was stirred and generally laddled with a # ten ladle onto and unfortunate residents head ., people were wrapped up in sheets (mummified ) in this mixture ,though thats another story.

    At one point this young woman was standing in a huge pot of electric sauce ,stomping her feet like she was making wine ,her arms out with her hands palm up, filled with electric sauce ,and at the sametime they had her sing Gordon Lightfoots “Sundown “. yes this was therapy at elan .

    I have many ,many stories like this. The really good thing is that this Woman Diane survived as did a few others of us that all bear witness to what went down in there during our time there.. all this happened to Diane in her first week of being in elan.

    Another abuse that I witnessed and it stands out with many others also happened to Diane , and I really have no idea why they did this to her except that they were severe misogynists. They directed some residents to take tampoons and dip them in Ketchup and they tied a string around Diane’s head and tied the strings of the tampoons to the string around her head ,kind of like a really sick cleopatra crown if you will . I remember about sixteen tampoons or more tied to her head that had been dipped in ketchup .

    This day as an adult I still wonder just what was the therapeutic value in this act . How was this going to help a young woman whose self esteem was already at a low point in her life from her previous life experiences, develop and grow.

    The sad thing the incidents that I described in previous paragraphs were not isolated incidents , this type of abuse was tailored by the directors to each resident once once they knew what their areas were (issues) . This is not to say that all the women got the tampoon head gear no that only happened the one time that I know of ., No it was different ,but equally sick and violent abuses that passed as therapy for all the residents .

    As diablo posted once on the I went to the elan School (it was a corporation when I was there ) that these directors enjoyed what they directed the residents do to each other , it was entertainment for these men . Instead ofr going to the movies ,it was fight night at elan, if the ring was in full swing , or the theater of the absurd like trying to cure a young womans inability to stand straight thru insane and horendously violent general meetings. Yes these directors got off and enjoyed what they did and then to top it off they were paid well to do what they did.

    I tell these stories and literaly I have hundreds of these types of systemic brutal serial abuse because I belive Human spirit asked me to share. Never in a million years would I have ever come up with creating a crown out of tampoons dipped in ketchup, or creating a mixture and nameing it electric sauce. , I was a fifteen and a half year old kid .

    I would still like to ask Martin Kruglik just what was the value the therapeutic value in directing residents to create a crown of tampoons for Daine

    I also like this place Wayne, …I hope you all will forgive the sick and graphic nature of my post ,though that is just a couple of stories of abuse that I witnessed happen to a young woman.

  • MikeAugustine

    MA, as far as I can see, mcgowdog is just running his blog in accordance with aa standards, which means there are none.

  • chris

    Whats a tampoon? If it`s something woman clean their verginers with, I got you.

  • McGow, If you need a real time example of his character, please go look at massiveattack’s blog, where he is working very hard to ingratiate himself to her. Just yesterday, he said, “They have no real idea who Cuggle is (I will say this she is not me) and Heretik and Diablo are not the same person. Quite the the contrary. Oh, I know you think you have it figured out because at times there are similar IP’s but two different people are posting.” (here’s the thread: ).

    Now, here he is on TonyJ’s blog explaining the heretikreb and diablo are actually one and the same:

    heretikreb said…

    Tony I would have to say that I am honored to finally make it to your blog. My username is Diablo and I too was banned as they say from ST. Actually I left then went onto another site and reamed Gunther and Sugomoms ass for being themselves. This got back to FTG and she just couldn’t have this, got all hot and bothered and said I was banned. I’m good with that.
    Anyway, I joined your brothers blog McGowan and that lead me here.
    See ya around.

    March 6, 2011 2:40 PM

    heretikreb said…

    I meant to say my sometimes old username is Diablo. I have two as you can see. I’m moody what can I say.
    March 6, 2011 2:42 PM


    He also claims on massiveattack’s blog that we published his name. In fact, he’s the one who did that.

    He’s denying that he is both heretikreb and diablo right now. However, diablo’s email address when he was posting here was “heretikreb@xxxxx”. There’s a twitter account under the name heretikreb, owned by someone named “Danny Bennison”. And he posted on Tony’s blog announcing that he is diablo. And diablo posted that his name was Daniel L. Bennison” here in the comments section one day — for some reason I cannot fathom.

    When he posted here as “cuggle”, he forgot to clear the forms and posted a “cuggle” comment under diablo’s handle. Then he claimed that “cuggle” is his cousin, who’s using his computer.

    Goodgod, I am so curious about all this. I mean, this is one guy who seems to have no other agenda than to embarrass and reveal himself in ham-handed attempts to abuse and use everyone on earth. It is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, I think (I’ll have to think about it).

  • hulahoop

    Please remember and keep in mind It’s on the resources list to the right of page. There is an EXCELLENT library there that is totally free! Yup! FREE!

    I recieved a lot great information from reading, “More Revealed: A Critical Analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps aka The Real AA: Behind the Myth of Twelve Step Recovery”. Truthfully it starts out a little on the slow side. Reading the history of AA sort of bores me even though I know it is an important resource in educating people about AA since most do not about the real origins of AA. They are shocked to learn how it all got started.

    I suggest starting out with this chapter –
    Then you can go from there. I promise you this particular chapter will ring true with just about every AA you have attended or it will offer insight to any AA meeting you will attend if you are considering giving AA a try.

    Please keep in mind the reading is totally free. There is a lot of great reading there by different authors who are receiving nothing off of selling their books. Truly the best of PSAs. (public service announcements) I think they should be called PWAs instead. (public WARNING announcements)

    The Orange Papers is a great resource. Be forewarned the site does have angry tone to it. Sometimes people mistake passion for anger. There is a difference. Keep in mind this gentleman (and he is a total gentleman) is very passionate about his cause and makes no bones about it. The email section of his site shows a very loving and compassionate person who truly believes in spreading the truth about XA. He’s an old hippy who doesn’t appear to have much money just trying to spread an open and honest message. He was one of the driving factors that saved my ass from AA. I’ll never be able to thank him enough.

    As far as Diablo, yeah…his fifteen minutes should be up. And as mean and awful as this sounds, perhaps a good dragging behind a truck would do him some good. Or at least for the person doing the driving.

  • chris

    HH says, “he`s an old hippy who does`nt appear to have much money”, that was hilarious. Hulahoop posts comments on stinkinthinkin, Im not sure if she actually has a hulahoop or not, but, what she says is interesting and sometimes entertaining.

  • Leadfoot
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    For those that don’t play well with others
    « Thread Started on Mar 14, 2010, 10:27am »

    If for some reason you are banned from a website you can be banned by your user name or your IP address.
    Here’s 5 ways to change your address so you can continue to post under a different user name. I saw it and I think most people will be interested in #5
    I have all your IP addresses here if you want to try it I can ban you. You can change your address and then we can check and see if it changed.

    Global Moderator
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    Re: For those that don’t play well with others
    « Reply #1 on Mar 14, 2010, 9:14pm »

    I’ve sort of got option 3 working for me.

    But I just lurk… and not very often at that.


  • MA

    Yeah, JR. Leadfoot is “Cuda.” He posted that. Not the McGowdog did the right thing and called “bullshit,” but it was Cuda who posted it. It’s a rigorous honesty, keep yourself out of outside affairs, kind of thing. They lampoon themselves.

  • Global Moderator – 2nd poster on the thread


  • MA

    I guess you’re right, JR. My mistake. I guess McGow’s pants are on fire.

  • hulahoop

    chris says HH says, “he`s an old hippy who does`nt appear to have much money”, that was hilarious. Hulahoop posts comments on stinkinthinkin, Im not sure if she actually has a hulahoop or not, but, what she says is interesting and sometimes entertaining.

    No Chris, it’s true. Look up his biography on his site. He uses the computer at the public library. We differ in that he loves geese. I don’t because they poop bigger turds in our yard than my 75 pound dog does and they are really mean. Even my dog is afraid of the geese.

    Someone (probably one of my roommates family members) left a hulahoop at the house. Shit…I could have been couch cushion, microwave, galileo thermometer, or any other object around the house. That is how I pick user names. Anyway, hulahoop seemed to fit. AA is full of circular logic. You know, like pretzel logic.

  • March 6, 2011 8:18 PM
    joe said…

    Oh, and love your comments, Diablo… But don’t you think it’s a little unfair to mix it up with such intellectual giants as Gunthar? He would come by here once in a while, but when some intelligent words were addressed to him,he disappeared.
    March 6, 2011 8:33 PM
    heretikreb said…

    Joe thanks for all this info. I wanted to acknowledge you before I went off to bed. I will have much more to say tomorrow.
    Great to be here guys.
    Gunthar is one of those special guys, you always need a hanky when your talking to him because he cries a lot.
    The gathering of statistics(triennials)was always for the purposes of the DCM’s, GSR’s and State Delegates including GSO. It is completely misinterpreted for selfish gains outside of this arena. Hence no more studies. AA knew they could not possibly ask there brethren to subject themselves to studies, then why have the spirit of anonymity.
    Joe as you pointed out above how can anyone account for success. Almost a arrogant proposition to undertake.

  • SoberPJ

    @hh..from more revealed …. it is scary shit….. and true..

    Describing what happens in a meeting to a new comer..

    ” Often, out of deference to the room full of friendly faces gazing at him, he will splutter in embarrassment, “I guess I am an alcoholic.” All groupers smile knowingly and affectionately. They understand that this is a milestone in his “recovery.” The pigeon has no idea.

    ” This public admission of being an alcoholic, whether the newcomer knows it yet or not, is the beginning of the acceptance of the authority of AA. Since he is an alcoholic, and has publicly acknowledged himself as such, he must defer to the unanimous opinion of the experts on alcoholism gathered about him for defining who he is. In AA, by definition, an alcoholic is someone who must work the Steps and follow other “suggestions” or die.”

    “Unless each A.A. member follows to the best of his ability our suggested Twelve Steps of recovery, he almost certainly signs his own death warrant. … We must obey certain principles, or we die.”

    OMG, that is so spot on I can’t stand it.. The whole thing is just one subtle coercive technique after another…..

  • pogue mahone

    Love how the new comer gets singled out at the meeting to be the first to talk/share at the meeting. And then the one who chairs it and others will say how important the newbie is and that how it keeps them sober hearing how it was. Guess they dont consider how nervous the newb might feel..oh but they get a kick out the nervousness as they can then go comfort them and indoctrinate them after the meeting..makes me sick! Their endless yap about ego and self centerdness is their own self fulfilled prophecy.

  • chris

    Looking back at the hundreds of meetings, thousands of people, old timers-new comers. I cant say that I remember even ONE person that stands out as being SPIRITUAL. I mean that really stood out as being humble, honest, above average as far being a “spiritual light”. I can remember some “good” people, “kind people”. But the vast majority of the group talked the talk, and nothing else while in and around the rooms, and were different or maybe “themselves” away from it.

  • pogue mahone

    Another thing I hate is that all step literature is so geared towards the new person being in denial. I and many others went on our own free will because I wanted to stop. I was 19 when i first quit and relapsed more times in AA then out. I went there with no denial about my alcoholism. But yet I was told I was in denial because I couldnt work that stupid program. So thats it for now, I just woke from a nap and I’m a little grumpy..think I’ll go have a smoke 😉

  • chris

    I was always on the outside though because I had opinions and questioned things. So, I was never in the circle so to speak. I didn`t repeat things correctly.

  • pogue mahone

    I was in the circle but also had friends that were “dry drunks”. I started acting like a asshole because of the influence the thumpers had over me. I always had to apollgize for acting like a jerk afterwards..I didnt want to be like that. I was young and took shit from the oldtimers because I thought they were right and ” I needed to hear it”. I thought it was gods will to do things I didnt want to do and that god was speaking through these assholes.

  • Posted by heretikreb at 4:14 PM


    Saturday, April 9, 2011
    Daniel Bennison,DannyB II, Heretik, Heretikreb, Cuggle and Diablo
    “McGowdog says

    Thanks BF. I don’t really know Diablo to be honest.

    If he’s a bad guy, what am I supposed to do? Kick him off? We have a “give them a long rope” policy on our blog. If it turns out he’s no good for us, can we trade? Like say diablo for JD?”

    Hertik wrote:
    Patrick I really warranted this statement from you: “I don’t really know Diablo to be honest.”I came on here and told you who I was on ST.

    Heretik wrote:
    and if I feel like adding more usernames I will. (To answer FTG summation of my usernames.
    Cuggle is not me and never has been me. That I screwed up royally. Heretikreb and heretik is a username used by two people. We both liked it so much that we use it. A good friend of mine who has worked for me for close to 25 years started using heretik on the Fornits site. I use it everywhere else. Cuggle my cousin who was in town used my computer as others do. Cuggle was initially posting on ST from a laptop with a AT&T card, well that had to be used so without thinking she went the PC and posted. This is when are sleuth FTG picked up on the mix up. Why is it so unfathomably that two people would post off the same computer to the same site.

    {rest deleted for lack of truth}

    No comments…………………… But I think Step#9 is in order if he truly follows the path…

  • MikeAugustine

    Memo to diablo:

    The bigger the story the bigger the lie.

  • hulahoop

    @PJ – you haven’t read that book? I stayed up all night reading it after I discovered it. I could not stop reading after I managed to get through the history part. The meeting chapter is so accurate.

    One of my biggest problems with actual individual members of AA is they have no idea what they are doing. At least most of the voluntary ones and some of the court mandated ones. They get sucked in to it. They do not realize they are repeating what is acceptable behavior in the roomz. Then it becomes the norm for them. All they are really searching for is someone who has walked a mile in their shoes and acceptance. I really believe most people don’t realize what they perpetuating. They adapt to their environment.

    Ken Reggae is spot on with his description. Keep reading after that. He does a great job and that book should be a must read. I think if people want to go to AA and it helps them…great. The problem is the majority of people are so screwed up and wanting help so badly by the time they walk through the AA doors that they are not thinking clearly. Ninety in ninety. By that time it’s something they are placing stock in. I think if someone wants to try AA after hearing both sides…okay then. At least they were informed and warned. It’s like the dangers of smoking. Go ahead if you want to do it, but know it isn’t healthy.

  • hulahoop

    Oh, by the way, I LOVE it that a thread that was originally about Diablo is being used to discuss alternatives to AA and sites and books showing the other side of AA the blue book bleeding steppers and the GSO or ASO or whatever acronym is don’t want people to know about. Awesome. Wonderful. Fabulous.

  • Rick045

    @Chris, One of the spiritual giants at my home group had a routine that used to crack me up. He would always duck into the church sanctuary a few minutes before the meeting started. When the meeting was about to start, he would come out through a different door so that everyone in the meeting hall could see that he had been off in the sanctuary by himself, presumably meditating or whatever. He was also a “closer”, meaning that he would always wait till the last minute before he spoke, so everyone would take his words of wisdom with them when they departed. I’m sorry to say that I got to know some of those clowns well enough that I could watch their demeanor change between the parking lot and the meeting door as they assumed their super-spiritual meeting persona…

  • Matt Hoffman

    Shoot I totally mispelled tampons , shoot at least I did it consistiently …..good grief

  • Well, there’s the quote of the day right there.

  • Matt Hoffman

    Do you have to continually post to see comments , and yeah Chris I Mispelled a word but I was consistent I do not think that it is used to clean any thing . I think if you just focus on spelling and grammer then you shorely are gonna mis the message or content…….Though I do feel silly for mispelling that word , is there anyway to be able to go back and correct or edit posts? …..Any one….Chris ….anyone .? I would like to correct the spellingof the word , I stand by the content in any court of law.

  • Matt Hoffman

    quote of the day ….shoot….. my spelling some times just blows me away and at times it can be most humbling …..

  • Matt Hoffman

    like then .

  • chris

    i joke constantly dude, i cant spell either.

  • hulahoop

    Matt Hoffman says Shoot I totally mispelled tampons , shoot at least I did it consistiently …..good grief

    friendthegirl says Well, there’s the quote of the day right there.

    Oh my! That is too funny. I can’t vouch for Mr. Hoffman’s identity but I can honestly say I believe he is a male. Tampoons are for whales. Tampons are for women. Most of us women know how to spell those kinds of things. 🙂

    Shit…that is too funny. Matt…not laughing at you….laughing with you. Too funny. Second best comment I’ve seen on this blog today. Commonsense remains the winner. But yours and FTG’s are runner up and second runner up. You will be crowned if commonsense cannot fulflll his/her duties.

  • Don’t worry about your spelling, Matt. It’s just the internet. I cracked up when I saw you lamenting your spelling of “tampon.” That was pretty funny. You are totally fine (but I will fix it for you!).

  • Matt Hoffman

    yep thats Danny Bennison …..”this is when are ( he meant to write our ) slueth FTG picked up on the mix up . I wonder what name he was posting under ,when he wrote that . ….( the rest was deleted for lack of truth )…..thank you .

    I believe you folks did well in exposing this in my opinion criminal and chronic stalker of suvivour groups while promoting AA like he wrote the big book himself, and he also has the uncanny ability to revise the twelve traditions at whim to suit his needs ….okay enough …..If you all want any more information about elan feel free to ask FTG to contact me …I believe this person has the means to see my e mail addy and they are welcome to contact me about elan , I post this here because I have no clue how to contact folks here myself , is there a private message sysrem in place here ..?

  • Z

    @Matt, private message system, there was but it didn’t turn out to be a safe space.

    @Pogue, the more I read on this site the more I realize that that “therapy” I went through was a virtually unadulterated AA experience, although the shrink was undercover! Amazing!

    He was like a black hole for admissions of guilt. You always had to say you were in denial about something, because if not, you’d be in denial about being in denial, which was worse.

  • The old, you can’t deny your in denial trick…….

  • Matt Hoffman

    I also have to say that I do not know how you nice people got the info about bennison posting thoses various attacks and one, the Matty one where he and 250 AA people were coming to my town and maybe “they would corrall me and .” that I percieved as a threat to commit bodily harm …..well you know …I will state for the record that I did not pass anyone these actually words of Danny Bennison to anyone here . And I honestly do not know who did .

    I also say that the names of the people that he freely posted on that other site run by Massive Attack ? that those people have been attacked by Danny Bennison to the point that I really wonder what the boy is crying about .. It stikes me as odd if you visciously try to hurt a person on the web thru your words that you can ever be taken seriously in any court of law . And there have been mutiple attacks by this person Danny Bennison on those people that he mentioned , on Massive Attacks site .

    Somebody stated that this is classic vitimizer behavor. Except in this case it seems that he attacks runs away and returns crying that he is the victim ….I for one Chris am very glad that I don’t wear his shoes or really for that matter live in his skin . In my opinion I believe what he posted in big screaming letters on Massiive Attacks thread (Monica) that he is not a criminal and that he is not insane , I believe that that nonsense to be completley and utterly false .

    But for the record I can say I have absolutley no idea how you came by Danny Bennisons attacks on me , I can only imagined that (who ever ) just found it all on the www by way of the google ……… Insane in the membrane ~Cypress Hill.

  • Matt Hoffman

    Good Night all

  • Z

    Good night, Matt! BTW claiming to be the victim after obviously harassing people is standard victimizer behavior. Amazing but true.

  • AnnaZed

    That was all very interesting. I just have one question; what the hell is electric sauce?

  • McGowdog

    To MA and JR… pants on fire? That means I’m a liar?

    Wait a minute. I was the one who said I have option 3 working for me. This meant that I had the ability to go and lurk on Sober Recovery even though they banned my IP. I did this by logging onto a server from my home computer … one from my families company… so that SR didn’t know where I was logging on from.

    Is this what you mean by messing with IP’s? If so, it’s not the same thing Cuda had talked to Tony about.

    In any case, SR lets me lurk for some reason… not that I need or want to. It’s a mess over there anyway. But I’m quite sure I’m not welcome over there and I would never try to log on there again.

  • Matt Hoffman

    AnnaZ…..I posted this as to what electric sauce was in my post dated April (th ,2011 at 12:37….. It is in my post where I mispelled that word Tampon. By rights this paragraph splits the story that I was recounting about a woman named Diane , it breaks up the continuity of the story. the paragraph below this comment here should have been under the paragraph that is above this comment from that post …………………………………… is the paragraph from that post describing electric sauce ……….electric sauce was a mixture , mixed in a giant hobart brad mixing bowl or a giant institutional pot , consisting of condiments , # ten cans of ketckup, jars of mustard , mayo , relish 3 ten cans of chocolate pudding and spit ,ashtrays were dumped in to this mixture and then it was stirred and generally laddled with a # ten ladle onto and unfortunate residents head ., people were wrapped up in sheets (mummified ) in this mixture ,though thats another story

  • Matt Hoffman

    the 3 before the word ten should be # ten ……………………after word Hobart ,should be the word brand …..and last the word following the phrase laddled with a # ten ladle onto (word should be ) an …unfortunate residents head….. ….and to think I actually proof read my post before I submitted it ….geez.

  • Q. During the last 12 months have you been associating with inferior companions due to your association with AA (like dragging a girl behind a car)?

    Q. During the last twelve months have you been following the 12 Steps with rigorous honesty (like associating with inferior companions)?

    Q. During the last 12 months do you practice the 12 Steps in ALL your affairs?

    (FTG and MA – I just thought I’d let you know that I am visiting one of my employees that I have known for the last 20 years that goes by the name Junior (not to be confused with JR), I am visiting him and he has a cousin named Jane, her last name starts with an “R”. She goes by the name of JR also. I have been letting her use my computer I just thought I’d mention it now, in case we end up with one of those Daniel Bennison,DannyB II, Heretik, Heretikreb, Cuggle and Diablo problems like at Mcgowdogs site.)

    Still waiting for Step #9

  • Ben Franklin

    As to the claims they make against you… I’m too busy wondering where they get off slamming my name the way they do.

    Business as usual. Nothing to see here. Move along. Rigorous honesty in action.

  • chris

    AA people are the most judgemental, self righteous, unspiritual, miserable group of people I have ever met or listened to in my entire life. I`m yet to meet ANYONE who practices the spiritual principles BEHIND the manipulative cult language, they call the steps. It`s really very ridiculous for someone to think they have a handle on life that HAS TO GO to a self help group. That what it is, a self help group, at best. It doesn`t seem to be HELPING that many people either.

  • All I can say is WOW!!

  • I like your handle witness4justice. As you can see there is a dark side to AA/NA and any 12 Step Program. If you believe in helping to prevent this injustice, please spread the word to all of your friends. There are many sites about this. You can help make a difference.

  • After being harassed by Danny Bennison for over a year I am well aware of the dangers of AA/NA or any other type of “Groupthink..” My “WOW” was more a reaction to this particular topic. The sheer amount of time this guy spends on harassing, stalking, manipulating and threatening people via the internet is just unreal. Honestly I thought it was just us people who spoke the truth about Elan. Good thing I know how to take a “screenshot” he likes to delete everything and then cry victim. I figured that once ELAN had closed this guy would go away. I had no idea he was doing this to other people on other sites. (Besides Facebook and I never could take him seriously after this: I had no idea he had gotten so out of control.

  • Sites like this and many others have been researching the dangers that 12 Step treatment can cause if they allow people to delve deeply into the minds of unsuspecting victims. While there are good people out there that do not mean any harm, there are also sociopaths that thrive in this environment. I am sorry you were put through this type of treatment. The more posts like this the better. Let people decide for themselves, make them aware. Make it easy to find on the internet in multiple places.

  • The sad part is that somehow the 12 step model has become mainstream gospel.
    It is used in jails, prisons and institutions.
    It is dangerous like Psychiatry.

  • I have noticed that the survivors of this tragedy have a very good support system going for themselves. There is a person claiming to be Danny Dennison writing things on the web right now. . I don’t know if he is the real one or not. But they can find someone claiming to be him by searching for “mcgowdog bogspot danny” you might want to tell them to stay away from this person if he is the same one that they think has been stalking them. If it were me I’d want to know.

  • Ya………. that is a slippery slope…..
    One day I suspect that he will mess with the wrong person.
    This guy is creepy beyond belief…I have certainly had enough of him.
    I know this sounds really messed up but I am glad he is messing with someone besides my friends and I for a change….
    If I were Wayne I would have killed him. (sloooooooowly)

  • It is strange that the Elan website is still open. I was reading it. They don’t believe in any type of medication, yet charge about $1000 a month. Is the actual facility closed down?

  • Wayne Kernochan

    They have no one there with a college degree. Giving meds would draw attention to that

  • Wayne Kernochan

    Had, sorry, its gone

  • Wayne Kernochan

    W4J, I hear ya, but I’m done killing people for a while:) Even people like Danny

  • It says that the average stay is 24-36 months. What did they do, just try and beat you into submission? I have been being stalked and written about by someone who claims to be Danny Bennison at some times and then denies it with elaborate stories. Is that what happened to you guys?

  • chris

    You could kill him, then say your sorry. “Hey, I said I was sorry, geez, what do ya want?” He`s an AA guy, he would understand that you made amends. (I in no way endorse, recommend or advise killing anybody) You have to say it real fast like those lawyers do at the end of commercials.

  • The best and really only thing to do is to let the authorities take care of this matter. The one I am talking to is saying it is all a big misunderstanding and he is taking some kind of legal action against people. I told him that he should. The only way to really get to the bottom of this story is to put it in front of a judge with all of the information. If the Danny that is talking to me does this, the truth will come out. I was looking at one facebook site on the internet that had 447 registered members talking about the incidents at Elan. I am sure that they can substantiate any claims, good or bad.

  • @JR I agree let the professionals handle it.
    They have the technology to get to the truth.

  • The No Medication was a good thing.
    Elan did have medication at one time and from what I hear they just tranquilized people to the point of being zombies. I myself sat in a corner for 5 months straight (most of the time restrained in plastic zip ties) I was not allowed to go to School.
    To learn more read this, The Elan School record of atrocities.

  • chris

    The authorities are the ones sending people like danny and others to AA in the 1st place. I know you were talking about elan and other abuses. They will bust him, then sentence him to AA, THAT would be ironic.

  • What truly amazes me is that someone would put themselves on the radar screen again. I mean why wouldn’t they just give it a break already. I do know who has the technology to figure this stuff out. The various TLA’s have what is called a “Fusion Center” in each state. There job is to find out who is stalking people on line. Maybe with the publicity of his legal actions they will get involved and he will be able to get to the truth.

    It would put my mind at ease anyway. I’d hate to be going to the local gas station for a hoagie and run into one of the impostors.

  • On McGow’s blog at the moment, Danny is claiming to have a picture of me, which is just not possible. If I thought he actually had a picture of me, I would be bummed, but I would have to shrug it off. But there is just no way that he does.

    There are no images of me associated with the handle “friendthegirl”. I have only ever used it for Stinkin’ Thinkin’. There are no pictures of me connected to friendthegirl or Stinkin Thinkin. “Friendthegirl” is the name of a comic book character:

    Also, if he had found a picture of me, he’d know that my name is not “Elsa”. Any images associated with the name “Elsa” are not me either. He has been calling me that, but it’s not my name.

    It’s likely that Danny’s just lying and doesn’t have a picture of anyone. But if he’s not, then he has a picture of an innocent, unsuspecting person who happened to fit the search terms he plugged in. There is a woman out there with no idea that this demented twist is critiquing her appearance and perhaps emailing her image to his new BFFs.

    That makes me nervous.

    Danny, if it makes you feel better to call me a troll and a throwback, then let me paint you a better picture as a sacrifice for the woman whose picture you have: I’m also bald, chinless, and snaggletoothed. I wear stained, pilled-up kitten sweatshirts and I have stink lines, flies, and dirt clouds emanating off my body. Feel free to quote me.

    If you indeed have a picture you think is me, please believe me that you are mistaken. If you leave that woman alone, I will concede that no one should read my blog because I’m too ugly to write.

  • mcgowdog

    I figured you to look like Katy Perry.

  • I wonder if people realize that if this person is stalking you or the person he thinks you are, and he sends his friends a a picture in an attempt to to harass that person. They are guilty of “intent” to commit a crime, especially if it travels across state lines. If they send it to you saying this is the person who may be trying to stalk you, that is not considered “intent” to commit a crime, becauase they mean no harm. The recipients of those emails would probably have thier computers confiscated for forensic testing. That could really be a big hassle, especially if it was used for a home business and had all of thier financial records on it with a program like quickbooks.

  • MA

    I’d show everyone the picture I have of you, but this is a family blog.

  • chris

    This guy is a real insecure little boy isnt he?

  • Matt Hoffman

    Hi Witness4Justice

    I agree 100% with you on letting the professionals take care of it , and I am certainly a witness to how Danny Bennison , if that is indeed his name ,attacked you in very horrible ways. I felt very badly for you because his words to you were so downright mean and hateful. It was apparent that he was really trying to hurt you and cause you serious emotional duress .

    I really can’t understand how a person could say such hateful and mean words , and the crazy thing about this is that he seemed to take great enjoyment in posting his low class and hateful rhetoric about you and others all over the internet . Fornits ,facebook , Massive Attacks blog ,

    Yes it made me feel bad the nasty garbage that he was posting about you , and no there was no way it was misunderstanding his posts , they were down right mean .. I can empathize how he made you feel and I admire how stong a human being that you appeared to be in the face of those butal and hurtful attacks from the one that people here know as el diablo.

    Yes Danny Bennison went off on a woman because of her avitar of a woman pirate , the “Crotch Cartoon ” (as it is known in fornits lore) and Danny really went off on this in my opinion like a misogynist posessed..

    .He also went off on this woman because she did not agree with his belief that AA did not work for the Staight survivors, because according to Danny they did not have the pure and unadulterated form of AA that he was so hell bent to promote. When in fact the woman and many others had politely tried to say to Danny that AA was good for some folks and they were glad it worked for folks , but that they did not feel that it was for them .And especially considering how some survivors of the Straight program felt that AA was used as a horrible tool of compliance to force them to get with the program .

    Though Danny being Mr. AA ,had to push on thru the fog of his ignorance and by God he was going to jam his brand of AA down these survivors of the program Straights throats ignoring their protestations, because by god his mission was pure , and if you didn’t comply to his beliefs of his brand of a thourghly promoted AA to the people . ,
    You were of the lowest of the caste of the unwashed masses ,and it appeared that since you did not accept him as your saviour then he could talk to you and treat you as the shitty poor excuse of a person that he believed you to be.

    It was either that or in my opinion he is one very sick deluded , sadistic sociopath, that has aptly named himself after the ruler of hell. I am still blown away that he travels the internet presumably looking for unsuspecting souls in my opinion to victimize and feast on their pain. Personally from what I witnessed happen to W4J and others I hope the professionals act quickly, to prevent further harm from happening in this most bazarre form of internet bullying that I have ever witnessed ,

  • So this person actually stalks his prey on line. That is sick. Hopefully no Internet or Electrical engineers are helping him to do this. That could be very bad. Hopefully the person that is posting about me is not being aided by anyone that could aid him in his stalking. If anything ever happened to anyone this person was stalking, the people who aided him would be considered accomplices and would most likely go to jail. Luckily you can’t erase your traces off of the net.

  • Wayne Kernochan

    They don’t prosecute cyber stalkers in most cases. Danny should be the exception. He needs to be prosecuted

    Tomorrow I’m starting a Face Book page where people can share information about Danny Bennison aka Diablo, and whatever other name he is hiding under. I’ll be back with a link

    He stalks us here–we’ll deal with him here until he is arrested

  • Wayne Kernochan

    There will also be information sharing on hom to deal with internet stalkers.

    Tell you friends

  • Wayne Kernochan

    “How” to deal with internet stalkers

  • Wayne Kernochan
  • Wayne that is brilliant. I especially like the links on that page to . It is heart warming to know that sites like this exist and people are actually working 24 hours a day to put a stop to stop, identify and punish people cyberstalking. It has links to help kids, teens, tweens, child pornography, cell phones, text messaging, cyberstalker profiles, getting help, reporting suspicious activity, the list is endless………….


    Friday, March 18, 2011

    I came across this on ST’s shitlist and was wondering about this guy. I don’t usually read their drivel so I have no history to fall back on. I’m sure some of you guys are familiar with him and was wondering what the consensus was. He seems ok to me, but I haven’t read all his stuff yet. Diablo – you’ve spent some time with ST, any story here?

    heretikreb said…

    Diablo here,
    I have no story here. DannyS has the respect of FTg though.
    What a post, thanks Joe.
    I have to process this info t/o the weekend. I hope we can generate some conversation here.
    March 19, 2011 4:23 PM
    heretikreb said…

    March 19, 2011 4:24 PM


    dannys ….. joe….. Diablo….. intent….

  • Ha, oh jeez. That’s not our shit list.

  • Lucy

    I have a friend (actually a former sponsee) who was stalked by someone on the internet. She called the police and got a restraining order. When she found the stalker following her again, she had him arrested.

    All she had to do was to present the messages.

  • MikeAugustine

    Mcgowdog is joking now about being labled an anti-semite. I believe the comment he had once made was something to the effect that a Jew is capable of diving into a cesspool and coming back up holding two gold coins.

    Shameless, pathetic racist.

  • I believe that someone stated on this thread “I don’t really know Diablo to be honest.”. I believe that person owes me a Step #9 – unless they are aiding and abetting and do not follow the 12 Steps in all thier affairs.

    McGowdog said…

    Hey Diablo! Nice breakdown of the crew… or as Joe says, “little folks” or whatever.

    You got some street cred over at ST, huh? They claim you tried to hack your way in with other usernames or whatever… the same stuff that got TonyJ and Karl busted. Me on the otherhand… was last invited back to post at ST by none other than ftg… only to be shown the door by the misfit minions over there… none of whom evidently wield any “power”… as ftg points out… I’m not on their shit-list to date… nor was I ever… but I can proudly say I just don’t post there. I’ve referenced them from time to time here and I’ve engaged them from time to time on other blogs and boards like ( that Charlie Sheen one there.

    So Diablo, what say you… about this dumbasmud character? Is he/she/it clever because there’s almost symmetry to their username? dumsabmud? How about this one, dumbasmud? kcidnelotsahtiwflesruoykcufog.
    March 17, 2011 1:39 AM

  • chris

    These guys ACTUALLY claim to be IN AA? That says alot right there!

  • SoberPJ

    Ya know … the cyberstalking stuff should have a link here too.. given the nature of this particular environment and all…

  • Lucy

    Maybe I’m missing something here, but if Diablo is a sociopath or just mentally ill, wouldn’t the best thing be to stop doing things that agitate him? A sociopath will take it out on someone, even if it isn’t someone on here. And teasing a mentally ill person is just cruel.

  • I believe this comment by Diablower was the entire thing that started the infiltration of Daniel Bennison,DannyB II, Heretik, Heretikreb, Cuggle and Diablo (pick one) into our lives:

    Diablower at 8:58 PM March 4, 2011

    Hey Gunthy, yeah we want you got 18 years of in and out craziness and 14 rehabs and your still rolling.

    I don’t think folks want what ya got, I promise you that. Hey be talking with you at 3pm EST tomarrow on your radio blog with Crispers the whackjob clown.

    **** The above was posted after the following comment by another poster ****

    at 7:42 PM March 3, 2011

    Oh… I see you’ve resorted to lies now.

    I’ve been sober for well over 4 years and I have no desire to drink.

    diablo… I’d appreciate if if you’d stop the cyber-stalking. This is getting way out of hand. YOU ARE SCARING ME. PLEASE STOP.

    The emails and the harassment need to stop right now. We don’t agree and we should be able to disagree without smearing each other with lies.

    Self-empowerment is the cornerstone of my sobriety, and that seems to bother you quite a bit. I am also an advocate for progressive change in the addiction treatment industry.

    When I point out that there is evidence that AA is not an effective method to stop drinking I do it because I care about people who are forced to undergo an unsolicited religious indoctrination in the name of addiction treatment… I do it because I think it’s not fair to waste people’s lives on superstitious nonsense… I want to help.

    Please stop stalking me or I’ll call the police.


    You see folks, this is what corporate AA breeds, with the active participation of sociopaths who have no other agenda but to stalk you. It can be on the Internet, phone, in a 12 Step call or any multiple ways. They will constantly lie to you and make up stories about how it was thier friends, neighbors, cousins or someone else that did it. They will flat out lie to your face. I don’t know if AA could be a good thing, all as I see is the devastation that people like this do to other people. They are the disgrace of corporate AA (Yes it is a corporation, look at the cover page of your big book, the name is right on the bottom).

  • Lucy – I believe that the Internet has already spoken. Nothing was posted to harm anyone on this blog. It was posted as informational only to protect people. Changes are already being made because of this. Please go to the following site and read the posting at 10:24 AM PST on Monday, April 11, 2011. Many changes have been made:

  • Lucy, I understand what you’re saying, but I think it’s important to piece this all together publicly… use the light of day as disinfectant. I think it’s more dangerous to be afraid of provoking him at this point. He’s insinuating himself into venues under different handles, lying about who he is, and in the case of massiveattack, approaching someone he can sort of separate from the community. He’s doing that right now, in real-time. And he did that here as “cuggle”, too. So that’s his MO.

    The people from elan make it clear that this has been his MO for a long time.

    If he is indeed sociopathic and he’s sniffing around our sandbox, I think the best thing to do is to air it all out — make it impossible for him to keep trying.

    I almost didn’t bother saying anything about the picture of me he claims to have, but then it occurred to me that if he does have a picture, it’s not of me, which means that he’s stalking someone else. My intent wasn’t to provoke him at all or make fun of him, but to make it clear to him and everyone he’s associating with that whoever that is has to be left alone immediately.

  • MikeAugustine

    Learned the hard way a long time ago about the danger of placating bullies.

  • MA and I just had a conversation and decided to close this thread. Our intent, as I said, was to shine light on this, but it is definitely turning dark in here. We wanted to make sure that everyone knew who this dude is and also point out that he is someone who has been thriving in the rooms for over 20 years.

    Elan alumni are so welcome to participate on the blog forevermore. I hope you all stick around. Thank you so very much for your input and information!

    We’d like to direct any further discussion of this matter to the website Wayne Kernochan created:

    Just edited my comment to add one thing: Wayne, you might want to think about moving your new page to a blog — get a wordpress or blogger account — because facebook isn’t very secure. Anyone who joins your group will be exposing their contact information.

  • daniel bostdorf

    January 8, 2013

    After 40 years, troubling questions still remain about child abuse in Maine.

    New book seeks justice for former residents of Elan.

    They are souls still seeking justice, if not vengeance.
    The former residents of Elan, tortured as teenagers at a center for troubled adolescents in Maine, want reparations for their abuse.

    Elan operated for nearly 40 years in Poland Spring until it voluntarily closed in 2011 because many of its former residents – now adults referring to themselves ” survivors” – waged a campaign to tell their experiences via social media and anti-Elan websites. Their negative publicity resulted in declining enrollment and the eventual shuttering of the facility.

    Author Maura Curley hopes the survivors of Elan will find the resolution other victims of child abuse are granted, often belatedly. Her updated book, Duck in a Raincoat, sheds new light on a story that has never been fully explored or explained, and it raises even more questions about for profit residential centers for teenagers, their origins and the people who run them.

    Two decades ago Curley wrote a scathing portrait of Joe Ricci, Élan’s founder, racetrack owner, and two-time candidate for governor. The book included interviews with former residents and investigators from three states that independently corroborated Elan’s bizarre punishments.

    Now Curley has issued an Amazon Kindle edition with a new introduction, chapter updates and a dramatic epilogue. The Kindle edition includes new testimony from former Elan residents at Michael Skakel’s murder trial in 2002, a damning report by investigators from New York’s Department of Education in 2007, as well as Curley’s December 2012 interview with former Maine state senator Bill Diamond, who helped Elan renew its Maine’s Department of Education licensing for the past 15 years . Curley also includes reactions from former Elan residents, after the facility’s closure.

    The book includes stunning revelations of psychological manipulation, drug use, child abuse, and the alleged manipulation of a jury that awarded Ricci $15 million verdict from a suit he filed against his bank. Curley also reveals how Ricci got the iconic 60 Minutes to feature a flattering portrayal of him as a quintessential victim, while he was tyrannizing others.

    Elan residents have previously posted excerpts from Curley’s original book via social media and on anti Élan websites, prompting more Elan’s survivors to tell their stories. Curley says she wrote the update, to provide another voice to the victims of Elan, many of whom she met after writing the first edition of Duck in a Raincoat.

    She says, “ Many former residents have died by their own hand and others, devastated by their abuse, are still seeking justice from a system that repeatedly ignored their claims of well-documented and widely corroborated horrors.”

    In the new edition Curley is more outraged by the continuation of abuse 20 years after she first documented it, because of what she has learned since.

    She states, “Apathy and ignorance are inexcusable when it comes to regulating the
    welfare of minors” and says “it’s not too late to hold the Elan administrators and the
    state of Maine accountable…”

    Elan made both Ricci and his partner Dr. Gerald Davidson millionaires many times over. It wasn’t until Davidson was dying of cancer that he finally revealed the truth about his partner. A prominent Massachusetts psychiatrist, and former Harvard University professor.
    Davidson even lent Curley his medical textbooks to illustrate Ricci’s psychopathic personality.

    Curley states that In the final year of Elan’s operation tuition was $54,000 per student.
    Conservative math puts Elan’s four decades of profits in the hundreds of millions.

    A journalist and insider, who once worked for Ricci, Curley meticulously chronicles abuses at Elan, which she didn’t discover until after she stopped working for Ricci. She also relays her first person account as a marketing consultant for Ricci’s companies and his campaign for governor. Ricci died in 2002, but Sharon Terry, Ricci’s widow continued to operate Elan with senior staff, dating back to the 1970s, until she closed it last year.

    Look Inside Duck in a Raincoat at Amazon

  • violet

    This is a really well written piece; I had forgotten how amazing the writing is on here. I might go back to the beginning and start over. Hope all is well and you guys are still writing something, somewhere. D. might be lingering on OPF (I know, I know, not your problem!)