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In an update on Michael Toole, an AA and former federal judge who got caught taking bribes and evading his taxes (but in a rigorously honest way). His attorney is wanting to seal character reference letters written by his fellow AAs, from public view. Sadly, the judge agreed.

I personally don’t care to see the actual letters, as I know they contain the standard nonsense about how he has changed his life around over to AA, how serene he is now, and how AA God™ has magically rid him of the character defects that caused him to lie and cheat his way around in life. It’s the standard dogma, no doubt.

I would, however, like to see the names of those who gave the references. They are no doubt a colorful bunch of serenity seekers who found their way into AA in much the same way the good judge did – but now they somehow believe they are absolved from those things because they practice a new religion. It’s like a prisoner who has suddenly found Jesus, getting a character reference from his cellmate. It doesn’t mean a lot.

Attorney: Letters for Toole private

  • Lucy

    Well said.

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  • MA

    Sorry, Anna. I just added it.

  • The article on the Michael Toole letters from AA members has a very interesting point. AA directly influences the decisions of the court, government counsel and the probation office and it is not talked about in open court. Is this how people end up court mandated into AA while the Courts and AA members deny it (loophole)? The publishing of the letters, or the names of who wrote them could close this loophole.

    “Alcoholics Anonymous members are entitled to what the second word of their name suggests: anonymity,” Nocito said. “While they yielded that anonymity to the extent that the court, government counsel and the probation office would view their letters, they still have a privacy right which defeats disclosure of the letters … .”

  • thanksMA
    this is disgusting!

  • flannigan

    I would write a character reference letter for Judge Toole but I am aware that he has none.
    Seriously, AA members who wrote and signed letters in support of Judge Toole have already waived their “anonymity” and letters and writer names should be released. Can’t have your cake and eat it too. And why the hell are AA members getting involved with judicial system? Absurd.

  • chris

    He will either be let off easy because toole has some dirt on that judge or because he`s an associate. You can attend meetings in prison too ya know, if you really really want to go that bad. But, that probably wouldnt be the same would it?

  • SoberPJ

    This just fries me. Character references from self-admitted, broken-brained, powerless, delusional faith-healing AA Corporation members. And they are sealed??? How does it get more ridiculous than this ?? I mean, really. I’m beside myself on this one.

    Where does the AA Corporation get its power? That whole thing represents societal power on the part of AA Corporation members. Where does that undefined entitlement come from?? Seriously? How does the AA Corporation command such deference in so many ways? It boggles my mind. The reality is they don’t even come close to deserving it. A coporate program of lies and manipulation deserves special treatment? I have been rocketed into the fourth dimension alright.

  • chris

    I still dont get where they come up with that they`ve helped MILLIONS of people recover. If they only have 2 million members NOW, and most of those people are new. Where are all the fucking people. The millions and millions of people they`ve saved. If its a life long dedication process, the numbers do not add up. It really is enough to piss somebody off, like me for instance.