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Listen to her sing!! Beautiful massive!


  • Lucy

    Go, Massive!

  • Z

    Amazing singer!!!

  • I’m sorry I can’t embed these. It doesn’t give me the option… Massive, you need a youtube channel!

  • Lucy, Z, Thanks

    ok I’ll post it up on youtube.

  • AndyM

    Congratulations on finding your voice,ma! It’s a great voice.

  • darfieldboy

    Where’s Community gone to??

  • Rick045

    Good job Massive Attack, enjoyed your singing!

  • Andy , Rick, thanks
    I miss the community pages too
    I used them alot
    Guess I need to let it go!

  • AntiDenial

    I love it! It made me cry.You are making a difference Massive.
    Keep up the good work! Beautiful,beautiful voice………..

  • chris

    i watched the video, it was good. im a metal head as far music goes, but, you do have very good singing voice.

  • chris

    i said that as i was listening to tupac, ha.

  • Thanks chris and Antidenial,
    yea I like “Handle Bars by Flobots but maybe in my next video…

  • i miss the community pages, too. i though t it was not a big deal, but i miss them. however, i understand what a headache it must’ve been to manage them, for sure. love you all. 🙂 massive, you are a total badass. glad to know you. xo

  • also, do you have any other public recordings of your voice, massive?

  • Martha

    Posting this here because it is related to the lack of safety around AA these days. In Seattle there was a fire last night at an Alano Club. Fire investigators found safes forced open, burglary tools and evidence of arson. My guess is that someone who had been there knew where the safes were located possibly from attending meetings to case out the place:

  • MikeAugustine

    @massive, awesome video and message. thanks!

  • AntiDenial

    How do people find it on youtube?

  • thanks all!!

    aa puff piece newspaper stories,

    just google this and it’s at the top.

    Interesting story about Alano Club going up in flames in Seattle. thanks for that one Martha!

  • AntiDenial

    But will it pop up when people do other AA type searches?
    I am not very youtube literate-just hoping you get some hits
    out there!

    We need to follow up on the Alano Club and see if they do determine if it was an AA

  • Massive Attack! That was fantastic AND, your voice is amazing! Great job! Thank you for making that video. I agree with FTG! You need your own youtube channel! That would be awesome. *stinkin-thinkers unite*

    While I have ya on the line, I want to let you guys know that I am taking a break from blogging and social media for a few weeks, so I can focus on getting my life back on track. I’ll be around, just not so much. I’m “REELING IT IN,” for a bit, as well.

    Take Care, Everyone XXX

  • AntiDenial

    I read that LA article you mentioned. It was not just a puff piece-but BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I could hardly read the whole BORING journey.Who really does that woman think she is that we really CARE about her BORING little trip. I want to read NEWS in a NEWSPAPER-not AA propaganda!

  • AnnaZed

    Finally at the computer with the headphones i get hear massiveattack singing; she’s great!

  • Violet, yes Im on itunes. write me at my email here.
    AnnaZed, thanks:)
    Castle..made me laugh!
    I did not go to my meeting tonight!!!!!!I went ti PTA meeting for my son’s school. It felt so wonderful and free!!!
    Im going to start up the radio show again soon. Trying to think up a good name.