This is what I’ve been trying to say.

My blogger crush, John Cole, just said it way better than I ever did. So, I am going to link to this post forevermore.

What the man said:

Lighten Up, Francis: An Illustrated Guide to Balloon Juice Commenting Policy.


  • infulleffect

    what does ‘No Poofters” mean?

  • speedy0314

    no poofters.

    more cowbell.

  • AndyM

    As an erstwhile occasional amateur player of the pink oboe (I didn’t practise enough to become truly proficient) I must register the strongest possible objection.

  • AndyM

    I a not a “poofter(a term to which I take exception). Neither is my boyfriend. My ex-wife, on the other hand, is a bit of a dominatrix, or should that be dominatrice?) She reminds me of my dad, but without the handlebar moustache.

  • AndyM


  • ez


  • AndyM

    Gene Hunt’s brilliant. I never watched the TV series but I bought “The Future of Modern Policing” recently and it’s definitely on my all time fave list.

  • AndyM

  • truebeliever

    If I needed rainbow smoke blown up my arse I’d go to a meeting.

  • infulleffect

    So…is ‘poofter’ a derogatory slur for a gay man? If it is, then I find its use totally unacceptable, here.

  • infulleffect, you can think something’s unacceptable to you, but you simply cannot “find” anything “totally unacceptable here.” This is not the public commons.

    Update: I just deleted my rude response to infulleffect. Sorry about that. I hold by what I say above though.

    It cracks me up that someone would get all PC about a nerdy reference to an MP skit.

  • MikeAugustine

    I’m sure Graham Chapman is smiling down on us at this very moment, taking comfort in the fact that ‘infulleffect’ has his back. Ouch, that didn’t come out as I intended. /-;

  • Mona Lisa

    Some people are simply too smart for the program.

  • truebeliever

    Oh my God you are right. A poofter is a gay man.

    Poo= rectal
    F= intercourse
    ter= to practice

    Do you guys think it was OK that I mentioned rainbow smoke in the same sentance with arse?

  • Z

    Ask tintop. Is he still around?

  • Martha

    @ MikeAugustine, John Cleese speaks at Graham Chapman’s funeral:

    About Chapman:
    “Chapman was a vocal spokesman for LGBT rights, and in 1972 he lent his support to the fledgling newspaper Gay News, which publicly acknowledged his financial and editorial support by listing him as one of its “special friends”. In 1971, Chapman and Sherlock adopted John Tomiczek as their son. Chapman met Tomiczek when the teenager was a runaway from Liverpool. After discussions with Tomiczek’s father, it was agreed that Chapman would become Tomiczek’s legal guardian, and Tomiczek later became Chapman’s business manager. Tomiczek died of a heart attack in 1992.[2]”

  • MikeAugustine

    @Martha, thanks. Chapman will always be my knight in shining armor.

  • truebeliever

    Martha- That’s f-‘in hilarious…

  • chris

    i cant say i dislike monty python, its just hard for me to understand the accent. i didnt understand benny hill all that much either, but, thats not why i watched that particular show. one piece of advice i try to adhere to today is, one time i was in treatment and everybody was laughing as they were watching “that 70`s show”, i was blown away by it, because i dont find it funny. but, the counselor lady said, “chris, its ok for them TO like it and its ok for you NOT to like it.” , she shut me right the eff up. ha

  • AndyM