3-Year Old Alkie

A three-year old in Britain has been clinically diagnosed as the country’s youngest alcoholic. No doubt because he/she is spiritually deficient, and full of anger and resentment. It will be interesting to see how this kid acts during a share session. I know that when I was three, I didn’t want to share anything.

3-year old child considered England’s youngest alcoholic…ever

  • AndyM

    I suppose we should feel a sense of national pride over this.

  • Mike O

    This horrific circumstances of this child does not make them “alcoholic” any more than a tragic case of a crack addicted baby makes the child a “crackhead”. This is just child abuse, pure and simple. I just hope that the child has been removed from the home by now and its caregivers prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Mike O

    The horrific circumstances…sorry.

  • Vera

    Poor kid, I agree with Mike definately a case of child abuse/neglect. If this wasn’t so sad I would make joke about his disease doing push ups out in the playground.

  • Ben Franklin

    Maybe its JD’s kid.

  • Acacia H

    Well let me tell you all. I drank whilst pregnant, because I was addicted! My son is fine as far as I know. But I obviously see that the acceptance you get in AA. But I was honest to know and understand that I could only tell this info to AA. I do not feel that I can truly be honest in this blog, without being slagged off in the same wy as JD and his parenting. We all make mistakes. My children are fine, but I don’t feel I can be trueful in this blog again. I will go some where else. Where peeps don’t get to be told to fuck*****

  • hulahoop

    Ben Franklin says Maybe its JD’s kid.

    Maybe they hired his nanny seeing as how she did such a great job with JD’s son and all.

    Acacia H says –Well let me tell you all. I drank whilst pregnant, because I was addicted! My son is fine as far as I know. But I obviously see that the acceptance you get in AA. But I was honest to know and understand that I could only tell this info to AA. I do not feel that I can truly be honest in this blog, without being slagged off in the same wy as JD and his parenting. We all make mistakes. My children are fine, but I don’t feel I can be trueful in this blog again. I will go some where else. Where peeps don’t get to be told to fuck*****

    Has anyone told you to fuck off? Nope. Has anyone been rude to you? Nope? Have you ever been put down because of anything you posted? Nope.

    You do what you have to do. I’ve read about it on two different threads now. But don’t try to make villains out of the other posters on this site. Really, it is better to write a bazillion word essay in response to a post to someone using flowery language to tell someone to go fuck themselves or is it better to cut to the heart of the matter by using one simple sentence? “Go fuck yourself.” “You are full of shit?” Whatever. At least it saves time and the point gets across just as effectively.

  • I knew a guy in the 70’s who feed his baby beer in his bottle.

    My DAD was given a mixture of coffee, whiskey and milk in his bottle.
    My DAD never liked aa . He died in 2008 from all of the above mentioned.
    Sad, sad, cry , cry.
    AA who don’t have compassion can go &^%$ them selves. SO sorry Gunthar.

  • causeandeffect

    massiveattack, I’m sorry about your father.

    This child’s parents should be in prison! I just can’t believe anyone would give a baby alcohol. Oh gawd the brain damage. How could they?

  • Z

    @Acacia I’m sure a lot of peoples’ mothers drank while pregnant. I’m sure your son is fine.

  • hulahoop

    Sheeiittt! How many mothers drank and didn’t find out they were pregnant until a few months later? No, you shouldn’t give alcohol to your child, but I’ve known plenty of mothers who gave their kids paragoric (sp?) like mine gave to my sister because my sister had colic and nobody in the house got any sleep. I was eleven at the time. I remember my dad leaving the house to check in to a hotel because he couldn’t take it anymore and he needed sleep to go function at the job that supported his family. My sister ruled roost with it. We all slept around her schedule.

    Again, I don’t endorse giving your kid alcohol nor drinking or drugging when you are pregnant. But I do remember the colic episode with my sister. None of us slept for days. My poor mom finally used the best option given to her so the family could get some rest. Mom fought giving my sister anything. My sister is not a dope addict nor an alcoholic because of it.

    Yes, I’ve seen plenty of moms giving benedryl (sp?), paragoric (sp?) and other things in the name of just getting some much needed sleep for themselves. Does that make them bad mothers? Hell no. It means they are human and need to get some sleep in order to do the best job they can at raising the child.

  • Eddie Spaghetti

    If he’s an alcoholic they better get his ass in the program. It’s the only way. Maybe he can give his 5th step to his headstart teacher.

  • AndyM

    If I had been born female and got pregnant when I had a problem I’d say it would be odds on I’d have drunk too. Actually in the UK medical experts can’t seem to make up their minds whether it’s OK to drink (a bit) in pregnancy. In Victorian times it was commonplace to feed babies alcohol and even opium.
    Sorry about the knee-jerk sarcasm of my earlier post, btw. Having read the article, it really is sad. A toddler being fed so much booze he has the DTs is abject.

  • flannigan

    No 3 year old can be an “alcoholic”. It is impossible. Suffering from withdrawal from alcohol does not make one “alcoholic”. It is merely his body’s response to removal of a substance to which it become accustomed to. That is not ANYBODY’S definition of alcoholism. Withdrawal is not the DT’s. Withdrawal can be uncomfortable, DT’s can be deadly.

  • Eddie Spaghetti

    Well Flannigan, I think there might be a place for him in AA. Remember, Bill W. said we are born alcoholics and exhibited alcoholic thinking/traits since childhood. It stands to reason that this kid should start his ego deflation before his self will runs riot. Just think, he has a chance to get his 10 year chip by 7th grade, and if he maintains lifelong sobriety, he could gain legendary status by being the first person to get a 75 year chip.

  • flannigan

    @Eddie Spaghetti
    I know you are joking but I consider Bill Wilson and AA the most dishonest fraud ever foisted on sick, vulnerable people. The medical community should be ashamed of themselves for going along with this deceitful sham. “It works if you work it”- mind-boggling. What man of science/doctor could possibly recommend this drivel?

  • Unfortunately he will be marked for life as an Alcoholic. His juvenile records will follow him until he becomes of majority and then probably continue with him until old age. If he joins AA he will tell many people in his Drunkalogs, that is if they do not force him to go to Alateen before this and his school councilors and children services find out about it. His life will be screwed forever. Hopefully they will not go that route and give him a chance to live his life like a normal person. He should block this tragic event from his mind and go on, not relive it over and over again. Chances are at 3 years old he will not remember most of it anyway.

  • Eddie Spaghetti

    I agree. However, I think the phrase “it works if you work it” is one the most unintentionally profoud truths AA offers. Mainly, any program of not drinking works if not taking a drink is part of working the program. If my “program” of sobriety involves playing video games all day, kicking puppies, and abstaining from alcohol, I’ll go to sleep sober everynight if I do those three things. Although the all day video games and puppy kicking are unnecessary and harmful, I can rightfully say that my sobriety program as whole works as long as I obey the not taking the first drink part.

  • humanspirit

    I’m a bit surprised that the report says the NHS (UK’s National Health Service) defined this child as an alcoholic, and my feeling is that this is just how the newspapers have interpreted it as it’s more headline-grabbing. The poor kid suffered withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, but this doesn’t make him an alcoholic any more than “crack babies” are drug addicts, and I can’t see any doctor labelling him as such.

    It’s an incredibly shocking story, and I think the parent(s) will probably be put away for along time for child abuse (rightly). Let’s hope he now gets the chance to live some kind of normal and happy life.

  • @humanspirit – I hope you are right. I just hope they don’t label him at such an early age and sentence him to remember it for the rest of his life.

  • AndyM

    Flannigan was right to correct my use of the term “DTs” . Regarding the other concern that the child will be labelled “alcoholic” for life, I think this is still unlikely in the UK. This is not for want of trying on the part of 12 step advocates. One reason I support the movement against pervasive institutionalised aa influence is that I’d hate to see the 12 step monster get its tentacles around the medical and judicial establishment as it obviously has done in the States.

  • Eddie Spaghetti


    HOUSTON — A mother has been accused of letting her 20-month-old daughter get drunk.

    Lashwanda Allen

    WATCH IT: Mom Arrested After 20-Month-Old Gets Drunk
    Lashwanda Allen, 32, has been charged with endangering a child. She was arrested Wednesday night.

    Houston police said one of Allen’s friends became alarmed Feb. 21 when she found Allen far from her apartment without her five children.

    The friend went to check on the children and found the 20-month-old drunk and a 4-month-old tangled in bed sheets, turning blue, investigators said.

    Detectives said blood-alcohol tests showed the toddler’s level was above the legal limit allowed for Texas drivers.

    “The blood-alcohol content was 0.09, which is above the legal limit for an adult to drive,” prosecutor Nathan Hannigan said.

    She had apparently been drinking Four Loko, police said.

    Allen’s friends said she is a good mother, and they think her behavior was affected by prescription drugs she was taking for depression.

    “What we have seen with our own eyes is the effect of the prescription, that he, the legal doctor of America gave her,” friend Creshenna Abraham said.

    “Basically, if you’re on so much medicine, how can you take care of five kids?” friend Traneiece Caine said.

    Police said Allen admitted that she had been drinking Four Loko, an alcoholic drink that is outlawed in some places. Investigators said she told them she was drinking while she was in bed with the kids and fell asleep. When she woke up, she saw her daughter on the floor with the empty can, police said.

    Detectives said Allen admitted that the girl appeared to be intoxicated, but she did not call for an ambulance because she was afraid of losing her children.

    Allen’s children are living with relatives under the supervision of Child Protective Services.

    If convicted, Allen faces up to two years in prison.