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Heads Up


Yesterday, a new member named “cuggle” was posting in the neverending thread: March 13 12:34

After a few people responded to him, I found a comment from diablo in the spam filter (where all his comments go, because he is on the blacklist). I thought the comment was bizarre, even for diablo, but then realized that this was actually cuggle’s response to JRH and Mike. Apparently, diablo had forgotten to clear his info from the comment form and replace it with cuggle’s (click to embiggen):

Cuggle/diablo wasn’t on my radar — he steered clear of me. But I know he was working on ingratiating himself with some of you. Since he’s coming in through proxies, I can’t keep him from creating new handles or re-registering on the community pages. The best I can do is whack-a-mole. So, I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of this, and please be so careful about sharing your personally identifiable information with anyone.

UPDATE: Diablo is having a meltdown in the moderation folder (click on the image and read from the bottom up):