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He Was Bored.

Here’s another sexual predator who has been anonymously sitting in AA meetings next to your daughters, sisters, aunts, friends, mothers, grandmothers.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A man accused of violating the online privacy of women by making public their intimate photos was portrayed Thursday by his lawyer as a naive, bored young person who had a drinking problem and didn’t recognize the public embarrassment he was causing.

Defence attorney Monica Lynch said her client George Bronk was immature, unemployed and killing time while he cared for his ailing parents and made a hobby of trolling women’s Facebook pages, looking for their emails and gleaning enough personal information to answer basic Internet security questions.

He would then search for nude or seminude photos and videos the women had sent to their husbands or boyfriends, and distribute the images to the contact lists of the women, authorities said.

Bronk, 23, pleaded guilty in January to charges including computer intrusion, false impersonation and possession of child pornography. The state attorney general’s office wants him to serve six years in prison. A probation officer is recommending four years behind bars.

Lynch said her client should get probation.

“He was bored and he was drinking, and his entertainment was sitting in front of his computer and doing these things,” Lynch told The Associated Press outside court. “He is gentle, and he is sweet, and I do not see him fitting into the mainstream prison population.”

Prosecutors countered that Bronk was stalking the women. He changed their email passwords to take control of their accounts, taunted some of the women in online exchanges, and coerced at least one woman into sending him more explicit photographs by threatening to distribute the pictures he already had, authorities said.

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He was bored. If you’re a 23 year old guy who lives in a country where every damn thing you could ever want or ever want to know or do or achieve or explore is right in front of you, and you’re bored… you deserve to be locked up.

Yeah, that’s why.

Lucy just posted this link in the comments, but it is begging for a thread crashing. It is such a nasty piece of passive aggressive, sanctimonious AA gaslighting that I think I should issue a trigger alert for people who are still untangling their minds.

7 Reasons Charlie Sheen May Hate AA So Much

In one of the myriad interviews he gave over the last week, Charlie Sheen said clearly that he hates AA.

A lot of people have trouble with Alcoholics Anonymous. AA is full of people and people can be messy and flawed.

The human train wreck formally known as Charlie Sheen is a common sight in the AA meeting halls. The only difference between Mr. Sheen and other self-absorbed, delusional, frantic addicts is the size of the audience to which they rant. These people do not last long in AA. They mock the Fellowship and the 12 Steps (PDF) as too religious or simplistic. AA is beneath them.

Here are a few possible reasons why Charlie Sheen might hate AA so much.

Reasons Why Charlie Sheen May Hate AA

  1. He would have to admit he is powerless.
  2. He would need to embrace Humility.
  3. Deep tissue Change would be required.
  4. He would have to be Anonymous!
  5. His Higher Power could not be Charlie Sheen.
  6. He couldn’t blame anyone else for his troubles.
  7. He would need to learn to be Grateful.

This article offers one really sound reason why anyone might hate AA.

Faith Healing


Oregon House set to vote on a bill that would eliminate faith healing as a defense for murder…

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon House is nearing a vote on a bill that would remove legal protections for parents who refuse medical treatment and rely on faith to heal their dying children.

Lawmakers will vote on the measure on Thursday.

The measure targets an Oregon City church with a history of children dying after their parents refused secular medicine in favor of religious rituals like prayer or anointing the sick with oils.

The bill sponsored by Democratic Rep. Carolyn Tomei of Milwaukie would eliminate faith healing as a defense for murder charges. It follows a 1999 measure that eliminated the faith healing defense from some charges of manslaughter, criminal mistreatment and nonpayment of child support.

Parents found guilty of murder would be subject to long mandatory minimum sentences under Measure 11.

There aren’t many degrees of separation between prescribing prayer for diabetes and prescribing it for addiction. Would sending kids to AA* count under this new legislation?

*Could AA have chosen a creepier title for that pamphlet?