Face of Damage done by Rehab Corruption

The Face of Damage done by Rehab Corruption is in the news right now.  Unfortunately many of the faces we have recently seen are quickly becoming past history due to what can be called the “Charlie Sheen Effect”, which is taking all of the media attention. His face is the only one that people associate with this problem right now. Recently this site started a thread called “Kickbacks” that happened in Luzerne County Pennsylvania, and it has already been forgotten.  It told the story of Judge Ciavarella that sentenced 4,000 children to a Detention Center that practiced the infamous 12 Step “Hazelden Program Standards” based on AA to its clients. The children were not diagnosed with  substance abuse problems by a medical Doctor; they were arbitrarily sentenced to this program by a corrupt Judge.  Judge Ciavarella now faces a sentence estimated at anywhere from 12 to 157 years.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed the convictions of 4,000 children who were sentenced, not diagnosed with mental and substance abuse problems. The damage done to this county is substantial. Luzerne County in Pennsylvania has a population of 312,845, if you take into account that each child touches at least 10 other people in their life (Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, cousins, neighbors, friends), this means that about 1 in every 8 people in this County are directly touched by this tragedy.  The tragedy continues today and will continue for a long time. The 4,000 children of this county have been sentenced to a lifetime of problems.

The families and some of the now adults who were subjected to this treatment have started a Class Action suit against Judge Ciavarella. Unfortunately the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that he can not be held accountable for sentencing them. This is the same court that dismissed the 4,000 convictions that he handed out.

Read more: http://thetimes-tribune.com/news/judge-ciavarella-conahan-immune-from-civil-suits-for-in-court-actions-1.433769#ixzz1FJedz0Dj

One mother, Sandy Fonzo,  has been very vocal about the fact that her son, Edward Kenzakoski, committed suicide because of the depression he suffered after being subjected to this treatment. It now turns out that the father, believing that the Court and Rehab System would teach his son a lesson, planted the drug paraphernalia in his truck, because he believed that the system would help his son. He was duped by what he heard in the media about these systems as being infallible.

Read more: http://thetimes-tribune.com/news/father-of-suicidal-man-in-kids-for-cash-case-i-basically-framed-him-1.1109221#axzz1FIzOTYx9

Let us not forget the faces of this tragedy. You can see and read about them on the following pages:

Read and see the faces: http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2011/02/22/grieving_mom_screams_at_pa_judge_becomes_symbol/?rss_id=Boston.com+–+Latest+news

See the video: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/2011/02/21/exp.am.carroll.ciavarella.cnn?iref=allsearch

Rehab Info: http://www.midatlanticyouth.com/services/therapy.shtml

  • Gunthar2000

    These people will stop at nothing.
    They’ll jail your children… infiltrate your family and turn them against you, and even have you committed if you refuse to follow the program.

  • mikeblamedenial

    Thanks for putting it back up. JD, I would particularly like to hear your take on this one.

  • hulahoop

    Gunthar2000 says These people will stop at nothing.
    They’ll jail your children… infiltrate your family and turn them against you, and even have you committed if you refuse to follow the program.

    Well no shit. The cause must have fresh meat. Without fresh meat it will die. The primary purpose of AA isn’t to cure anything. It is to keep on keeping on and while turning a profit. Otherwise they wouldn’t go along with being fed people from the big rehab money making machine. I wonder how much of this shit is intertwined. Like say I have my very own special group or several of them. I also have my hands in a sober house or two and also some stake in a couple of the local rehabs too. Great…I make money off of people going to rehab, I make money off of that rehab sending people to live in my sober house, and I make some more money because people attending my meetings will recruit others for me. There are also shows on television doing free recruiting for me too. Those shows might say they are about intervention, relapse, and rehab…that is bullshit. AALL of them are one big informercial for the industry.

    What a crock of shit and what a joke this whole rehab thing has been turned in to. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so fucking sad. People are living their lives in misery and dying. The people who are making money off it don’t give a damn as long as the money keeps pouring in. It is no different than human trafficking, using underage girls for prostitution rings, slave labor at slave wages in other countries (here too, I am not that naive), and all of the other ways people exploit other people to for financial gain. Only this particular way is 100% legal and blessed and even paid for by insurance companies and our government. What a scam.

  • JD

    Sounds like a Soprano’s subplot.

    Two crooked judges getting large money kickbacks, ratted out by a mob guy turned Government informant. Using some connected attorneys they get 95% of the charges dropped and the judge gives the former judge a possible 12 years, which he appeals while living life outside and another appeals judge will later likely reduce it to 4, out in 3.

    If he goes inside at all, which I’d say is even money.

  • AndyM

  • http://duischooltruth.wordpress.com/ JR Harris

    Actually JD you are correct. This story was broke to the FBI by a mob informant, not the good citizens of Luzerne County. It is a Sopranos Sub Plot. Racketeering to the tune of $2,819,500 in which indictments are being sought. Currently they have 11 indictments due to this tragedy. This is the original FBI press release.


    This FBI press release outlines some of the School District Officials who were also in on this scheme, as well as many others:


    If you search for the FBI press releases on this case, you will find that this is corruption at it’s worst and the FBI is actively following it.

  • http://stop13stepinaa@wordpress.com massiveattack

    jr harris
    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed the convictions of 4,000 children who were sentenced, not diagnosed with mental and substance abuse problems.

    How can this be??
    OMG Im reading the part about the FBI…I told my husband this summer I should call them about the problems I am seeing here.

  • http://stop13stepinaa@wordpress.com massiveattack

    JR Harris,

    Great Work! Thank you for getting me back on track. Although I think what he has done is good for the Hollywood Celebs AA members. He is the only one who has ever spoke out directly putting down AA. I relate to him in that way. No one has ever done what I have done inside AA at this level, and I was ostracized.

    But the stuff in PA is huge! so thanks again.

  • tintop

    “Sounds like a Soprano’s subplot. ‘
    another cop out post from foster, ST resident poltroon.

  • tintop

    Good work, JR.

  • Lucy

    JR – Thank you for posting this. I saw the film of Sandy Fonzo confronting the judge. Heartbreaking.

  • http://duischooltruth.wordpress.com/ JR Harris

    This story has all of the makings of a major change agent on the way the Courts, Probation Department, and individuals view forced 12 Step programs. Even staunch AA advocates will have a hard time explaining that no damage was done to anyone because of children being forced to go to PA Childcare run by Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Corp. (MAYS).

    Given the right advocacy this even has the ability to bring the constitutional “Division of Church and State” debate to the courts. These children were sentenced to a Mental Health program by Judge Ciavarella illegally. They were given no choice and had to do this program. MAYS uses the infamous “Hazelden Program Standards” on it’s clients which is meant for people 14 years old or older. The program is extremely rooted in religion and was originally set up for Alcoholic Priests.

    Read the Hazelden History: http://www.hazelden.org/web/public/hazelden_history.page

    A judge was sentencing children illegally to a deeply rooted religious program that did irreparable harm. I think there are at least 4,000 people in Luzerne County who can relate to this. This could be the missing link we have been looking for.

  • Gunthar2000

    I think the public sees this as children being sent to jail rather than children being forced into AA.

    That’s unfortunate… Maybe some of these families should make it clear before the media.

  • Sugomom

    Why isn’t the D.A. prosecuting the father who planted the evidence? Why aren’t people outraged over this? What other story affecting 4000 innocent children got so little press. I didn’t see this on the national news. Where is Diane Sawyer when you need her?

  • AnnaZed

    @Sugomom [who asks] ~ “… Why isn’t the D.A. prosecuting the father who planted the evidence?”

    The idea of planting evidence on those considered in dire need of cult indoctrination is not new and is straight out of the AA playbook. Here’s Dr. Drew suggesting that Michael Lohan should go to any lengths including planting drugs on her to get her into treatment.


  • humanspirit

    This is a truly shocking story, but I fear Gunthar is probably right that it is the fact of these children getting sentenced for a corrupt judge’s personal benefit , rather than any investigation into the lunacy of the methods used once they were detained, that the media seems to be focussing on.

    Has this prompted much public debate about the Hazelden Program? Or the 12-step approach? (Not being the US, I really don’t know.) Some serious public investigation into these things has got to happen, corrupt judges aside, if further abuse of this nature is to be prevented.

    @Sugomom – I see your point, but I think the father was probably a victim of this whole mythology himself and I’m sure he’s suffering enough for it now. Along with all the other parents who have been duped into thinking this kind of treatment is some kind of helpful way of dealing with troublesome teenagers. I’m just amazed that just being caught with ‘drug paraphernalia’ could ever in a million years lead to a custodial sentence in any circumstances or under any kind of reasonable justice system.

    But I think this should ring alarm bells for any UK people reading, as our government is seriously looking into ways of privatizing the prison system and juvenile detention centres. Once you get a profit motive involved in these things, any notion of objective justice or interest in real rehabilitation might well go out of the window.

  • http://duischooltruth.wordpress.com/ JR Harris

    Thank you AnnaZed – We now have a link to Dr. Drew Pinsky suggesting that Drugs be planted on a loved one and involving the police to force them into Rehab for their own good. I wonder where Dr. Drew learned this trick?

    I wonder if the father of Edward Kenzakoski, or the two anonymous friends he was going to for help with his son, took the advice of people just like Dr. Drew Pinsky in this article and planted drugs on his son to help him?

  • http://duischooltruth.wordpress.com/ JR Harris

    ANOTHER VICTIM story has surfaced. The Mother is Karen Adamski and her son Brandyn Robbins committed suicide at 17 because of the depression that followed being sentenced to PA Childcare.

    To read about ANOTHER SUICIDE from depression due to this tragedy go here:


    Pictures tell a thousand words, especially in this case. You can see his friends and his accomplishments, he was only a kid and was not a hardened criminal.


  • Thinking Guy

    Where did my comment go? Too hard hitting? Basically made a statement that AA is veiled religous indoctrination and faith based BS. Said we needed to call it what it was and saw the comment post. Are you not interested in comments that bring up the reality of this faith based nonsense? Not wanting to offend your new Charlie Sheen hits?

    • MA

      Hey, Thinking Guy.

      Your comment never showed up. Maybe you inadvertently deleted it. If you wish, you may re-post it. We aren’t censoring anyone.

  • http://www.stinkin-thinkin.com friendthegirl

    Thinking Guy, You posted it in a different thread. It’s over here, right where you left it: http://stinkin-thinkin.com/2011/02/28/aas-come-out-of-their-troll-holes/comment-page-2/#comment-36181

  • causeandeffect

    Thinking Guy, welcome. We are all so extremely aware of the fact that AA is nothing more than religious indoctrination that we don’t talk about it all the time, but it definitely is discussed often. It’s just that AA is so offensive in a multitude of ways….
    You would never ever be censored for a comment like that. I did however see a comment from you saying it’s religious last night. Perhaps it was on another thread?

  • Martha

    re: “Doctor” Drew advocating planting drugs on someone.

    He is even more of a lowlife quack than I even imagined. Have any people in his profession called him out on this?

  • Thinking Guy

    Duh. I guess I am still a little defensive from my AA/AlAnon ass whipping. Sorry for the bitchy post. I guess I need to admit I am powerless over my blog user errors and putting comments in the right thread! Thanks again eveyone for letting me rant. I haven’t had many people support my atheist leaning, anti AA muckraking. Again, recovering Catholics here.

  • http://duischooltruth.wordpress.com/ JR Harris

    This entire “Cash for Kids” scandal was made possible due to the “cloak of the court” that Judge Ciavarella was hiding behind. This is how he hid his deception:

    1.) He was sending children to a 12 Step Program that would brainwash them into believing they had a problem, whether or not they actually did. Chances are they will not complain.

    2.) Children have special legal protections in regards to confidentiality. The juvenile court records are sealed. News media also has a tendency not to follow juvenile stories, unless they hit the big time.

    3.) He was sending the children to be assessed for a treatment plan to Frank Vita, Ph.D., the brother in law of the co-conspirator Judge Michael Conahan. This Doctor has been named in a class action suit for making money from the “Cash for Kids” scheme.


  • http://stop13stepinaa@wordpress.com massiveattack


    Documentary Short ” Big JOhn Radio” Predators in AA Part 1

  • Sugomom

    Fantastic Massive, really great stuff!

  • http://stop13stepinaa@wordpress.com massiveattack

    thanks! :)

  • http://duischooltruth.wordpress.com JR Harris

    Another victim of the “Kids for Cash” scheme has surfaced. Hillary Transue at the age of 14 was convicted in this “Kids for Cash” scheme for putting comments on her facebook page about her vice principal. She was sentenced to 3 months at a Hazelden type 12 Step facility for doing so.

    Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32776723/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/

    If you look, there are many new sites springing up trying to support these kids and many more are coming forward.

  • http://anonymousjr.keepandshare.com JR Harris

    UPDATE on Luzerne County Juvenile Court judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr.

    “Former Luzerne County Juvenile Court judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr., awaiting sentencing for racketeering, has abandoned a legal effort to gain access to about $250,000 he contributed to the state pension system during his 13 years on the bench.”

    “The state Department of Public Welfare alleges Ciavarella improperly incarcerated juveniles in a kids-for-cash scheme, costing the state $4 million in excessive detention costs.”


    Shouldn’t the Insurance Companies of the parents in Luzerne County be looking into recouping the costs they paid out for the 4,000 children that Judge Ciavarella illegally sent to a detention facility that was an alcohol and drug rehab? Sending 4,000 children to an on site drug rehab detention facility cost much more than $4 million. That is only $1,000 a child. Where did the other money come from?

  • AnnaZed
  • http://anonymousjr.keepandshare.com JR Harris

    Sandy Fonzo speaks on youtube. Her son Edward Kenzakoski was illegally sentenced to a Hazelden style facility by Judge Ciavarella and committed suicide because of the depression he suffered after being subjected to this treatment:

  • http://anonymousjr.keepandshare.com JR Harris

  • http://www.stinkin-thinkin.com friendthegirl

    Righteous news!

  • http://anonymousjr.keepandshare.com JR Harris

    This also provides a legal precedent where people were illegally sentenced to a Rehab Facility by a judge and he was jailed in a court of law because of it. While it is true that he made over a million dollars by doing this, it also opens up the possibility of negligence in the future. AA works heavily with the court systems and 3 major corporations with highly paid employees who profit from the sending of court mandated people to AA.This could be the start of the legal process to stop this from happening in the future.

  • http://12stepsback72.blogspot.ca/ Jason Burroughs

    Wow! Keep the rehab money machine tankng through lives! THanks for this informative article!