All Charlie All The Time

As we head into day 3 of The Great National Head Explosion about Charlie Sheen there are two items on the Stinkin’ Thinkin’ agenda:

1. In case you missed it, here’s the link to Stanton Peele’s GMA appearance.

[UPDATE: Hey, is there any tech support here that can help Stanton pull this video off the CBS site so he can post it on his blog? If so, can you write to me?]

2. mikeblamedenial brought up an interesting question in the comments, which deserves a thread:

Question: Why would the producers pull the plug on a billion dollar franchise shortly after its star publicly attacks Alcoholics Anonymous?

This is a long download, but worthy of a look. Chuck Lorre is the exec who Charlie also had harsh words for. Perhaps Charlie’s ostensible paranoia and anger have more basis in reality than is being disclosed.

And he adds:

Lest there be any doubt regarding CLARE’s direction:

  • hulahoop

    I always hated the show “Two and a Half Men.” It was the same show over and over again just like AA is the same meeting over and over again. I couldn’t bear to watch the show and I couldn’t bear to go to AA meetings anymore because it was all the same rehashed shit trying to be refried in a way to make it palatable to me on a regular basis. Good for Charlie. I don’t care what the majority says about him. I was never a fan until this week.

  • I just read the link for Clare…Lorre,
    Im sick. I live in LA, now I can feel, see what I am up against. But you know
    I have a faith, that will pull me through to understand, I we, am not alone in what we feel, hear and see at ST. With a little professional PR we can build this movement.

    WE all know how bad AA has become in some meetings and the culture itself is so barbaric, unfriendly, and cult cult cult.

    SO with that said, its good to know your enemies.
    Thanks ftg

  • truebeliever

    “Question: Why would the producers pull the plug on a billion dollar franchise shortly after its star publicly attacks Alcoholics Anonymous?”

    The 5% of the people who AA helped all work at CBS.

    I think Angus Jones who is on the cast is still under 18, this makes him a minor who could be endangered.

    I think the producers hate to shut down such a huge money maker but feel the backlash of letting the show continue outweighs the cash benefit of public resolution and continuation or restart of the show with positive publicity.

    Any business that hires someone with a substance abuse problem faces liability and damage.

  • flannigan

    @ hulahoop
    Fan or no, Charlie Sheen is out of control and he will end up a poster boy for AA’s ” I told you so”.

  • I think that Charlie Sheen will bring awareness to both sides of the AA cult debate. Both sides believe he is guilty of stinking thinking. Have you done a Google search on this yet. Try “Charlie Sheen AA cult stinking thinking”, you might be surprised.

  • Pierre13

    I have the GMA video, and I’ve attended Two and a Half Men tapings; the latter is a lot like an Burbank AA meeting — only stupid people get anything out of it, the refreshments are stale and the parking garages for both have terrible acoustics for 13th-stepping in my van with the new ladyfriends I made there.

  • Hello Pierre, my very favorite 12-Step lifestyle performance artist!

    Send the vid, mister.

  • AndyM

    I’ve never seen the programme or anything else he’s been in. I just don’t follow these things. I’m not really au fait with any of it. From my perspective, he just seems like a very bright chap with some problems who is angry.

  • mikeblamedenial

    “I think Angus Jones who is on the cast is still under 18, this makes him a minor who could be endangered.”

    Endangered in what way? At $300k per episode, the only danger to Angus is that perhaps he is overpaid, and given that, what is the worst thing that could happen?

  • mikeblamedenial

    “I’ve never seen the programme or anything else he’s been in. I just don’t follow these things. I’m not really au fait with any of it. From my perspective, he just seems like a very bright chap with some problems who is angry.”

    His $1.8million/week gig just got canceled, quite possibly because he offended 12-step propriety. Yeah, I can see where he might a bit torqued.

  • Looking at that PDF, in the Honorary Board Of Directors section, a few names pop out at me:
    Buzz Aldrin
    Jamie Lee Curtis
    Anthony Hopkins
    also on the non-honorary board Meredith Baxter

    They’re all definitely “in recovery”. The others, I don’t know, but I’d bet everything I own on it.

    Also, the host of the event. Alonzo Bodden, is a recovery comedian – – which would be a very strange choice if this were simply a charity event type of gathering. But it would make perfect sense if it were, say, an AA conference.

    Also, Drew Pinsky is a former recipient of the same award!

    Does anyone have anything that rises to the level of “proof” that Lorre is an AA member? Is he on record talking about being “in recovery” or any such thing. Based on this award, I’m convinced, but I’m looking to really make a case that the cancellation here is a function of the cult.

  • truebeliever

    “I’m convinced, but I’m looking to really make a case that the cancellation here is a function of the cult.”

    Let’s just say it is and that all those bad people listed on the Clare page are in AA.

    Now what? Witch hunt? Lynching from the old tree? Is this the end of nepotism and the entertainment industry? Show me on the doll where they touched you.

    Heck, your case is staring to make me want to go back to AA and kiss some AA-ass. Who knows, maybe there is a desk down the street at CBS with my name on it. Perhaps if I go to a meeting I’ll meet someone with a job who needs help, or get laid a couple million times.

    Yea, I hate AA as much as the next guy, the betrayal, the lies, the religion, the sick fokers at the meetings. This focus on one individual just doesn’t cut it for me. I’m more into the fundamental problems with AA that damage or kill those in the groups.

    • This is just the topic of the day. We’ll have something else to talk about tomorrow. It all has a place in the big picture.

  • truebeliever

    Thanks FTG, that puts it in perspective.

  • JD

    “Let’s just say it is and that all those bad people listed on the Clare page are in AA. Now what? Witch hunt? Lynching from the old tree?’

    TB, good questions and well said. You do know you’re among a small group of folk where many would answer ‘yes’ to your questions regarding the bad people, correct? A witch hunt is exactly what SS proposes, asking if anyone here can sniff out if CL is sober. Since he cannot check for the Devil’s teat, he’s hoping the guy might have said something about it, to be used to villify him and the others on his list trying to help alcoholics in their community. How evil and awful they all are.

    Picture this group of highly agitated witch burners and the people named on SS’ list. Are you like the folk in one set or are you like the people in the other? You do know that should you return to AA at some point you might well wind up on one of Steven’s lists, so be careful to stay anonymous here. No telling what kind of damage the members of a lynch party are capable of.

    Hating AA from afar is fine, no one cares at all who you or anyone else is fashionably hating this year. Insinuations, plotting, and abusing the good names of people because they were willing to do a few things to have good lives instead of drinking themselves to death isn’t the least good at all.

  • mikeblamedenial

    No witch hunt, JD, just a genuine interest in the influence exerted by the treatment industry, its adherents, and supporters on society.

  • Gunthar2000

    JD… My name is Donald T. Quinn… Come and get me.

    You’ve got a lot of nerve posting veiled threats on this site.

  • truebeliever

    I love the “The Devils Teat” reference, it makes me want to go to the movies and watch the AA members in the latest violent revenge Western.

  • Gunthar2000

    Good luck getting through this neighborhood.
    They found a woman and her baby chopped up in a dumpster, not far from here, last week.

  • tintop

    truebeliever, I thought that the ‘devil’s teat’ reference was a nice touch. very dramatic and very ominous.

  • JD

    ‘You’ve got a lot of nerve posting veiled threats on this site.’

    G-if you’re referring to the caution I gave TB to be careful rather than wind up on one of Stevie’s lists of suspected AAs, that’s not a threat. The listing of purported AA members is a reality here. Check a few posts up on this thread and see the list of people’s names posted by Steve. TB would surely like to avoid being on any future list Steve may prepare and post, as would most people here. Suggesting he be careful here to avoid appearing on yet another list, should he decide to go back to AA is not a threat at all.

    If you’re seeing something else I wrote as a threat to you let me assure you it’s not real at all G. Unless you let your Docs know about these things when they start happening, they cannot help you. You need to tell them plainly that you’re seeing things that don’t exist and are hearing AAs saying they are coming to hurt you, when they aren’t saying those things at all. These are the kinds of situations the Government pays your Doctors to help you with. Let them.

  • Gunthar2000

    Someone email me when JD is banned.

    I think that’s about 5 mental health references in the past month.

  • I am surprised that no one in AA has tried to pull a 12 Step call on him yet. That way they could brag about it in the rooms, the media and the net. It would have to be someone who regularly flies all over the world to do this.

    Hmmm ….. let me see…… I know, Dr Phil !!!!!!!!!!

  • tintop


    No one here needs any advice from the likes of you, sot. People here have more courage, honor and integrity than you can ever hope to have, poltroon.

    You have a lot of nerve making velied threats. Especially, when you are far too much of a coward to even consider anything other than posting bullshit on a blog.

  • Witch hunt? Seriously?

    What’s going on here is that as soon as Charlie decided to rehabilitate himself without the common treatment/12-step methods he was attacked by Chuck Lorre, publicly through the whole vanity card thing. He offered up piss tests to prove he was staying sober – but “sober” doesn’t matter to Lorre, being “in recovery” matters to Lorre. Going to meetings and making coffee, and towing the recovery line matters to Lorre. Charlie decided he was done with this bullshit, and he publicly proclaimed it – so then production gets cancelled altogether? On what grounds? Did they take his offer of piss tests and find that he wasn’t sober? No, they didn’t. They’re punishing him because they are part of the cult which he denounced. Sheen is right, they are AA Nazis. When Lorre shuts down production and puts hundreds of people out of work because he thinks Sheen is a dry drunk, that warrants some investigation into whether he’s an AA member or not. He’s breaking contract and hurting people over the belief that AA is the only way. It’s bs, and deserves to be called out.

    I have nothing against individual AA members doing whatever makes them happy, but when they abuse other people with it, that’s what I have a problem with.

  • tintop
  • Seriously, what do you think I did – go to a meeting and take pictures of Meredith Baxter Birney? I’m not outing those folks, they’ve already outed themselves.

  • All questioning of aa is good for st. the last thing aa wants is attention to the less savoury aspects. I only saw CS in Ferris Bueller’s Day off. And only just realised that. Thanks Charlie for fbdo, and for mentioning the word cult in the same sentence as aa.

  • I think that a lot of his hollywood generation go involved in aa.

  • AntiDenial

    e-mail me too when JD is banned.

  • causeandeffect

    Email me when JD is banned AND this stupid Charlie Sheen thing blows over. Which ever one comes last.

  • I could see this whole story causing the Big Book to have a few chapters added such as:

    To Fans ………
    To Producers ……..
    The Sequel Afterward ……

    And a new addition to the appendix:

    Twelve Concepts to a good Sitcom

  • jrh: 🙂 always looking for comedy.
    I just watched gma. Who was that therapist woman? She had the crazy confidence.

  • gotalife

    Has anyone else tried looking into the Dharma Grace Foundation? Lorre established it, and other than miscellaneous financials I can’t find anything else.

    I was just curious what it’s purpose / mission is.

  • gotalife

    P.S. If I hear one more “expert” claim Sheen is in “denial,” I’m going to puke. On every single one of their “steps.”

    “Expert” my ass…

  • AntiDenial

    I just came across a site called

    What the hell is this?

  • antidenial, post in the neverending thread. I don’t know.
    Emilio Esteves, CS’s brother was the sporty one in the Breakfast Club.

    If I had been indoctrinated into a cult since age 20, I would be either a wide-eyed cult member of stir-crazy.

    From a personal point of view I am finding CS’s latest very helpful because it brings that fact that aa is not what it seems. A point that I have spent years trying to make. It is fabulous for me that this is in the mainstream media.

  • OR stir crazy.

  • OMG – they have organized the 13 Step movement and gone national!

  • tintop

    yes, ban foster. Reason: cowardice

  • AA Escapee

    Charlie Sheen is right about AA and was right about 9/11. He is the ONLY guy I know of with “issues” willing to stand up for the truth, in spite of the fact he could be dismissed due to said issues. One way or the other, he will land on his feet.

  • AndyM

    AA Escapee
    Well said!

  • AA Escapee

    Just curious, but is this blog heavily moderated? I posted something and it’s gone and I am not a first time poster.

  • AA Escapee

    Oops, my mistake and bad. At times I log on here and see certain things, at time I don’t see certain things. My bad.

  • AndyM

    Hey, I get that too! Weird, innit? But seriously, it takes a while for em to show up. I get messages sometimes saying “slow down you’re posting too fast”. It’s come to something when you get nagged by your computer 🙂

  • AndyM

    Since I readjusted my own medication yesterday I agree that Charlie may not yet be the ideal poster boy for a rational approach to addiction recovery quite yet. I hope flannagan’s point about him becoming one for aa doesn’t come true, though. But I don’t think it has to if he gets proper help. He seems rather a wilful and obstinate lad, but maybe he’s got one or two more sensible friends who care about him. I hope so.

  • humanspirit

    Morning All

    Just seen this in one of the UK Sunday papers. Looks like CS is going to give another interview tomorrow:

    This could be even more interested if he’s asked to explain further what he meant about AA.

  • humanspirit

    ‘interesting. not ‘interested’ obviously

  • AntiDenial

    Sorry guys-I just could not believe what I saw-and was wondering if it looked like it appeared to be. I am kinda new to the thread,and I love it. But I do have problems navigating it. I could not find the neverending thread. But the just looked like it was advertising 13 stepping. I bet Charlie has had an inside view to the whole 13 step process if not part of it. AA makes it seem okay and looks the other way.It could of actually enabled him in his addiction to woman/sex/porn.Maybe out of AA he will see that his behavior impacts his children and will heal. He is an awesome actor and I wish him the best in healing from the AA cult.

  • truebeliever

    Sometimes it helps to refresh the page or use the history tab. You can also go to the top of the page and click on ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ to get home. If that does not work find your post in the recent comments section on the right side of the page and click on your comment.

  • New Shows on CNN Today with Psychiatrists, the second one is different than Dr. Drew:

    Dr. Drew

    Dr. Mark Goulston

  • Pierre13

    You “email me when whatever-it-is-that’s-upsetting-me is over” people — do you really think any of your fellow stupid-username-wielding dipshits will even notice you’re gone? You probably post “Goodnight” updates on Facebook, like your friends are your fucking stuffed animals. Email me when you stop being nickle-plated martyrs who blow a gasket every time the Internet doesn’t do what you want even after you said “Please” really nicely.

  • Pierre13

    Also, does anyone else miss the days when Dr. Drew wasn’t an unethical douche and actually recused himself from speculating on, much less trying to diagnose, whatever celebrity has reached the corporate-profit/personal indulgence threshold?

  • AndyM

  • hulahoop

    Pierre13 says Also, does anyone else miss the days when Dr. Drew wasn’t an unethical douche and actually recused himself from speculating on, much less trying to diagnose, whatever celebrity has reached the corporate-profit/personal indulgence threshold?

    No. He was just a dry unethical douche back then.

  • The neverending thread is on the bar along the top.

  • AndyM

    This from a newspaper in Scotland. Despite their best efforts the cult doesn’t have quite as firm a grip on the media here:

  • AndyM

    This furore is also, I believe, going to provide the valuable sevice of unmasking hidden stepzealots in the media. This may be an apposite example:

  • AntiDenial

    Let me know when Pierre13 is banned.

  • AndyM

    But the tabloids seem to cut through the bullshit:

    See yez later…

  • tintop

    Pierre 13
    Again: “Email me when Pierre 13 is banned”
    Deal with it. Or not your call

    Your approval is not required

  • Lucy

    Charlie may be a bad example of an ex-AA member, but I am enjoying the hell out of his anti-AA rants.

  • tintop

    Lucy, understood both.
    It may get a few people to consider the matter. To me, that is what is important.

  • Charlie just said on TODAY, that he was being treated at home to keep it from being “contaminated” by AA, and that his program worked great for its primary client. Love it!

  • Cousin It

    [UPDATE: Hey, is there any tech support here that can help Stanton pull this video off the CBS site so he can post it on his blog? If so, can you write to me?]

    Check you inbox.

  • Also he pulled out a copy of AA’s Big Book, said that it was Chuck Lorre’s handbook for living, quoted a passage about acceptance, said “accept me Chuck”, and then tossed the book.

    This is amazingly awesome stuff.

  • Link to e replay of some of the Today show 2/18.20011 . It doesn’t have the BB part in it, but he does ask for a raise.

  • Steven I just watched the video in which he says he’s not “bi-polar” he’s “bi-winning”.

  • FTG – That was from the ABC interview. It was an interesting comment. Don’t forget that they’re going to air that full interview tomorrow night.

    Notice that everyone is shocked that someone would say that they’ve chosen to be done with substance abuse. The idea that you have a choice is incomprehensible to these people.

  • Hopefully, this link works. The BB stuff is at 8:10

  • Johnny Crash NYC

    Of course Steven when someone comes out against a BILLION dollar industry that milks taxpayer out of BILLIONS especially in this current economic climate some one with a platform like Charliee Sheen can do alot of damage especially to investors in 12 step companys insurance companys that walk hand in hand with them bilking the tax payer and govts cutting costs by mandating predetors and crimminals to steppism and mysticism please the evangelicals ,,, yup this is a perfect example of ONE MAN making a difference in the lives of countless people I for one expect a full attack against Mr Sheen for the simple reason that ,,,, he is costing them BILLIONS

    I actually dont care what he drinks or screws or takes ,,,what I like is that he is honest about it ,,, A person like Sheen can do alot for progressives in this country with issues like ,,, Finnance ,,, Legalization of Drugs Prostitution etc … Health Care on and on he is not a stupid man he is very very very very smart ,,,

    Expect total ad hominus attacks to impeach his credibilty I am sure that other people on this site know what it is like to have your credibilty impeached because you dont march lockstep with the status quo ,,,

    I for one hopes he runs for public office somewhere acting is not good enough for a man of his intellectual capacity and spirit he actually knew who Thomas Jefferson was how many mindless AA zombiees can say the same?

  • speedy0314

    to my adoring fans here @ ST,

    i, too, have “tiger blood” & “Adonis DNA”.

    further, i have ‘wombat synapses’ & an epi-genetic signature that is — to quote a noted researcher & academic (me) — “evocative of Osiris, with maybe a little Jesus thrown in to win over middle American.”

    bi-polarity is my business,


  • Johnny Crash NYC

    People Like Stanton Peele are terroized by people like Sheen he must be shaking like a leaf Charliee Sheen overnite can take all of Peeles income away hence Peeles condesending statements ,,,, and the statements that many other talking heads make ,,, this AA thing is more than it appears to be Why would the Rockefeelers have anything to do with it in the early days?
    Mind Control and Money ,,,,

    Go head say I’m crazy and a conspircist nut …. thats an ad hominus attack … but logically speaking most of us who have found this site know that brainwashing is a reality ,,, that people engage in it ,,, if an amature in AA can control a couple of dozen subjects ,,, whats to stop a politician or corporation from controlling millions ,,,

  • I hadn’t heard any condescending statements by Peele. What are you referring to?

  • Lucy

    As someone who detests both the Hollywood publicity factory and morning “news” shows, I love seeing Charlie befuddle those interviewers. But to paraphrase my friend Speedy, I know bipolar when I see it and I know what happens to a person when the “up” sticks around too long.

    He needs help, and not from rehab,

  • Lucy

    Unfortunately, Charlie is hogging all the “AA is a Crock” news today and there is another story which is good.

    This weekend, Perez Hilton showed a picture of 26 year-old Kelly Osbourne drinking a beer and having a shot with friends at a club. He told her that both she and Lindsay Lohan had “addictive personalities” and advised her to stay off drugs and alcohol.

    She responded today –

  • tintop

    Sheen does have underlying problems. Which he should address. AA is no place to do that.

  • Gunthar2000

    A good sized chunk of the Today show interview can be found here…

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

  • AndyM

    If Charlie Sheen ever reads this site (which I suspect he may Have) I unreservedly wish him all the best.

  • I am reading that CS has had support from Sean Penn and Colin Farrell. So many slebs have been through the hands of the cult. Someone must be nodding their heads. It is a dangerous cult that deceptively recruits vulnerable people who are looking to for help with problem drinking.

  • AndyM


  • You have to wonder where Charlie is getting his information from? I am sure it is from one of the sites we know of. He is either looking, or someone he knows is.

  • speedy0314

    @ AndyM:

    while i’d never want to wish any person any person ill, i certainly wish Charlie Sheen keeps taking mega-doses of that Charlie Sheen drug … for another week of televised interviews at least. s**t — i hope he’s called in to address the UN General Assembly while he’s riding this wave.

    it’s like watching a train wreck demolition derby thrown in a blender … as hosted by Oscar Wilde. while i’m sure plenty would disagree with me on this — might i add, rightly so — from where i’m sitting, there’s no downside to this extravaganza. i get to watch AA getting b**ch-slapped repeatedly on national TV AND one of the most spectacular displays of unrepentant megalomania ever.

    that is “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAALLLLLLL!!!” to the millionth power times infinity plus one. i simply cannot get enough of it.

    much, much sicker than others,


  • speedy0314






    that is SO “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAALLLLLLL!!!” to the millionth power times infinity plus one googolplex. i thought the “Charlie Sheen Is My Hero” FaceBook page was the ultimate in web zaniness — i must have collapsed a lung from laughing so hard after looking at this page.

    more cowbell! and much, much more Charlie Sheen!

    acceptance is the question,


  • AntiDenial

    Keep up Charlie getting the word out on AA and the other 12 step
    programs they have franchised out! Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tintop


  • jeffeff

    I see a lot of parallels between Chuckles J. Estevez in his current state of affairs and the mid-to-late ’70s purple, bloated, sweaty incarnation of Elvis.

  • humanspirit

    “@ AndyM says

    This furore is also, I believe, going to provide the valuable sevice of unmasking hidden stepzealots in the media. This may be an apposite example:

    I couldn’t resist leaving a couple of comments there (username suantang). I don’t think I’m going to get into any arguments with any hardline steppers – it’s generally not worth it – but I do think it’s worth at least trying to raise awareness on these mainstream comments pages. Andrew Brown has a blog on the Guardian website, doesn’t he? I seem to remember him writing a pro-AA article some time ago along the lines that alcoholics could really do with a spiritual awakening. Tosser. He looks like a smug git too, from his byline photo.

  • jeffeff

    At the rate he’s going, maybe Carlos Alouicious Estevez Esq. could team up with Kirk Douglas at next year’s Oscars to present an award as a duo.

  • speedy0314

    @ jeffjeff:

    “Carlos Alouicious Estevez Esq.”

    you mean to tell me that Charlie Sheen is not only his own narcotic but he’s a lawyer to boot?

    curiouser & curiouser,


  • AntiDenial


    I liked your comments on that earlier link. Keep it up!

  • I have to agree with Charlie when he says that as a gambling man he doesn’t want to go with AA because it only has a 5% success rate. True they are really talking about a retention rate and it is inferred that the success rate is 5% because you will end up in jail, institutionalized or dead if you don’t stay. And we know that they are probably saying that half of the people who leave are categorized as not a Real Alcoholic.

    And then you have John Kalisz who killed 3 people in Florida and an Ex MADD Vice President getting arrested also in the State of Florida for DUI in the same month and a Firefighter groping some one. Are these good examples from the 5% that are left?

    I wonder if good AA members could answer that one without quoting from the BB or using a slogan?.

  • AndyM

    Yup, It’s a blast, innit?

    There’s a lot riding on discrediting Mr Sheen, isn’t there? He’s taken on the big-time brainwashers. Compared to them most steppers are amateurs. Watch out for the lizards. If you blink you can miss ’em.

  • AndyM

  • Gunthar2000
  • IM Watching Piers Morgan right now and its a great interview and true fully Sheen is way more laid back talking to Piers then he was talking to that woman on CBS .

    He sounds like he has been reading Stinkin thinkin blog and stop13steppin blog.

    He sounds like us. He needs to know we are here. So the world can know much of what he is saying when it comes to AA I agree with.

    I loved what he said about counting the days. INfact when I got sober adn someone asked how many days I was sober , I asked , why do you want to know? If it’s just one day at a time, if I have quit for life why do I care about days chips, months and years.
    ALthough I do know how long I am sober / stopped…WHen I was new I could see they were full of sh*&^T about that.

    So know this Carlie Sheen , you are not alone in this thinking. There are thousand sof us, sick of AA!!!!!

  • AND why won’t he take a pain pill ?? Sounds like AA thinkin got in there too much.
    Hey Charlie its ok to take pain pills for pain …that’s what it’s for.

  • DeConstructor

    My guess on the pain pills is they will show up on a UA drug test.

    My guess is that Mr Sheen is in this for the long haul and is expecting a long and drawn out war. He cannot have a drug screen come back hot.

    I too think Mr. Sheen may be reading in our little corner of the world. I for one would like to thank him for the COURAGE he is showing in confronting these steptards with actual FACTS.


  • Also he pulled out a copy of AA’s Big Book, said that it was Chuck Lorre’s handbook for living, quoted a passage about acceptance, said “accept me Chuck”, and then tossed the book.

    This is amazingly awesome stuff.

    When did he do this I gotta see this

  • eddy

    I get the impression that Charlie is driven by anger and anxiety, he doesn’t realize it but CBS gave him the gift of rejection in the meantime all the cable shows are picking him up because it is good for their ratings.

    He obviously has high anxiety that he isn’t aware of, however he certainly has the right to be angry if they expect him to swallor the kool aid of AA, the most insulting thing they did on ABC was to consult a doctor from Hazledon and on Piers Morgan was to bring on the guy from Dr. Dooos celebrity rehab pumping 12 steps. He had been to 24 rehabs, He must have got tired of paying all the dollars$$$$ and decided to quit on his own, but like most of the brainwashed gives credit to AA.

    I think with Sheen , he has to do deal with the physical aspects, he has done so many drugs he appears he needs time out to repair. Hope he finds a real doctor and gets help for the anxiety.

  • Commonsense

    Charlie Sheen has at least brought the issues out in the open for discussion! Along with other stuff:

  • SoberPJ

    I know this is a little out of date, but it is interesting

    In a strange way, Americans love the truly brazen, even while despising them..

  • AnnaZed

    Thanks for that Sober PJ. I have to say that I hardly even think of Rolling Stone anymore (let alone read it) though it was the fascinating talking points bulletin of the counter culture wave of my youth. This writer, Rob Sheffield I haven’t encountered before, but I really like him. When I was a music exec. of course I wadded through all of the sycophantic twaddle written about music because I had to, (Sisyphean task that it was). Now I don’t usually bother. This guy is an exception though. Who can’t admire this:

    It’s like Albert Camus said of Sisyphus, “There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn.”

    Which reminds me of JD for some reason.