Life Calls

I have a book to write and some other pressing and consuming business, so posting is going to be light for a while. If anyone has an idea for post they’d like to write, please run it by me — now is a good time. And don’t stop sending me tips and links — I’ll get those up. I mean, I’ll be here, but I won’t be here-be here as much for a little while.

5 Responses to 'Life Calls'

  1. Lucy says:

    Good luck, FTG. The first page is the hardest.

  2. causeandeffect says:

    Later ftg, I’ll miss ya!

  3. JohnnyCrash NYC says:

    oh if you leave us you most certainly fall of the planet and the disease doing pushups in the parking lot will get you ….. :)

  4. DeConstructor says:


    I certainly understand, and would again like to thank you for all of your effort around here.

  5. Bill Gates says:

    I miss you already. (not). Who’s going to feed the misfits here while you’re gone?

    I already see Gunther back at his old games in CL, I’m sure deconstructed won’t be far behind. roflmao

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