Righteous Rach Writes…

…a personal manifesto about her break with AA, on her blog “Living the Dream” at gogorach.blogspot.com:

Since I left AA well over a year ago, I’ve taken a strong look at myself and my life. I have come to the conclusion that POWERLESSNESS IS A LIE and a way for me (and others) to escape responsibility for myself, my life and my emotions, which is a cop out for children. Foolish for grown ups. DEFINITELY NOT FOR ME.

Grown ups know what they want and how to get it. A lot of times, we gotta say no to what we want to do very badly. It’s not always easy, but GROWN UPS DO IT. I want to be a successful person. Getting and staying wasted will never get me there, so I don’t do it. “God” has nothing to do with it, AA has nothing to do with it, being liked and popular has nothing to do with it with. Getting REAL has everything to do with it.

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  • DeConstructor

    Amazing how a couple of paragraphs like that contain far more honesty than decades of the roomz..

    The powerless thing becomes a very convenient excuse for not only for a persons previous misdeeds, but also is an easy out anytime someone wants to enjoy a yummy "relapse"

  • Hi DeConstructor,

    This letter comes from my heart, that is for sure! I'm just sick to death of the AA pukazoids trying to shame me for something I truly believe in and will continue to do! The best is when I get: "I want you to know what I am about to say is out of CONCERN." Of course, I immediately tell the people who say this to SAVE IT. No need to speak to me with qualifiers!

    I am truly honored and filled with pride that FTG has made this a part of MY FAVORITE SITE!


    Have a great night.