Meet Francine Stone: Freedom House Secretary

I know, I know…you can’t get enough of our ongoing series on Freedom House in Kalispell, Montana – and since we are here to placate our target audience of serenityless resentillians, we figured, “what the hell, let’s meet the Freedom House board of directors!”

Today, we’re profiling Francine Stone, aka inmate #3003107. She bears a striking resemblance to Weird Al Yankovic after three-day drunk, with the only discernible difference being the tattoo of a pit bull that Francine has on her left shoulder. Her hobbies include meditating, serenity searching, and obstructing justice. Currently a resident of Montana, Francine has also lived in California, where she was also in trouble with the law. Hey, let’s play a game! Whatcha think she was busted for in Oakland? I’ll send out a complimentary amends letter for anyone guesses correctly.

In another development, Randall Marr was sprung from the big house last night. I hope he doesn’t celebrate by tying one on. I hear he’s an angry drunk.

  • true believer

    One common thread that I notice when I go to AA meetings is anger. It can be dangerous to participate in the group that touts phrases like anger is the dubious luxury of normal men, and love and tolerance are our code. I don’t imagine that the woman in the above picture is very happy about her exposure on ST. I wonder how much “live and let live” she has in her serenity tool kit to thwart the negative emotions this article would bring out in me. One thing for sure, I would not want her angry at me. I am tired of getting serenity beatings, serenity tongue lashings, and happy, joyous, and free scoldings by the self righteous wife swapping swingers at my local meeting. As far as I’m concerned, this little Montana business is nothing compared to what we have here in Los Angeles. Places like Impact House where the courts send inmates at huge expense and Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab hosted by Pasadena Recovery Center are at the top of my list.

    It looks to me like Francine screwed up, but not today.

    As for the property rights of the neighbors, I would think it’s a zoning issue. Besides, isn’t there some open space somewhere in Montana that needs to be occupied?

  • AnnaZed

    Interesting list of aliases:

    Francine Adonna Burton

    Francine Stoneburton

    Francine Adonna Valenti

    The melding of two last names (one maybe a married name) into one word is a very old con-artist trick. What's up with that I wonder. I guessing fraud on the California rap sheet.

    Hey, at least she's not treasurer.

  • Rollins

    I live in a small town south of Kalispell. I have been following this in our local media and on Kalispell's Website. I find it all very interesting as I used to be involved on a board for a group that provided assistance to children with Alcoholic Parents. You need to get in contact with the local neighbors, I am remembering a letter they sent to the city council that showed an email address 3rd Ave neighbors or something. I will try to find it again. As for her criminal background in CA, I am guessing it has to have stemmed from being drunk! Also I don't know if you know yet but all of this started with a Vice President from Freedom House being a convicted sexual offender of children, he has resigned and changed his identity!

  • DeConstructor

    It really has not been a whole lot of time since her conviction and sentencing.

    Perhaps it does not take a real long time to become a wise sage guru, and teach the craft to others.

    What could ever go wrong with this plan?

  • lucy

    AZ- I noticed the same thing about the next member. I guess you need a lot of names to evade police,

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