All Beck All The Time

S.P. alerts me to this new Times profile of Glenn Beck, in which it is revealed that he runs his own treatment centers:

Beck talks like someone who is accustomed to thinking out loud and inflicting his revelations in real time. He speaks in the language of therapy, in which he has been steeped through years of 12-step programs and the Mormon-affiliated addiction-treatment center he and his wife run in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region.

Here’s the link.

  • lucy

    A Jack Mormon who has "returned" to the faith. I'll look for the line of his underwear in the next show.

  • Does anyone know what his treatment center is?

  • quick note–lifering is broken. and hi.

  • lucy

    FTG- I think they are in the "LDS footprint" – Utah, AZ, ID, NV, and CA Mostly UT

  • BusBozo

    10 whole pages on Beck….got through 1 and a half….geez. Can imagine what the "treatment" centers are like. Look into hats for 11tth step?Go door to door for 12th step?

  • Lucy, You'd think, but the article says that it's in (or serves?) NY NJ and CT.

    Thanks for the link headsup.

    BB, I you're a better man than I am. I stopped right at that paragraph.

  • DeConstuctor


    The LDS "footprint" is usually refered to as the LDS "corridor", as those of us involved in the ex-mo movement refer to it as the "morridor", because we usually refer to the LDS church as the morg.

    This is because they discourage thought, claim absolute authority, simply deny facts, claim to be non political, cover up sexual exploitation, had a founder that had visions and prophecies of god while under the influence of hallucinagenic drugs, have pet names for the exploitation of women, such as "the principle", have secret and shaky financial dealings, require endless meetings,have no room for dissent, simply deny easily checkable facts about their history, are completely controlled by old men set in their ways and claiming absolute authority,

    Sorry I keep getting confused at which website I am at. I do not mean to offend, I just cannot help but notice a few striking resemblences of some of the conversations here.

  • speedy0314


    the Mormon Church/LDS has been making a HUGE push in the manhattan area for the past 3 – 5 years. monstrously garish 'houses of worship' opened on amsterdam avenue & right across the street from me on east 87th & 3rd.

    i've never taken the opportunity to stop in to see if glenn is on knees weeping profusely for the sins of this country, barack obama, or proselytizing for the Eh-of Eh … but i wouldn't put it past him.

    there's a big name network sportscaster (initials: S-cott C-lark) who frequents the same area & makes a regular meeting on 5th ave. & 90th — where all the toniest "alcoholics" gather together to tell their tales of woe & poorly mixed vodka gimlets. his "shares" always kind of struck me as beck-lite: this simple program as described by josef goebbels.

    frankly, i couldn't be happier that the Eh-of-Eh/Glenn Beck connection is getting some real play in the mainstream media. like him, hate him … whatever — EVERYONE knows he's completely unhinged. and he never misses a public opportunity to humbly blast his 'anonymity' to pieces.

    kids don't try this at home. better yet, don't try this at all.


  • lucy

    FTG – You're right. They are "Mormon-affiliated" but in the NE,