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I Don’t Know How I Missed This…

I’m sure most of you saw this already, but a month ago, Stanton Peele — who somehow manages to survive as a representative of sanity at the Huffington Post, which seems to be crawling with recovery crackpots — published a piece called: “What’s Wrong with Sentencing People to Addiction Treatment?” Peele offers six objections, which rightly boil down to: it’s ineffective, illegal, and it’s a waste of resources. (I added a couple of my own to the comments, but I can’t use my handle, “friendthegirl,” there, because they seem to have blacklisted it after my engagement with the 12-Step Buddhist.)

I think that our Keep Coming Back series is one tidy answer to the question. And by the way, here’s another Keep Coming Back entry:

AZUSA, Calif. — Investigators say a Southern California woman killed in a rollover freeway crash had stopped in a bar for drinks before hurrying out to get ready for a court-ordered DUI class.

The California Highway Patrol says Lidia Kopach, who was convicted of drunken driving a year ago, consumed two vodka drinks and split two pitchers of beer at a Monrovia bar before the deadly crash at 2 a.m. Thursday on Interstate 210 in Azusa.

The Pasadena Star-News says Kopach told 24-year-old Daniel Martinez, who was slightly injured in the crash, that she needed to get home and for some sleep because she had to attend a court-ordered DUI education class on Thursday.

(Lucky thing for Kopach, she lives in Greg Lester’s neighborhood. There’s no such thing as coincidence!)