Quiet My Imperious Urge

After a romantic dinner of Maalox and Chex Mix, you can really get down…. on your knees! Bow-chicka-bow-wow:

An Example of Pre-Sex Inventory Prayer:

“God, please help me to be free of fear as I attempt to shine the spotlight of truth across my past sex relations. Lord, please show me where my behavior has harmed others and help me to see the truth these relationships hold for me. Help me see where I have been at fault and what I should have done differently.” (From the thoughts on pg. 69)

“God, help me review my own conduct over the years pas. Show me where I have been selfish, dishonest, or inconsiderate. Show me whom I have hurt and where I have unjustifiably aroused jealousy, suspicion or bitterness. Help me to see where I was at fault and what I should have done instead. Help me to be fearless and searching in my endeavor to write my sexual inventory.” (69:1)

A Sex Prayer:

“Father, please help me mold my sex ideals and help me to live up to them. Help me be willing to grow toward my ideals and help me be willing to make amends where I have done harm. Lord, please show me what to do in each specific matter, and be the final judge in each situation. Help me avoid hysterical thinking or advice.” (69:2, 69:3)

“Father, please Grace me with guidance in each questionable situation, sanity, and strength to do the right thing. If sex becomes very troublesome, quiet my imperious urge, help me not to yield and keep me from heartache as I throw myself the harder into helping others. Help me think of their needs and help me work for them. Amen.”(69:2, 69:3, 70:2)

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  • Sarah

    "Help me avoid hysterical thinking or advice."

    It's too bad everyone seems to skip over that part in AA.

  • DeConstructor

    Is that the prayer used by Catholic priests getting a new group of alter boys?

  • michael

    unbelievable !

  • Susan

    It's a joke right? Page 69?

  • michael

    p69 -rather appropriate!

  • What I think is interesting about this pageful of prayers is how demanding they are. There's some "thank you" in there, but mostly it's a lot of "Dear God, Please do this. Please do that."

  • Marco

    "God", I cannot beleive how stupid these people are. The only thing that will quiet the imperious urge is a good orgasm, a very natural biological raction.

  • Commonsense

    "In this way we tried to shape a sane and sound ideal for our future sex life. We subjected each relation to this test – was it selfish or not?", page 69 of the Big Book. Wow, there really are no coincidences in AA! But I suppose bondage and disciple and sadomasochism is implied in the tone and style of the Big Book to be okie dokie.

  • Commonsense

    Oops, make that "discipline".  On second thought, maybe not.

  • Primrose

    Commonsense, Again the issue of sadism in AA.  They love it.

  • Marco

    The 13th Step is the only good thing about AA…

    BTW, someome put a cool violet monster thingie near my name when I post. Could that be changed to the Tasmanian Devil?? I llooovvve the Tasmanian Devil… Me want to eat rabbit, AA people, Bill W., “God”,…St Francis, Jesus…


  • raysny

    Any prayers I may have ever had about sex never sounded anything like that.

  • ok this makes me sick!

  • causeandeffect

    Good God!