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Today’s 12-Step AAllstar: William Hay

UPDATE!: Here is a link that DeConstructor found with reviews from Dr Hay’s patients. This whack job is perfect for AA!


Here is blog entry from William Hay titled: Stinking Thinking and Dry Drunk. This guy is an AA poster boy:

“In AA the characteristic of being a ‘legend in one’s mind’ was recognised as evidence of close mindedness and isolation and not attending enough face to face AA meetings. When one goes to enough meetings, sometimes to break out of the insaneity of ‘dry drunkeness’ one needs to do meetings daily or more, or whatever it takes to recognise that others have problems too, that one isn’t terminally unique and that no one, especially drunks, have a monopoly on suffering. Specifically drunks learn that they are more likely themselves to have been victimizers than victims and that they need to make amends routinely because they are by nature of their disease very angry people who carry resentments to people, institutions and especially to principles.
Further, the strange malady of alcoholics is that they rarely can see or hear themselves but must see and hear another alcoholic’s emotional drama before they can identify, empathize and realize that they too are in that state again.”

How would you like to be stuck on an elevator with this guy? Sheeeesh.