Keep Coming Back! The Easier, Softer Installment

MOBILE, Ala. — In confessing to murder, Jamie Kellam Letson said she lured 18-year-old Katherine Foster into some woods near the University of South Alabama by asking her to harvest plants for a botany class, according to one man’s testimony Wednesday.

Ricky Charlton, Letson’s friend in Alcoholics Anonymous, said Letson described how she walked into the woods with Foster, pulled out a gun that she’d stolen from her grandmother and shot her fellow college student.

I’d like to interrupt this story to point out that it seems to be a common theme among the criminal element of AA: There’s no spiritual awakening sparkley enough and no amends sincere enough to inspire an actual sense of responsibility and accountability:

The defense has argued that Letson lied and made up the confession as a way to impress Charlton.

Charlton said he met Letson at Alcoholics Anonymous in Pascagoula in 2002 and began helping her through the 12-step recovery process, which includes making amends for past wrongdoing.

“Jamie had told me enough about the murder that I told her to write a letter, and we would take the letter to the graveyard to read the letter over the grave,” Charlton said.

He later went to Pascagoula police to tell investigators what he knew, according to testimony.

The letter, which has been admitted into evidence, begins “Dear Katherine” and includes an apology for taking her life.

Here’s the story.

Here’s a slogan entry for the contest:

A.A. – For When You’re Just Kinda Sorry

  • Commonsense

    “Jamie had told me enough about the murder that I told her to write a letter, and we would take the letter to the graveyard to read the letter over the grave,” Charlton said.

    Could that be any crazier? Well, yes it could. This folks is considered an essential part of "treatment" by "medical professionals" in the 12-step industry.

    • matt

      I couldnt agree more. (2 years later i know) even tho i quit drinking 4 years ago, im told by my attorney i MUST have 1 year minimum of AA to have a chance of retaining a drivers license. I was in and out of AA for years. Always hated the 12 step LAW and wondered why i couldnt be supported by simply going to meetings. Its the closest thing to a cult that i know of. Furthermore, once she told her sponsor about the murder, she forced his hand. If he was fully indoctrinated, he now had sins to confess or else he was stuck with a wrongdoing. The 12 step crap needs an alternative. For those that WANT a support group that finds (in AAs case) being sober itself good enough to be considered sober. People deserve a choice. And clearly AA has a lot of stupid aspects.

  • AAhater

    Wow, I bet the murderer sure regrets buying into all that anonymous stuff at this point. Simply shocking, but I guess if I put myself back in the rooms for a bit, maybe not.

  • MA

    How about this for a slogan:

    "AA: When you are sorry you got caught."

  • Sarah

    I have a question for any AAs reading this. Why is there no shortage of these stories? We seem to be having at least one a day. Talk about one day at a time. I'm nauseated by the frequency of these articles.

    "One murder/rape at a time"

  • She is now claiming she made the story up to keep her sponsor happy. Amazing story. Much like the story on this link where a Sponsor prods someone in to confessing and invades back into the life of someone he raped.

  • The story of Jamie Kellam Letson could actually be a turning point in the tactics used by AA. I can see both sides of the story.

    The prosecutors of Jamie Kellam Letson see her as part of a love triangle that ended up in murder that was luckily exposed because of her involvement with AA.

    The defense lawyers of Jamie Kellam Letson, see her as a confused Alcoholic who may have been manipulated by an over zealous Sponsor. She has a very troubled past and was prone to living on the street and shelters. In order to maintain housing and food she most likely had to get a Sponsor and work the program. Sponsors delve deep into the past of a person and to keep them, many people embellish thier story. The Sponsor may have found the remorse she felt for the death of a rival with her boyfriend and urged her to “work the program”. She had hit bottom at this time and may have fantasized about this to keep food and shelter.

    This took 30 years to materialize and they story I have read does not say if she was a suspect in the beginning. The family of Katherine Foster may have found her killer. The family of Jamie Kellam Letson may have lost someone because of the manipulative tactics that AA promotes. Regardless of the outcome, both scenarios should become well known and the following safeguards put in place.

    1. AA should not promote the covering up of past illegal deeds as they do (this case showed someone had the sense to break anonymity).
    2. It should be realized that AA promotes the embellishment of “shares” (I am sure anyone who has been in AA can attest to this, if they are honest).
    3. AA admits that it is comprised of Alcoholics who have an incurable disease who tend to be habitual liars, who are prone to relapse and will go to any lengths to make thier “shares” seem believable.

    Unfortunately it will take another incident like this that gets an OJ Simpson type “Dream Team” and National television coverage to make these 3 simple statements become well known.