Attracting with Promotion in AA

The Queensland diocese of AA has put a unique spin on the AA tradition of “attraction, not promotion”, by offering their spiritual wares in a ‘public education seminar’:

Local AA groups came together last year to form a district group, and have organised a public meeting next month to educate the wider community on services available to those suffering from alcoholism.

No doubt if asked, these AAs would come with a ridiculous rationalization as to how this is not promotion. Something akin to “it’s spiritual, not religious”.

I feel sad for those with a real problem who think they are going their to get an education on alcoholism and treatment options, and will instead be suckered into a meeting by a bunch of Moonie-like drones spouting nothing but AA dogma.

  • Rick045

    The caption under this cartoon nicely illustrates the 'tag-teaming' that many old-timers actually engage in with newcomers. The idiotic and supremely arrogant assumption that anyone who ends up there is in need of ego deflation provides a ready excuse for abuse.


    As to the article itself, certainly nothing new about AA using the excuse of  'public education' for it's promotional efforts.