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Quote of the Day

“But I see this site is like a toilet trap. The dirty water that can’t muster enough energy to go all the way down the drain just ends up here and sits doing nothing.

Now that I know you’re too dumb to be a threat I’m loosing[sic] interest.”

Tony J, an AA and serenity hornet who has written 63 comments here in a three day span, and who participates in a blog created to talk about this blog, explaining how he is bored with this blog.

Just Quit: Answering My Own Damn Questions

I want to try to clarify the heart of the question I asked in “Just Quit?”, because it’s not simply “What’s wrong with just quitting?” I’m not talking about white-knuckling. As I said, I’m talking about what you AAs mean by “Just Quit.” If one is suffering from addiction, telling them to just stop it, isn’t realistic. And we’ve never done that. So, the question is more like: “When you dismiss anything but AA as “Just Quit,” what, exactly, do you mean by that, and – keeping in mind what you mean when you use that phrase, “What is the practical difference between that and AA?” Continue reading Just Quit: Answering My Own Damn Questions