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Just Quit?

OK. Let’s just say that ST were a support forum for recovering alcoholics – which we’re not, but let’s just say – and that, therefore, we’re obligated to tell people what to do. And let’s also just say that the AAs around here are correct when they say that we have nothing to offer but “Just Quit.” We write these interminable posts that distill down to nothing more than “Just Quit.” I can see that. I mean, without a set of instructions, a manual of some sort, an army of panty-sniffing camp counselors, and a Higher Power, to whom you can ungratefully return your divine gift of free will, we got nothin’.

My question is – assuming we were all about trying to get people to quit drinking by the “Just Quit” program – what is actually wrong with “Just Quit”? That phrase seems to have so much packed in there for AAs, that when you say “Just Quit” it has the same effect as saying “Hitler” in a political discussion. Yall just “get it.” That says it all.

You have to understand that, not being an AA member myself, and, in fact, being quite allergic to AA, as I assume many of our readers are, I don’t get it. And I am hoping that you can unpack this little phrase for us and explain why “Just Quit” is so obviously asinine. What is does it mean? What does an alternative to AA need to possess in order for it not to be “Just Quit”? Continue reading Just Quit?