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“I have to say I had a few experiences that were VERY questionable, but the one that took the cake was taking a sponsee through a fifth step. She shared she was afraid to go back to meetings because she had shown up very drunk for a meeting, shared that she needed a safe ride home and was taken home by an “old timer” and fucked.

Months later, he sat on sex and dating panels at our young people’s conference. His friends knew what he was doing and never called him out. People nodded when he spoke in meetings and told him he was so insightful. And he was full of shit.

I’m now about 9 months into AA “deprogramming” and have completely flipped my life. Lost friends, new social scene, new habits – It’s shitty, but I’m finally being genuine. I can love myself, question what people tell me, and know that I never was an alcoholic.”

“Skye”, former AA and reader of this blog, commenting on an article about predators in AA

  • Dana

    Let me tell you an experience I had, I found out a man that was helping my friend in a wheelchair to help her walk. She was "new" and gravited towards this man. I found out this man all 19 years of being clean , even though he was totally obnixious ;loud and asshole he loved talking about his 19 years. He was a fat loser. Anyway I found out he at 8 years sober and 46 years old he had a statutory rape charge sex with a girl under15 and a registered sexual predator. I told this girl and this bitch turned around and told him what i said. This loser and I got into it and this loser was making threats to me outside of the mttg. This other girl told me to look at my part and let it go! She acted like it was no big deal and didnt want to upset him. This is how it is those rooms. People are friends with these kind of predators and ignore it. Its downright "SICK. Its fucked up and as far as i am concerned she is encouraging this bullshit. The twisted people like that make me ill. These are the predators that prey on new people. They look the other way. That was my experince and it was the last straw for me. Its exactly like the movie "the Beach" where they are in there own nirvana and the guy gets eaten by a shark and no one does anything and walks away from that guy and they act like nothing happen, they dont want to hear anything that is what there code is. This AA is very dangereous manuplative game they all engage in. Ignore and are friends with practicing sexual predators. It s so twisted and so wrong and I will warn anyone about AA and that is to stay away. There are many horror stories about this with women.


    My god this is LAME!

    I am always shocked to hear that sick people can be found in AA. What do you expect from a group of power hungry controlling assholes with mental illness? Of course this assumes that chronic alcohol use leads to mental illness. Don’t they say “if you hang out at the barbershop, you’ll probably get a haircut”? Society is in the toilet, if you’re shocked about the predators you meet in AA, please don’t try the corner bar, internet dating, or better yet, the Catholic Church.