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The Sad Story of Audrey Kishline

Let me say upfront that I know little about the moderation management program. I have read some of their literature, and I have read and seen some news stories about it. My opinions of it are based solely on my personal experience of trying to drink moderately, as well the countless number of alkies I have seen try and fail to revert back to “normal drinking”.

Personally, I think it is a bad idea for someone with a drinking problem to try moderation. I have tried it myself, and I found it to be a lot of work, no reward, and each time I eventually fell back into my routine of drinking myself silly. I personally see no point in having only one or two beers. If I’m going to drink, I want twelve or sixteen, but I prefer to have none. As for the program of Moderation Management, I do not have an opinion on its effectiveness. It may or may not work for some, but I would be hypocritical not to hold them to the same standards of proof that I do for AA, and I have  not seen a peer reviewed study showing its efficacy. In the world of science, the burden of proof is on the one making the claim, and until they show it is effective as a treatment program, I would err on the side of caution. My guess is it would not work for me. On the plus side, they don’t exhibit the same cult characteristics as AA, so if you want to waste your time on an ineffective treatment, it may as well be something that doesn’t shut down your thinking, or advocate you worship a Furby. Continue reading The Sad Story of Audrey Kishline

Quote of the Day

“You amaze me. Why so bitter and angry ? Why do you feel the need to bash AA every chance you can get. You should know by now there is a big difference between religion and spirituality. I have been a member of AA for almost 8 years — highly involved in service. I am only 26 and am the future if you want to say.

My own
conception of something greater than my self has enabled me to live an incredibly productive life. My Higher Power is so far off the beam than conventional religious beliefs it would make peoples toenails curl. But, above all else it works.

AA does not demand a Christian God. It only suggests a God of your own understanding. So if you read the big book a little closer and lay aside your prejudice, even the biggest atheist or agnostic can recover. If you really want to get technical; if it was not for AA you would not be here. AA is the granddaddy of all 12-Step programs.

love and service,


KB, AA, explaining to Cliff Walker at Positive Atheism the difference between Spirituality and Religious.