No Research?

Inspired by Speedy and his ideas (Yah, um, Speedy?) I have been poking around on the science blogs, wondering if anyone in the skeptic community has AA on their radar – not so much. A little, but not too much. Today, I ran into an interesting post about the publication of the book called The End of My Addiction by Olivier Amiesen – the cardiologist who cured himself of his chronic, debilitating alcoholism with a drug called baclofen. If you’re up on the addictions news, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. I haven’t read the book, but I’ve read a lot of comments about it on different forums: variations on the theme that alcoholism is a spiritual problem and no pill can cure that, and even if it could, they wouldn’t take it.

The post focused on the fact that research is not forthcoming – and it oughta be. What was especially interesting to me about the ensuing conversation in the comments was that there were no AAs present. It is a heated discussion, to say the least, but it never turns “spiritual.” However, there is no one there to point out that perhaps the reason that research has been stymied is that curing alcoholism without God or steps (and the ever pre$ent revolving door) is not in the best interest of the treatment industry. I’m not coming down on either side of the debate about whether or not the drug could work for people, but rather on the side of research. Why no research?

  • speedy0314


    yeah, this was of interest to me as was a technique called the 'Sinclair Method' (

    i'm an off-the-rack new york mick alcoholic garbage pail who drank, snorted, shot, & swallowed anything in front of me that gave me the head i was looking for (hint – the 'down' head; e.g., drinking, dope, benzo's, oxy, etc.). i had tremendous relief using naltrexone & buprenorphine a little more than a year & half ago — but the prescription was the pills & abstinence. after a few months, i ended up drinking & trying to get high and/or drunk.

    houston, we have a problem.

    i jettisoned the pharma approach for drunken/drug-addled dissolution (all the while keeping a 6 figure job, mind you) & was back in the game.

    bottom line: i'm open to anything. if AAWS produced several longitudinal studies showing even a 30% effective rate, i'd think twice about giving my will & life over … yada yada yada. i'm not holding my breath on that one.

    sinclair's technique & the baclofen approach are intriguing — just not available in nyc. it's SMART or the hallowed 12X12 in these parts. frankly, SMART meetings suck — the equivalent of a trig class to a high school sophomore.

    btw, like i said before — i'm typing left-handed w/1 finger (broken right/dominant hand). let me get this cast off. you won't be able to shut me up.