"There are none too dumb for the AA program, but many are too smart."

Bullshit slogan of the day:
There are none too dumb for the AA program, but many are too smart.

Translation: Don’t question the absurdity of what you see, regardless of how batshit crazy it happens to be.

This saying, along with its ugly cousins like – your best thinking got you here, stinking drinking thinking, take the cotton out of your ears and put it into your mouth; and, don’t drink, don’t think and go to meetings – are used to shut someone down who might have an original thought. This poor guy below us had the nerve to ask why the Lord’s prayer is used in an a meeting that is spiritual, not religious.


  • H

    Yes. me being too smart for AA suits me just fine. Any AA zealot is free to say that about me any time they find it useful.

  • friendthegirl

    No doubt. Only in crazytown are you supposed to be ashamed of yourself for being a smartypants.

  • AndyM

    What wilful and ignorant obstinacy there is behind that particular slogan. And how damning it is to the small minority of those who feel convinced that they must stay on pain of death should they dare to leave. The implication that those who feel condemned to remain in aa for life are stupid is inescapable, isn't it? What a "spiritual" prison aa is. The idea of the good life only means anything if you choose it.

  • They tend to forgat that AA harms far more people than it helps – but those harmed tend be be quite or dead…